The Great March on Washington, D.C., September 12, 2009

They came to Defend Freedom

By —— Bio and Archives--September 19, 2009

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One week ago today, 1.7 million ordinary Americans flooded Washington, DC to defend their country.

  With thousands already gathered in Freedom Plaza in the early morning hours, the fifers and drummers who were to lead the procession to Capitol Hill. were ordered by district police to start the parade one hour and 15 minutes early.

Revolutionary-era en-actors William Temple, of Georgia,  and Gene Hoyas, as continental army officer Col. Rash,  led the fifers and drummers down Pennsylvania.  It was a page come back to life out of glorious American history…the return of Paul Revere on a September Saturday that was no longer ordinary.


“By the time we reached Capitol Hill, a crowd of hundreds of thousands was already waiting to cheer us on,” Mr. Hoyas says on the YouTube.

  It was a march into history that proved patriotism always trumps politics.

  But more than anything else, the march proved in a most inspirational way that no trained seal mainstream media, no Marxist president, no matter how ruthless, can douse the flames of American Patriotism.

Col. Rashs’ Account

The Great March was scheduled to commence at 11 AM from Freedom Plaza, where it would proceed down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the front steps of the Capitol. On the 9-12 web site, the agenda directed those wishing to participate in the march to assemble at Freedom Plaza starting at 9 AM.

William Temple, a Revolutionary-era re-enactor from Georgia, was in charge of organizing the contingent that was supposed to lead the march. He contacted all the re-enactors by e-mail, instructing them to assemble at 8 o’clock so they would have time to organize their ranks.

At 7:30 AM I walked the 4 blocks or so from my hotel to Freedom Plaza. I was struck by the large numbers of people walking there at so early an hour but stunned by the sight that greeted me when turned the corner and saw the plaza: it was packed with people - almost a thousand had already gathered and hundreds were arriving every minute from every adjoining avenue.

I had never before in my life witnessed anything like this - much less participated in it. At that moment I realized I was about to become a part of history.



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