"Now I really believe Al Gore when he says that global warming causes extreme cold. Perfectly logical..... since the cold is reportedly worldwide...."

The Ice-Covered Fairytale Called ‘Global Warming’

By —— Bio and Archives--April 4, 2018

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The Ice-Covered Fairytale Called ‘Global Warming’
Just imagining that it really was Al Gore with a beard of icicles that could be seen in the snow squalls now coming in over Lake Huron,  when this tongue-in-cheek Global Warming Report came in from professional photographer, pilot and farmer friend Don Klein out west:

“Amazing.  First April since 1895 (not sure how accurate the history of recording temperatures were back then, but gives a good idea) when every day so far, Province Wide, has been below zero Celcius for the HIGH.  But here this morning it is -21 ºC today at the International Airport.  ONLY -18 ºC at my place 50 miles North of there!  News report says that the average for this time of year is +9 ºC.  So we are 30 Degree C below normal today.


“Must be all the warm air coming down from the melting Arctic! (Ha ha.)  Supposed to get a light blizzard today with winds gusting to 40kph and snow with a high of -7 ºC and low tonight -17 ºC.  Forecast for the weekend -18 ºC and more snow.  1978, my third year here, I was actually working my garden on April 10th.  Last year, May 23rd.  This year?  MAYBE God knows….  Not a single bud on the deciduous trees which are usually covered with them by this time of year.

“Ever since I moved here and started buying bulk fuel for the farm from UFA, I get their calendars with pockets for receipts, etc. and record when birds come back, temperatures, etc and store all my tax papers for that lovely time of year.  I have boxes full of them since 1976.  Also record first sightings of migratory birds.  Usually had geese and ducks by early March, robins by ‘spring’ or around the 20th of March.  NONE back yet and still three feet of snow on my garden and ground still frozen solid with huge piles of snow in the yard.  Migratory songbirds and finches are especially hard hit by the extreme cold and snow with great difficulty finding food, and insect eaters finding NONE.

“Now I really believe Al Gore when he says that global warming causes extreme cold.  Perfectly logical….. since the cold is reportedly worldwide….

“And of course Fall: (Saskatchewan having fun too). And Spring.

“Even the CBC and David Suzuki can’t continue to cover up the fact that the world is getting COLDER and has been for a couple of decades now.

“PS:  I took this picture through my kitchen window in Feb 2011 at 11:30am. Was -47 earlier in the day.  I hung the thermometer in the tree by the branch it would always sit on when coming to my sunflower seed feeder.

And if I don’t answer the telephone when you see this little article, Don, it will be because I’m under too many blankets to hear your ring.



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