With Illegal Immigrants' extended departure, we should expect the Democratic Party to abandon its anti-American identity politics or disintegrate completely as a political force in the American republic

The Illegal Alien Dreamers' Nightmare Comes True: The Democrats Don't Care About Them

By —— Bio and Archives--February 11, 2018

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The Illegal Alien Dreamers' Nightmare Comes True: The Democrats Don't Care About Them
Election 2018 is turning into another contentious year, perhaps with consequences that could bring to mind Donald Trump’s unprecedented and historic 2016 election

President Trump will face serious roadblocks to his MAGA agenda if Democrats take back the House, and worse yet if they eke out a slim victory in the United States Senate. One of President Trump’s greatest unsung legacies is that he is rolling back the executive overreach of President Barack Obama. He is also urging Congress to take the lead on divisive issues which Democrats had refused to deal with over the previous eight years.


The biggest issue for both parties and the federal government is illegal immigration. Since the late 1980s, American voters have demanded enforcement of our borders and full execution of current immigration laws on the federal books. The Democratic Party has deepened the divide through the creation of a limbo underclass: the DACA recipients, aka the “dreamers”. The illegal aliens overrunning Congress and taking Congressional offices are learning the hard way what conservatives have been saying for years: The Democratic Party does not care about the young illegals brought into this country by their parents.

They do not care about solving the protracted illegal alien issues which have plagued the United States for the last 30 years. They never cared about border security. They do not want to preserve the homeland and the wholesome American culture which protects women and children, natural rights, limited government, and individual liberty.

Like the corrupt, insatiably greedy Boss Tweed of the Gilded Age, Democrats want graft, greed, power, and an enduring legacy in which they run cities, states, and the entire country into the ground. It’s really sad to see the Democratic Party show how obsessed they have become with mob rule, which is really misdirected passion and media-hyped sentiment, all determined in full to rob the common man of his life and labor while rewarding the politically connected.

Consider how Nancy Pelosi repeatedly promised to young illegals that she would get a clean DREAM Act passed in Congress. She promised this extravagance on CNN and through social media. She doesn’t have the numbers or the organization to make that happen. The Democratic Party is not only in the minority, but 12 House Democrats are in red/Trump-leaning districts. In the United States Senate, 10 incumbent Democrats up for re-election this year are in states which Trump and/or Romney won during the last two Presidential election cycles. Time and political momentum are not on the Democratic Party’s side this year.

Pelosi and prior Democratic leaders have not delivered on any effort to solve illegal immigration issues and ensure lasting reforms. The Democrats controlled everything in Washington DC during the first two years of President Obama’s administration. They did nothing about immigration.


The true progressives, the die-hard liberals who want to do something about the illegal aliens in this country are waking up to the limited interest of the Democratic leadership. Nancy Pelosi gave an 8-hour speech demanding something—anything—to be added to the budget legislation for the “Dreamers”.

Of course, wouldn’t it be nice for more lawmakers and executives to talk about the needs of American Dreamers? Don’t they matter?

At any rate, reports are circulating that the Democratic Party is not interested in doing anything for the Dreamers because they depend even more on the diversity VISA lottery and chain migration. One of the bigger concerns rests on the large legal migration that the country is enduring, along with the rising tide of illegal immigration.

There are too many people coming into this country, and they have not been assimilating to the culture and customs of the United States. 1 million immigrants are entering the United States, taking jobs from working Americans, driving down wages, delaying the entry of American Millenials into the workforce. Don’t their dreams, don’t their lives matter, too?

Our culture, our quality of life is falling away, and we as citizens in this country have a right and necessity to ensure that our country and character retains its integrity and legacy.

The Democratic Party has abandoned all American legitimacy. They care about their limited power differential, and they ignore the lasting damage of their perverse, greedy policies on this country and our children’s future.

Raul Rodriguez No More DACA MacArthur Park

They want more immigrants. They don’t want security. They don’t want a wall, more border patrol officers, or even a fair deal for American workers. Let’s hope that voters wake up and put their energy toward supporting men and women who care about the United States, who want what is best for our children. The Democratic Party must be outed as a neo-communistic cult.

And it’s time for the illegals themselves, young and old, to pack up and return to their home countries. With their extended departure, we should expect the Democratic Party to abandon its anti-American identity politics or disintegrate completely as a political force in the American republic.


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