The Insanity of Gun Control

By —— Bio and Archives--October 5, 2017

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Gun Control is an insane and irrational concept that in reality, doesn’t exist. It is all about the seizure of rights from honest people because of the actions of criminals. That, is irrational.

Crime, has no relationship to the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment covers the right to own and carry any firearm without the government touching you. But it doesn’t give you the right to use a firearm anyway you want.


There are legal uses for a gun, and illegal uses for a gun. The legal uses are covered in law, and the law abiding follow them, so gun control has no effect here.

The illegal uses for a gun are covered by criminal law, and the criminals DO NOT follow them, so again, gun control has no effect here.

The truth is that gun control can’t do anything, because the honest don’t need it, and the criminal won’t follow it.

Think of gun control, simply as—control.

If our rights were subject to repeal because of the illegal actions of criminals and murderers, by now we would have no rights left.

What we have isn’t a gun problem, it’s a LEFTIST problem. It’s now coming out what many have suspected, and confirmed on Fox by a CIA intelligence officer, that the Baseball Shooter who tried to mass murder Republican Congressmen, had exactly the same personality defect as the shooter in Las Vegas, who picked a conservative, mostly white, country music listening, gun owning, military serving, patriotic crowd, in an enclosed and trapped area, to kill as many of his perceived “enemies” as he could, all in the name of—“resisting…”

Check this video from a forensic psychiatrist on Fox News for more confirmation:

The Left has promoted, excused, celebrated, reported, symbolically done, and actually done, murder and violence against conservatives, and President Trump. How many theater performances show the President getting murdered? How about Kathy Griffen?  Why is it okay in the mind of Leftists now that violence, under the misnomer of “resisting,” is perfectly acceptable? 

The biggest terrorist group in our country today, is the LEFT.

  • Neo-Nazis are the LEFT
  • White Supremacists are the LEFT
  • ANTIFA is the LEFT
  • Black Lives Matter is the LEFT
  • The KKK is the Democrat Party LEFT
  • Anyone who believes in government force to deny rights and bring about the society they want, is the Totalitarian LEFT
  • Riots at Trump rallies are from the LEFT
  • Riots on college campuses are from the LEFT
  • Riots at the Trump Inauguration, were from the LEFT

And what is the Left doing? Trying to disarm America so their criminal assassins will have an easier time next time. And so their ultimate government, will have ultimate power. Every dictatorship begins with “gun control.”

Gun control is insanity. It has never worked from the first national gun control law back in 1928.

The insanity of gun control is screaming for laws that do not stop criminals, yet continually expecting a different result.

In no other area of law or practice is it policy to steal the rights, and the property, of law abiding citizens, except with guns. And all with the insane hope that this will stop criminals and murderers who obey no laws, except the new law of Leftist violence.


If gun control logic applied to other areas we would”

  • Confiscate cars from non-drinkers to stop drunk drivers
  • Deny access to the roads to good drivers to stop speeders
  • Not allow customers to make bank deposits to stop bank robberies
  • Prevent schools from graduating accountants in order to stop embezzlement
  • Close down pharmacies to stop gangs from selling drugs

I could go on, but you get the idea. Again, we don’t have a gun problem, or a conservative problem, or a Trump problem, we have a LEFTIST problem, and people are dying.

Lastly, an article in the Daily Caller noted that the numbers of people killed and injured in Las Vegas, happens in Chicago, every month.  Yet the totalitarian, tyrannical Left, doesn’t care.  Why?  Because “gun control” is only important to change laws in Congress, and to influence the Courts.  It doesn’t matter how many people are killed in Chicago because there are never enough in one incident to be used as a crisis to justify removing gun rights from everyone else.  The Left doesn’t care how many black lives are lost, despite what they say, unless it can be used politically.  They only care which tragedies, in schools, in theaters, in churches, except in Tennessee when the murderer was a black immigrant, and now at an outdoor concert, can be used for their own agenda.

For all of the above, now do you see the insanity of gun control?  Ask yourself this, if gun control, which is rights control, were really so critical, why wasn’t the Left screaming for this on Saturday, the day before the attack in Las Vegas?


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Greg Penglis is the morning host at 1330 AM WEBY, 6-9 Central time.  He is turning “talk radio” into “action radio,” by creating a “citizen legislature” out of the radio/internet audience.  He also authored “The Complete Guide to Flight Instruction,” a blunt critique of our flight training system, and how best to get through it.

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