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Greg Penglis is the morning host at 1330 AM WEBY, 6-9 Central time. He is turning “talk radio” into “action radio,” by creating a “citizen legislature” out of the radio/internet audience. He also authored “The Complete Guide to Flight Instruction,” a blunt critique of our flight training system, and how best to get through it.

Most Recent Articles by Greg Penglis:

The Insanity of Gun Control

Oct 5, 2017 — Greg Penglis

Gun Control is an insane and irrational concept that in reality, doesn’t exist. It is all about the seizure of rights from honest people because of the actions of criminals. That, is irrational.

Crime, has no relationship to the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment covers the right to own and carry any firearm without the government touching you. But it doesn’t give you the right to use a firearm anyway you want.

Why Keeping the DACA “Nightmares” Here is Unconstitutional

Sep 25, 2017 — Greg Penglis

The way to defeat the Left, is not to argue against their false and made up premises with facts and logic, although that is the trap Republicans always fall into.  The way to defeat the Left is to trump (sorry) their talking points and lies, (pretty much the same thing) with brand new and compelling arguments which never would have crossed their minds.  So I came up with a legal theory as to why keeping the DACA Nightmares here, is unconstitutional.

Language is everything, so please always use the term DACA Nightmares, never Dreamers.  Dreamer was picked specifically in reference to, and connection with, “The American Dream.”  This is to promote sympathy, guilt, confusion, distorted loyalty, manipulation, control, and victory for the Left.  Don’t fall for it.  The American Dream is for Americans, legal immigrants, and those who aspire to come here legally.  It can never be used for illegal aliens.

Replacement Declaration for the Poem at the Statue of Liberty.

Aug 5, 2017 — Greg Penglis

Sick and tired of the whining by liberals and the liberal media, that the Emma Lasarus poem at the Statue of Liberty is somehow a legal mandate, I have written a replacement declaration.  Please share this.  I would like to start a campaign to replace that poem with something more relevant to the 21st century.  If you like what I have written, please pass it on to your representative in Congress.  Maybe something will come of it.  Thank you.

The Anti-Americans

Jun 12, 2017 — Greg Penglis

I’m trying to figure out why Leftist Democrats are so desperate to return to the days of no economic growth, police being assassinated in their patrol cars by Black Lives Matter, and a President who bows to foreign leaders and abandons our embassies to terrorist attacks?  Why they want to again demand bank loan mortgages to people who can’t pay them back and then bail out those banks for causing the housing market to crash?  Why they want to force out of the country American companies and jobs with crushing regulations and costs, and then flood our nation with illegal aliens, gang members and Muslim extremist terrorists?

Why do they long for the corruption of Hillary Clinton, who lies as easily as breathing, and who sold out our country by giving 20% of our uranium reserves to the very Russians she accuses of causing her not to win the election?  And to get back to this horrible, pre-Trump state, the Leftist media and the Democrats in office are willing to put a stranglehold on this nation, bringing judicial, executive, and legislative initiates to a halt, all with endless false accusations, no criminal charges, no evidence, and no substance to their accusations.  They are, the Anti-Americans.  They call it “resisting.”  We need to resist, their resisting.

To Carry a Gun

May 29, 2017 — Greg Penglis

One of the great freedoms I can now exercise since leaving California is the right to own and carry firearms (keep and bear arms), which the Constitution guarantees the government will not even touch (infringe).  Of course they do, especially in California and other liberal states.  But in Florida, you can apply for a concealed carry weapons (CCW) permit, and if you meet the standard eligibility and criteria, take a class, pass a background check, and demonstrate a working knowledge of handguns including a practice shoot, you get a CCW.  That was the easy part.  What no one tells you, is that actually carrying a gun in practice is very different from the theoretical discussions we all have with ourselves and others before actually carrying a gun.  And it has some amusing aspects.

The first question is which one are you going to carry?  So you go to the gun safe and look around, and realize that in a predominately non-carry, communist state like California, the guns you can own are both limited in capacity, and design.  That’s because California has a government approved list where most models are at least 10 years old or older, and they have not kept up with concealed carry trends.  If you can only use guns at the range, then your guns tend to be larger target guns, rather than carry guns.  Then you have to think of whether to carry a heavier and wider, steel, 5-6 shot revolver, or a double stack magazine, 10-15 shot, light polymer, semi-auto pistol.  No brainer there.  I’m using a pistol.  Then you have to think which pistol is the most reliable, will save your life, that you can use quickly, and won’t weigh down the pants.  Given this criteria, I go with the Glock.  Don’t leave home without it, to quote an old advertising phrase.

A Constitutional Budget

May 9, 2017 — Greg Penglis

During this entire budgeting and continuing resolution process, there are two words that will never be put together.  They are “constitutional,” and “budget.” Why? Because no one in Washington wants to be restrained by the Constitution when it comes to getting money, spending money, and especially spending money they don’t have.  Which is why we are some $20 trillion in for the National Debt.  But it never had to be this way.

It’s one thing to talk about the Constitution.  It’s quite another to actually live by it.  The Supreme Court doesn’t.  They assumed judicial review, a power they were never supposed to have.  Presidents have gotten us into wars that were never declared.  And Congress has spent us into a debt from which we may never recover.  But if we ever get serious about paying off the National Debt, it can be done.  And the simple answer, as in most cases, is to look to the Constitution.

How the Left Thinks

May 7, 2017 — Greg Penglis

The problem with all Leftist arguments and debates on any position is that they completely blur any distinction between lawful and lawless, in an effort to confuse, distort, and force their position that since everyone is lawless in some way, no one is, and individualism still means everyone is the responsibility of everyone else, from each according to their wealth, to each according to their fair share.

Take the Second Amendment.  There is no difference to the Leftist between a law abiding gun owner, and a mass murderer, because all gun owners are potentially mass murderers, they think, which is how they rationalize banning all guns and gun ownership ever incrementally.

Truth in Confirming a Supreme Court Justice.

Feb 1, 2017 — Greg Penglis

If we are all being completely honest, the Democrats want a Leftist justice who will advance the socialist agenda in spite of the Constitution and has no problem making law.  That is how Kagen, Ginsburg, Breyer, and Sotomayor govern from the bench.  Republicans want a constitutional originalist/texturalist who reads the Constitution as it exists now, and doesn’t add or subtract from it, and decides according to law without making law.  Under this criteria, no justice appointed by Trump would be acceptable to the Democrats, just as no appointee of Obama was acceptable to Republicans.  So how did Kagen, Sotomayor, Breyer, and Ginsberg get to the Supreme Court, because they violate their oath to the Constitution with virtually every ruling?

Random shots: Palestinians are a made up people, with no language, culture, homeland, or history

Jan 25, 2017 — Greg Penglis

Anyone else get the feeling we’ve been standing still for 8 years, maybe longer, and if Trump had run instead of G.W. Bush, we would be so far ahead right now it would be amazing?

Is anything more stupid that the two state solution for Israel, when the Palestinians are a made up people, with no language, culture, homeland, or history?  How about a one state solution, Israel, and the others either get along or leave?

Are You a Conservative, or Are You in the Liberal Propaganda Bubble?

Jan 10, 2017 — Greg Penglis

I thought it would be instructive to offer you a quiz that you can take and share, to show whether you deal in truth, or whether you choose to believe the lies and propaganda of the Clinton campaign and the Leftist media.  As was more than adequately demonstrated last night, Meryl Streep is deeply into the propaganda bubble, and so she actually believes her own lies.  She doesn’t even realize she is telling lies.  She expects you to believe her lies too.  She can’t imagine any sane person not believing those lies.  Such is the liberal propaganda bubble.  Conservatives were never in it.  Liberals can’t get out of it.  But maybe, just maybe, the conservatives out there can give your liberal friends this quiz and help them burst the liberal propaganda bubble.  There is a real world out there just waiting for them to join back in.

Making Sense of the Russian Hacking Accusation.

Jan 7, 2017 — Greg Penglis

Let’s try a little event history here to make sense of this Russian election hacking accusation.  It’s not exactly in order, rather it is how the events appear to connect and make sense to me, with lots of speculation on my part. 

  • Hillary Clinton sets up a private email server as Secretary of State, so that she can hide her correspondence from government scrutiny and from becoming part of the public record.  This is because it might open her up to future criminal charges if the content of her emails ever became public or were officially investigated.

Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities; And, “Action Radio” in Action

Dec 27, 2016 — Greg Penglis

If socialist, leftist cities like San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and a bunch of others nationwide, can pass Sanctuary City laws to harbor fugitive illegal aliens from federal law enforcement, then why can’t cities, counties, and other entities under the oppression of unconstitutional gun laws, create Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities where no infringing gun laws apply? 

A Second Amendment Sanctuary, is where a town, city, or county government, has passed laws outlawing the enforcement of any law touching the right to own and carry any firearm.  It is where law enforcement officers honor their sworn oath to the Constitution, and refuse to arrest anyone exercising only their right to own and carry a firearm, regardless of infringing unconstitutional laws still on the books, and in defiance of any orders of superiors, judicial orders, executive orders, or any orders.  It is where Americans unaccustomed to their birthright freedoms can actually experience what it would be like if we were a free country, and the Second Amendment was fully enforced.

CALIFORNIA:  What Are We Going To Do With California?

Dec 19, 2016 — Greg Penglis


When I moved here over 30 years ago, this was a fabulous state.  It had about half the population, the towns in the San Francisco Bay Area were actual separate towns, the highways carried the traffic pretty well, there was adequate water in the reservoirs despite a three year repeating rain and drought cycle, and the governors were Republican.  Illegal aliens back then weren’t as big a problem.  They couldn’t get driver licenses, or vote because no one checked I.D., or be harbored as fugitives by “sanctuary cities.”  Racist advocacy groups such as La Raza were no where near as prominent, students didn’t march down the streets behind flags of Mexico demanding that the vote for President be overturned, and we weren’t all identified, divided, and ruled as separate skin colors by our state government.

Democrat Electors: Change your vote and vote for Donald Trump, why not go with the winner?

Dec 16, 2016 — Greg Penglis

Dear Democrat Electors:
It is time for you to rise up and stand with your country and your President.  Change your vote and vote for Donald Trump.  He won anyway, so why not go with the winner? Show what a great and just nation this is and how even though you were previously committed to a completely corrupt, socialist, organized crime boss with an insatiable lust for power, that you can rise above this and vote your conscience.  So change your vote and vote for Trump.

All Accusations Are True.  Aren’t They?

Dec 15, 2016 — Greg Penglis

Regarding the Russian election hacking.  I’ve heard that CNN works for the Russian Government and is actually in on the hacking.  Since they were connected by debate questions to the Clinton campaign, and are probably connected to the Clinton Foundation, I think the CNN / Kremlin connection has to be investigated.  We should probably get this to the electors before they vote.  I think Congress has to hold hearings on this immediately.

How to Deport Millions of Illegal Aliens, Without Employing a Single Stormtrooper.

Dec 8, 2016 — Greg Penglis

Every time the issue of illegal aliens or deportation comes up, the Left, argues against something they know isn’t going to happen.  But the reason the Left always brings the conversation to the line, “how are you going to round up and deport 15 million undocumented immigrants?” is not to get an answer, It is to get you to feel bad for even thinking about deporting anyone.  Because they know it isn’t going to happen the way they describe, their argument is completely bogus.  But it is incredibly effective, which is why you keep hearing the line.

Stop Obsessing Over the Meaningless Popular Vote!

Dec 4, 2016 — Greg Penglis

I am quite fascinated with the obsession the Left currently has with the popular vote for President. As usual this is a matter of expediency, desperation to get their own way given the results of the election, and the usual public deception for how our system actually works. There certainly isn’t a shred of principle involved. So let’s investigate this a bit.

We are a Republic, thank God, not a Democracy, so the popular vote is irrelevant to presidential elections. It simply doesn’t matter, it is meaningless, so talking about it is just an obsession with nothing. We elect by Electoral College, a brilliant system that involves the whole country in the election, and not just a few big, urban cities full of government dependent Democrats. The system is designed to make the best decision for President, and in this case it worked perfectly.

If the Election Really is Overturned by Democrat Operative Recounts

Nov 27, 2016 — Greg Penglis

There is an effort by the Clinton Campaign and their operatives and fundraisers to install Clinton as President. They are using the public face of Jill Stein to raise millions in funding, to force recounts in states that the Democrats think they can somehow overturn. But has anyone stopped to think for a second what would, could, or might actually happen at this time, should that come to pass?

A Review of Trump’s Contract with the American Voter

Nov 3, 2016 — Greg Penglis

Since no media outlet in the country to my knowledge has or will sit down with Donald Trump before the election, and in a logical way go over and review his Contract with the American Voter, I shall do my own review.  Considering what is at stake in this election, wouldn’t it be nice to have an explanation from Trump, and a critique, so the voters can make an informed decision?  I think Trump is doing a tremendous disservice to himself, all his supporters which includes me, and especially the independent voters, by not going over this Contract a whole lot more.  Independents have no chance of getting to know Trump fully unless someone introduces this material to them.  Don’t y’all read a contract before signing?  It’s the same with voting.  So, let me go over this with you and perhaps you can share this analysis and talk about the governing agenda Trump is running on.  Because no one, not even Trump, is making this the priority it should be.

Here are two links (Here and Here)  to the Contract which spell it all out.  I’m not going to copy the descriptions, just give you enough so you know which point I’m talking about.

There Are No “Reasonable Restrictions” on the Second Amendment, Hillary Clinton!

Oct 23, 2016 — Greg Penglis

All rights come from God.  We are born with them.  They are unalienable, which means no power on Earth can take them away.  They stay with us for life.  All rights are individual, and they are absolute within the context of the right.  If rights are not absolute, then they aren’t a right at all.  If one aspect of a right can be shed, then so can the whole right.  If a right can be “interpreted,” then it can be interpreted out of existence.  One right that is universal and a natural right is the right of self-preservation.  Included in that is the right of self-defense.  Implicit in that is the right to possess the implements to defend oneself.  It is because rights are absolute that the right to the implements of self defense can not be touched by government.  Because if the implements (arms) could be touched (infringed), then the right wouldn’t be absolute, and therefore wouldn’t be a right at all.  Which is why there is no such thing as a “reasonable restriction” on a right.