"Prepare for and wage a second American revolution, peacefully and aggressively, before all is lost."

The Left is fulfilling their prophecies of us

By —— Bio and Archives--June 19, 2017

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Democrat Leftists are great at making predictions of the future that do not come to pass - at least by those they accuse. Yet, alarmingly so, it appears that they are more and more becoming what they are “prophesying” that their political opponents would become.

I can remember the Left’s “prophecies” of Republican Presidents from Nixon on (every Republican President since I was 14) - that their presidency was taking us into a Hitler-like dictatorship and freedom was on the verge of becoming extinct.

That prediction, and so many others by the Left, have, of course, proved to be utterly false. Yet time and again their political opponents treat these statements as if they were reasonable political perspectives.

Some other examples: Al Gore’s predictions of an imminent global environmental catastrophe (the Earth should already be on fire!) and repeated predictions of candidate Trump not having a chance and President Trump being on the verge of being deposed.

But what is happening is the Left and their spokesmen/provocateurs leading the Democrat Party are seeing their “prophecies” of violence fulfilled by those in their own ranks.

They have repeatedly warned of the Right’s rhetoric leading to assassination attempts. Yet we saw last week how it is the Left whose rhetoric helped to incite one of their faithful to attempt a mass assassination of several Republican leaders in the House of Representatives.

All the talk of 1st Amendment rights in regard to portrayals of President Trump beheaded and an assassination of Trump - let’s call them what they are: provocations to violence. Except the only ones who have been provoked to violence are committed Leftists - from killing policemen to attempted mass murder of Republican Congressmen.

Larry Klayman describes “the out-of-control and vicious left, which has in just the last few years waged deadly attacks against the police, assaulted peaceful participants and attendees at Republican and conservative events on college campuses, conducted mock assassinations and held up beheaded effigies of our commander in chief on national television and elsewhere, to name just a few provocative outrages.”

America is in the midst of a Cold Civil War

As I’ve said before, America is in the midst of a Cold Civil War, meaning the unreconcilable divide between Right and Left has not devolved into actual armies fighting each other in military conflict.

Not that the first shots haven’t been fired by cop-killers and now a so-called lone wolf Leftist, but it hasn’t come to one or both sides using military forces to try and eliminate the other.

We can keep it from becoming that if we can find ways to defuse the talk of the Left that inspires violence against us in order to, as Larry Klayman says in the above-quoted article, “prepare for and wage a second American revolution, peacefully and aggressively, before all is lost.”

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Rolf Yungclas is a recently retired newspaper editor from southwest Kansas who has been speaking out on the issues of the day in newspapers and online for over 15 years

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