No amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could counter the mini iceage. Crop failure, famine, hardship resulted. CO2 and the weather or the climate on Earth have nothing in common

The Lego--Greenpeace Duel

By —— Bio and Archives--October 13, 2014

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The Lego--Greenpeace Duel

The (not-so-green) Greenpeace (GP) club doesn’t like Lego, the little building-blocks; toys that many children like to play with.



The Greenpeaceniks are especially upset about Lego’s connection with Shell, the oil and gas company. Many of their little toys sport a Shell logo. Therefore, GP claims it is an undue influence on children’s perspective. Presumably they’d rather see a GP logo on such toys to re-educate the kids about all the claimed alternatives to hydrocarbon-based energy, lifestyles, and whatever else.

The News

The Guardian, a newspaper of impeccable renown amongst the world improvers, reports that Lego has finally capitulated to GP’s pressure. The headline says “Lego ends Shell partnership following Greenpeace campaign” and “Toymaker will not renew current multi-million [British] Pound deal, that sees Shell-branded Lego sets sold at petrol stations, following a viral video against Arctic drilling by the green group.”

Ah, it’s all about the Arctic. That area of water around the North Pole that GP and Al Gore claimed twenty years ago to have vanished by now, due to global warming, AKA climate change.

The only problem with that: the Arctic sea-ice has no intention of disappearing, nor do the polar bears or walrus. In fact, after no global warming for 18 years now, it would appear that the earth has entered a global cooling cycle instead. Unfortunately, the Greenpeaceniks don’t seem to understand that or don’t want to. For them it’s warming all the way, all the time, a one-way street from here to eternity.

Of course, one (long and cold) winter does not a (new) ice age make. However, it could just portend what nature may have in store for us over the next decades. Among the most foretelling evidence are the sunspots and their longer term cycles.

Sunspot Cycles

Sunspots have been observed for well over 2,000 years. In ancient Egypt and China astronomers were well aware of them. The short-term 11-year cycle led to the biblical accounts of 11-year periods of fat and lean times. The longer term cycles were (probably) not known at these times. Mankind became aware of those much later, namely in medieval times, especially when the “Little Ice Age” hit Europe, roughly from 1650 to 1725. During those years, sunspot numbers were well below average and the temperatures plunged on earth. The shorter growing seasons caused widespread famine, disease and general hardship.

Throughout that “mini ice age” or the preceding warm period the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the earth’s atmosphere did not change materially. That fact alone ought to give the CO2-catastrophy-believers (like the Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Union of Concerned Scientists and numerous other organisations) some food for thought.

Independent thought, however, does not seem to be part of their repertoire. Instead, they are content with regurgitating the falsehoods about shrinking polar ice, drowning polar bears, and starving walrus; none of which is true.

No amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could counter the mini iceage. Widespread crop failure, famine and hardship resulted. Plainly stated, CO2 and the weather or the climate on Earth have nothing in common. If you don’t believe me, just look at earth’s next of kin, planet Mars.

Look at Mars

The atmosphere on Mars consists of 95% CO2 compared to 0.04% CO2 on Earth. If the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere had anything to do with temperature or climate it ought to be cooking hot on Mars. It’s not! On the sunny side of Mars (daytime) the temperature is similar to that on Earth but on the dark side (night time) it’s a frigid 150°F BELOW. So, when the vanguard of human settlers arrives there, they’ll need some really long underwear; I hope that’s in NASA’s budget!

Furthermore, there are no polar bears or walrus on Mars. In fact, there isn’t even any water and no sea-ice that could melt. What a bummer but, as Winston Churchill said: never let a good crisis go to waste. I think that Lego just needs to adapt a bit. If their toy-blocks were filled with CO2 instead of air, the company may just qualify for a multi-million Pound carbon-credit; problem solved.

As to the Arctic here on Earth: there are more polar bears and walrus now than recorded ever before and they don’t look to be starving.


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