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Time is of the Essence—even in these Varying Times

Mar 19, 2019 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Time is of the Essence -- even in these Varying TimesNot only that, the time is getting shorter and—if you believe it—can now even be reversed.

So, if you remember the date—and scroll back to that specific time window—when your hammer hit your thumb instead of the nail, you ought to no longer feel any pain.

Perhaps, it’s a bit of extrapolation on my part; I don’t even know. After all, the headline says:

Gretafication—a new Syndrome

Mar 11, 2019 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Demonstration in Hamburg, Germany
Demonstration in Hamburg, Germany; credit: Reuters.

To begin with, the title is not a typo. Furthermore, any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

As you may have read, there is a new type of virulence afflicting the world, particularly in Europe, i.e. the “Gretafication Syndrome.”

It has yet to find a foothold in the Americas and, perhaps never will (that would be just fine with me). If you or your offspring have yet to be affected, count yourself lucky and watch for any signs of an outbreak. The following is an abbreviated primer of the critical conditions:

Lighting of the Future—Softly Glowing Plants

Mar 6, 2019 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Lighting of the Future--Softly Glowing Plants 
Artificially glowing yeast cells in a test tube. Credit: Sergei Shakhov, Science Daily.

Just when lighting technology has made a quantum leap, from incandescent light bulbs to light emitting diodes (LEDs), a new lighting idea appears on the (yet very far) horizon: bioluminescent (glowing) plants.

Recommendations for 5G Communication Systems Testing

Feb 28, 2019 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Recommendations for 5G Communication Systems TestingThis is a follow-up to my recent post on “5G Wireless Broadband and how (not) to Boil Eggs.”

As I had tried to point out, there is a one-plus order of magnitude difference in the photon (electromagnetic wave, EM) energy between the current 4G communication (4G) and the proposed 5G systems (5G).

Due to the higher attenuation in the atmosphere and the expected increased communication demand, like from and to your fridge, dishwasher, and just about any other “to be internet connected” household appliance (even mouse traps?), of the 5G waves versus the 4G system, the 5G system will require an ubiquitous coverage. In practice, that means a 5G transmission tower “on every city block” or so.

5G Wireless Broadband and how (not) to Boil Eggs

Feb 14, 2019 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

5G Wireless Broadband and how (not) to Boil EggsThe new 5G wireless broadband technology that is said to be rolled out soon for wireless communication everywhere has some people concerned about potential health effects.

In my perception, that concern is not without thought—and not only for human health reasons.

In order to understand why, one has to review not just the numerous studies done about the safety of the current (4G) technology but also the technology of microwave ovens and traditional ways of cooking. Let’s begin with the latter.

Russia May Catch the North Pole and nobody can do anything to stop it

Feb 8, 2019 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Russia May Catch the North Pole and nobody can do anything to stop itAs Newsmax reported, the magnetic North Pole is wandering towards Siberia at an increasing speed, currently in the order of 35 miles per annum.

Just when you had been thinking of following your compass until you see some polar bears in northern Canada, the magnetic North Pole shifted again. And if the pundits are right, it may just take a few more decades to point you right towards Siberia. Clearly, that’s intolerable. 

What is NORAD going to do about that?

Well, they are standing by and adjusting their bearings more frequently.

Really, there is no other choice.

Good Night BONJOUR

Feb 2, 2019 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Good Night BONJOURThe news is about day and night, especially the latter.

BONJOUR, i.e. the company Téo Taxi, a new kind of taxi service in Montreal, Quebec, with the common French term for “Hello” (“Bonjour”), literally meaning “GOOD DAY” on its cars has shut down operation. Just when demand was rising due the cold temperatures in the city.

Punxsutawny Phil’s urgent Reply to his Cousin Wiarton Willie in Canada

Feb 2, 2019 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Punxsutawny Phil's urgent Reply to his Cousin Wiarton Willie in CanadaDear Cousin Wiarton Willie,

Many thanks for your delightful letter from last year—how time has been flying.

Phillina and our offspring are all fine, eagerly awaiting the onset of spring. As you may have read in the news, we’ve recently had some bitterly cold temperatures here lately. I guess that it was not any warmer in Canada. Our friends in Alaska are also writing about the frigid temperatures (like -44 degrees F) there but the Alaskans are used to that, or ought to be. Obviously, we are not allowed to have such cold temperatures here as our thermometers’ scales only go to -40 (F/C)! (What a relief).

The Davosian Decades

Jan 26, 2019 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

The Davosian DecadesAs the big German daily Die Zeit reports, the Intl. Monetary Fund (IMF) thinks that global growth will slow to 3.5% this year, down from 3.7% forecast a few months ago (imf.org ).

What a disaster; it ought to put a crimp on the assembled economic and political leaders’ annual confustications at the World Economic Forum (WEF) secretive meeting at Davos (Switzerland) this week. As participation is by invitation only and all speeches and discussions are strictly following the Chatham House Rules and hence are not made public, who knows what the future holds—not that any meaningful summary has ever been communicated from that “skiing-fest” in the Swiss Alps.

It may be useful to look back at history, the long history of Earth, to get a glimpse of the future.

The “Quantum Glass” Battery Hype

Jan 19, 2019 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

There is a new battery type being hyped, with terms such as “Quantum Glass” battery or even “The Jesus Battery” and a claim that “It Will Ignite the Global $3 Trillion Electric Car Revolution.” Go and see it for yourself at investorplace.com (video transcript available from me), Forbes, and other financial information services.

This touted breakthrough in battery technology is the latest in a slew of innovative ideas that include “batteries made with sand,” “stretchable batteries,” “foam batteries,” “pee powered batteries,” “laser-made micro-super-capacitors” and more (13 Amazing Battery Innovations That Could Change The World ).

Tired of Sardines?

Jan 14, 2019 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

... then try Rollmops, Surströmming, or Sushi, especially that tuna kind of Sushi! You’ll love it—until you’ll see the bill!

As Fox News reported “Self-described Japanese ‘Tuna King’ Kiyoshi Kimura paid a record $3 million for a 612-pound (278-kilogram) Bluefin tuna at the first new year’s [2019] auction in Tokyo on Saturday.” After trimming the skin etc., what’s left of the fish must cost the “Tuna King” around $ 6,000 for a mere pound of edible tuna.

Tired of Sardines?

Screen shot of a Fox News video.

Four Degrees Warmer! (that wouldn’t be satirical now?)

Jan 5, 2019 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Polar bears
The climate is running away, it’s hard to keep up with it.

It’s been measured on a daily basis for around 60 years now by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI). You can follow it on their website, specifically at Ocean.dmi . The data and graphs plotted there is the daily mean temperature of the Arctic area north of the 80th northern parallel and is estimated from the average of the 00z (midnight, GMT) and 12z (noon, GMT) values.

Right now, the temperature is only MINUS 25 C while the long-term mean is more like -29 C for this time of year—what a heat wave!

Ice on Planet Mars

Dec 30, 2018 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Korolev crater on Mars
Korolev crater on Mars; source European Space Agency

Who would have guessed that ice abounds on planet Mars?

That’s what made the news in recent days. There’s hardly any news service that did not cover the new finding by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Mars Express mission, 15 years after it launched in 2003. Bob McDonald of the CBC radio show Quirks & Quarks even claims “A lake of water was found on Mars—and may be the first of many.”

The ESA’s message is titled “Mars Express gets Festive: A Winter Wonderland on Mars.”

Bumblebee Drones

Dec 23, 2018 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Bumblebee Drones
Next time you see a bumblebee close by, beware—it could be a “living “drone.” Sort of like in the picture nearby.

Bumblebee with attached electronic tracking device on a flower; source: MACH.

Zinced Chocolate

Dec 7, 2018 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Zinc, Chocolate
That’s not a typo; I do mean “zinced,” not “zinked.” And, right up front, for chocolate aficionados, “zinced chocolate” may be quite tasty, but not necessarily something you really need, despite some purveyor’s claims of potentially prolonging life, slowing-down the aging process, preventing “oxidative stress,” and other benefits.

The word “zinc” is simply the English spelling of “Zink” that is derived from the old German term “Zinke” that refers to the metal’s jagged crystals. More information on the etymology can be found at Wiktionary. Just to explain the difference between zinced and zinked then, let me briefly refer to the latter.

Move over Mary Jane, here cometh Pettina

Nov 10, 2018 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Move over Mary Jane, here cometh Pettina
Marijuana, i.e. the cannabis plant, is all the rage right now. Occasionally dubbed Mary-Jane (one of numerous slang names for it) or simply MJ, it is in the process of widely finding lawful acceptance as a recreational drug. As a result, many companies have sprung up to commercially produce or distribute it and various governments are hopeful to garner substantial tax revenues from that kind of business.

Profitable enterprises never have to wait long for competition to arise. In the case of MJ, it looks like a similar substance, let me dub it here Pettina, may just give it a run for the money.

Wither Tidal-Current Power?

Nov 1, 2018 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Cape Sharp Tida
In 2016, with considerable fanfare, the Cape Sharp Tidal (CST) company launched its “long-awaited” underwater test turbine in the Bay of Fundy. CST, co-owned by Nova Scotia’s Emera Inc. (EI), and the Irish co. OpenHydro Ltd. (OH), a subsidiary of the French co. Naval Energies, (NE), have hit the end of the road. Both CST and OH have now filed for bankruptcy.

“Undersea turbines aim to harness the legendary tidal power off Nova Scotia,” Bay of Fundy; photo by OpenHydro

The “Carbon Capture Syndrome” (CCS) — Part-2

Oct 28, 2018 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

The Carbon Capture Syndrome
The CCS needs to be examined more closely, particularly in view of a very recent paper with the title “Carbon capture and storage (CCS): the way forward,” published in the journal Energy & Environmental Science, available for free at https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlepdf/2018/ee/c7ee02342a

This 114-page report, authored by no less than 30 people from 20 or so research institutes, university departments, and companies also makes proclamations on such things as “key negative emission technologies (NETs)”, “bioenergy with CCS (BECCS),” and “direct [CO2] air capture (DAC).” Lead author is Dr. Mai Bui of the Imperial College London, UK.

The “Carbon Capture Syndrome” (CCS)

Oct 11, 2018 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

The Carbon Capture Syndrome
Most commonly these days, the CCS acronym stands for: “Carbon Capture and Storage”—as you can surmise from the title above, I have a slightly different interpretation of “CCS.”

Of course, all this nonsense of “Carbon” storage, etc. really refers to “carbon dioxide” and not to elemental carbon as in coal or diamonds, nor to carbon-containing fuels. For my non-chemist readers, that difference is akin to the difference between “night and day” or “hell and heaven.” So, not to belabor this point, let’s assume that “carbon” and “carbon dioxide” are synonymous.

Our new Time-Share …

Sep 30, 2018 — Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Sunset on the Bay; photo by the author… right on the shores of a big lake with beautiful scenery.

I’ll admit, with less than 240 square ft. of inhabitable space, it’s not exactly a mansion. But it suits our purposes and, quite apparently, also those of our guests.

The new abode had hardly been in place when already a thousand fish showed up to inspect it –an adult bowfin (Amia calva) herding an estimated 2,000 of its small finger-nail size newly hatched offspring in shallow water. This is a rare sight that I only experienced a few times in several decades.

Our new “time-share” property sports other wondrous sights as well. For example, the sunsets on the bay can be quite spectacular, as seen in the picture, near here. We’ll take reservations now for another season.