The male of our species is endowed with testosterone, the female with estrogen

By -- Merideth White—— Bio and Archives--January 15, 2019

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The male of our species is endowed with testosterone, the female with estrogen. Testosterone is responsible for most characteristics considered “male”, muscle mass, facial hair, deep voice. Conversely estrogen is the main hormone responsible for reproductive characteristics in women. It is these 2 hormones that tend to make women nurturing and patient nesters and make men aggressive and protective providers.

It has only been in recent history that those roles have been challenged, denigrated and demonized. Women’s rights have not just allowed but pushed and encouraged women into traditionally male roles. The male has been deposed of his position as sole provider. Now we are moving even further away from nature by demonizing male traits. For example, “toxic masculinity”, what exactly is it? How does one become too masculine?  I have yet to hear the term, “Toxic femininity” but it most assuredly exists. Some women use their feminine wiles to seduce, entrap, and manipulate men.

We seem to believe that by celebrating the differences nature has provided we create women victims and male abusers. Are there both? Absolutely. But, I think it could be successfully argued that societal changes like lack of strong male role models, the obsession with the idea of equality, working mothers, etc. have been the culprit not the hormone levels.

As we approach the new challenges of life in the 21st century, we need to seek a balance where the natural instincts are appreciated and true bad behavior punished.

We won’t benefit by painting either side with the broad brush that we have been using.


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