Presidential Assassination Program

The most important story in American history, you’ll never hear on network TV

By —— Bio and Archives--July 22, 2010

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On April 7th of this year Obama authored the Presidential Assassination ProgramIt allows for American citizens to be targeted for killing far away from any battlefield.  So be clear, we are not talking about enemy combatants like the so called American Taliban.


No, what we are talking about here is targeting Americans off the battlefield, who in the opinion of the President alone, that is an unchecked accusation by the Executive branch can call for the assassination of an American citizen that the President deems to be a terrorist.

National Security Advisor John Brennan said this about “terrorism”

he went on to further state this:

Interesting since Obama stated that we don’t have terrorists trying to kill us anymore, instead what we are dealing with, in the Presidents words, is an “Overseas Contingency Operation.”  What?! 

Realize this, people, Obama is a lawyer (that’s part of the problem) and just as he changed terms on the Federal mandate for health insurance, he is now changing terms as to what a terrorist is. 

If you don’t call terrorists enemy combatants then you can’t try them as such in a military tribunal.  That is what AG Holder trying terrorists in NYC in a Criminal Court was all about.

So, who is a terrorist?  How is it we have an Assassination Program to kill terrorists if they don’t exist?  How is it that these Americans identified by the President as terrorists can be assassinated off the battlefield?  What happened to due process?  Makes no sense, does it?

This is plain and simple another Power Grab by the Executive Branch under Obama.  The President has bypassed the Legislative branch by regulating and manipulating procedures to pass bills the majority of American people are opposed to and now he is bypassing the Judicial branch.

What conclusion can be drawn by the actions of this President?  We have to go by his actions, because we have seen his word means nothing.  He says one thing to appease, and does another entirely to accomplish his Socialist agenda.  His actions, intended or not,  are quite simply put,  a threat to the Republic.  If not Obama himself, then he is paving the way for tyranny.  Remember, Hitler was elected.

By the way, if you think Glenn Beck and I are insane, then check out who broke this story (see link below)


Even Leftist organizations like the ACLU have come out against Obama on this issue of Assassination.  In a letter to the Anointed One from the head of the ACLU on April 28th he said:

I am writing to express our profound concern about recent reports that you have authorized a program that contemplates the killing of suspected terrorists-including US citizens-located far away from zones of actual armed conflict.  If accurately described, this program violates international law and at least insofar as it effects US citizens, it is also UNCONSTITUTIONAL

When the Glenn Beck show called the White House asking for comment, they were told to contact the CIA!  No comment then?  You don’t know Mr. Gibbs?

So, who are the people the president sees as a threat since terrorists don’t exist?  We know it is not Islamo-Fascism, since Obama says it doesn’t exist…who then?

Oh, could it be those haters and racists over at the Tea Party?  Could it be the folks that belong to Campaign for Liberty?  You know them, those radicals that belong to Campaign 4 Liberty.  What a radical leader they have in Ron Paul! 

Think that is funny?  Well, what about this?

Also, check this link out: campaignforliberty.com

imageSo, if you have this flag out or bumper sticker on your car, you’re a terrorist:

In summation, we have a President who with no witnesses, with no due process, wants to authorize the assassination, murder (lets not get picky here) of American citizens.

Think that’s crazy, well on July 17th on CNN in a segment entitled NAACP versus the Tea Party an NAACP member likened the Tea Party members to Jews who worked for the Nazi’s at the concentration camps.

This is what you are dealing with America.  This is the state of the nation.  Make no mistake, these people are Socialists.  Race is not the issue.  It is a cover to get to those they really hate, and they are members of the bourgeoisie.  This is a class war, this is a clash of ideologies and Obama is the leader of the movement.

That’s my opinion.


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