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Thomas Greene has a degree in Political Science from St. John’s University. He believes in America, freedom and liberty, as described by the Founding Fathers, the free market and entrepreneurial spirit as it provides the best path to prosperity.

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From Republic to Nanny State

Sep 3, 2012 — Tom Greene

Folks, it has been over 600 posts and nearly 50,000 viewers world wide later.  In that time I went from making this an educational blog about Conservatism, as defined today, to a more in depth discussion of Political Philosophy, aimed mainly I confess, at ‘policy wonks.’  Then as a result of changes in life we went to a ‘news aggregator’ approach with my sarcastic comments preceding the links.

Socialist Philosophy Thicker than Blood

Aug 29, 2012 — Tom Greene

As many of you know from reading my blog regularly, your intrepid blogger suffers from cancer-terminal in fact.  The cancer is very rare, only 15 reported cases.  Being so rare (lucky me) the ONLY person to have it three times and survive.

T’was the night before Christmas

Dec 24, 2011 — Tom Greene

When all through our land,

Not a Christian was praying

Nor taking a stand.

The Promise of America

Mar 3, 2011 — Tom Greene

Look folks, let’s just say it like it is, things suck right now. The dollar is dropping like a rock, the economy (job growth) is stagnant, the average guy is struggling to get by, heck, the average guy’s life is falling apart right now. Nearly 1 in 6 Americans is out of work, another block of the population is on reduced hours, reduced benes, and/or reduced pay. Inflation is on the rise, it costs several hours at work just to fill up the tank, and WTH is with food prices?! The house you’re in, if you are still in one, is worth about 40% less than it was 3 years ago, and it is still dropping. We have an immoral secularist spouting thinly veiled Marxist rhetoric in the White House and in the Congress. Everyone wants everything fixed, but no one wants to take a hit to fix it! Nobody has the guts (they call it political will) to take a cleaver to the budget and just whack off the fat!

Commies in the Cabinet

Aug 2, 2010 — Tom Greene

In April of this year we published an article called the Intolerable Acts.  In it we discussed the actual members of the cabinet, none of which ever held a real job, and were members of the Socialist or Communist party.

The most important story in American history, you’ll never hear on network TV

Jul 22, 2010 — Tom Greene

On April 7th of this year Obama authored the Presidential Assassination ProgramIt allows for American citizens to be targeted for killing far away from any battlefield.  So be clear, we are not talking about enemy combatants like the so called American Taliban.

Fed Up!!!

May 18, 2010 — Tom Greene

There you are, you heard him say it.  Redistribution of wealth.  Hello!  That means TAKING from someone what is rightfully theirs and giving it to someone else.  I don’t know about you, but we used to call that STEALING!

On the campaign trail we heard Obama talking about building bridges, about not ruling with a majority of 50+1, we heard him speak of the merits of capitalism, and we have seen him do the exact opposite.  Again, for those of you medicated, dumb, or under 40, we used to call that LYING!