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  • 66 - the number of seats Democrats lost in Congress since Hope & Change.
  • 900+ - the number of state legislative seats Democrats lost since Hope & Change.
  • 69% - the percentage of governorships in Republican hands.
  • 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - the address where Democrats will no longer sit for the next half century—at least.


1. Democrats outspent the Republicans five to one. They had Big Business, Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Media and Hollywood in their pockets. They had Arab and Muslim money in their pockets—much, if not most of it, illegally obtained and accepted.

Democats—and Hillary - had the questions to the debates in advance.

They had at least SIX billionaires in their pockets: Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, George Soros, Bill Steyer and Bill Gates.

We had one. And he’s president.

Democrats had at minimum 91% of the media, Hollywood, celebrities, 96% of academe, and the world’s fruits and nuts in their pockets.

2. Democrats had the TECH INDUSTRY united in skewing searches, “fixing” the Internet, financing the Democrats, and rigging the elections in their favor. All elections, local, regional and state too.

3. Democrats had an INCUMBENT in a panic hysterically campaigning for them.


4. Democrats had many more field offices staffed by many more people, the nation’s unions that had spent more than a half billion dollars in their behalf, the phone banks and buses of these unions, and a million DemoNutz on the streets to get out the vote.

5. Undocumented Democrats were encouraged by the president, a so-called constitutional scholar, to vote. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe registered 206,000 felons to vote in a state where Obama won by only 17,000 votes.

It is estimated that, and latest documentation shows, that between 2-6% of illegals legally on United States soil with temporary visas voted; up to ten percent of illegals not legally here voted. That translates to more than the 3 million illegals cited by Donald Trump.


On that thought, one might ask: Why are 99% of felons Democrats?

Continued below...

6. SEE VIDEO - Democrats were uncovered in a 50-year conspiracy to commit, and have admitted to, committing election fraud and rigging elections. In the video they promised to up their game. It is natural for Democrats to cheat. Or lie. Or fix the debates.

Maybe we shouldn’t think of the names Donna Brazile and Candy Crowley, among others. Or think of what integrity and honesty mean to Democrats , for example the names “Hillary” and CNN, for using and capitalizing on it. Or consider that Hillary, a lawyer and officer of the court, accepted without disclosing her acceptance, the questions in advance of the debates.

And then used them against her opponent. She smiled throughout, did she not?

7. Deceased people always vote Democrat and never Republican. Sometimes the deceased vote multiple times. Democrat.

People can be born Republican, but they will always convert after death to Democrat. Death does that to one.

Casting votes after death is smart; especially if the dead vote Democrat. It appears one becomes smarter after one’s brain decomposes. It must be all that tofu and reading HuffPo.

If The People who voted Democrat knew the facts just cited, Hillary would not even have appeared on the map politic.

And we still won.

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Andrew G. Benjamin is a real estate and tax specialist, equities trader, a former economic advisor to New York city mayor Rudy Giuliani; serving on the transition team’s Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget. Benjamin also wrote extensively about intelligence, economic issues, the Mideast, terrorism, technology, high end audio and transnational politics.

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