Considering the vast increase of drug related accidents and fatalities in the recent past, it is difficult to NOT consider a widespread and uncontrolled use of POT as a potential detriment to society

The POT-Boom

By —— Bio and Archives--January 3, 2018

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The POT-Boom
As more, higher, bigger, etc. must be is the envisaged goal of every sane soul on the planet (my understanding of “economics”); just having one craze suffices no longer. By now, the world needs a minimum of two concurring manias and, as I surmise, even that will soon be “bettered.” The current #2 boom is POT, i.e. the new wonder-drug that soothes the pain and, supposedly, cures all kinds of other problems, commonly known as POT, also known as marijuana and products obtained from the plant, scientifically known as Cannabis sp.

POT Legalisation

It has widely been predicted that complete legalization of marijuana (i.e., POT) consumption, for any reason or use, as early as on Jan. 1, 2018. Until recently, most jurisdictions allowed its distribution for medicinal use only. Indeed, such restrictions are now widely being eliminated and the Golden State is among them. On New Year’s Day, 2018, California has lifted most restrictions on the use of POT, period. As GlobalNews reports, there are already lineups for it in the shops.

Some POT-derivatives, like Cannabis extracts are already available in “cookies” and other consumables, deliverable by some speedy delivery system to your door. I can only wish the regular mail would come that fast. However, you may be surprised when the highway patrol officer wants to take your blood pressure—to check up on your body’s level of the stuff, if that’s true.

Your Blood Pressure

No visit to the good doctor would be complete without a new measurement of your Blood Pressure (BP). As Daniel Otis, CBCNews reports, apparently, that’s what is permitted (asked for, or required, ??) by the new government regulations on POT use in Canada that are still forthcoming. That’s great news, I guess, as it will save you a trip to the doctor’s practice. Apart from that, perhaps a road-side “physical” is in the offing as well (?). If BG (Big Government) has a desire to partake in the “influence,” the sky is the limit. Laws and regulations can be enacted, modified, or withdrawn at any time, without need for an explanation and reasoning.

At this moment, a few days from the beginning of the year 2018, at least California appears to be bent on permission to use POT whenever and for any reason, come hell or high water, though there may be possession limits of some sort In Canada, the list of what is legal or not (in terms of POT level in your blood) varies by region, age of user, and other conditions. In the U.S., the situation is much the same, except for the overriding federal statute that still makes it illegal anywhere in the country for recreational use. As it appears though, the enforcement of that law is spotty, non-existing, or viewed as outside federal jurisdiction.


Other jurisdictions appear to be less concerned about any “driving under the [POT] influence.” For example, California is leading the way, sort of. The article says “Some rules that go into effect on January 1 (2018) are likely to change but for now, here’s what you need to know.”

So, let’s forget about all the “Legalese” and look at the claims, pro and con.

POT Benefits

POT is said to reduce the effects of all kinds of ailments and conditions. Some folks even think that it will increase longevity. Is POT the anti-aging Holy Grail? A recent study at Michigan State University finds THC, the euphoria-inducing ingredient in cannabis, has significant anti-inflammatory properties useful to treat many health conditions—including the overall aging process (Agora 5-Min.-Forecast, Dec. 19, 2017).

No doubt in my mind, all sedatives, hallucinogens and related substances will make you feel less pain from whatever. Whether it’s a toothache or other ailment, ANY painkiller will make it less painful. After all, that’s what they are consumed for, namely to reduce pain. Prior to the prohibition of alcohol, opiates, too, were legal in the U.S. and hemp was home grown all over. When prohibition was repealed, however, only alcohol ended up legal as medicine had come up with too many “controlled substances” that couldn’t really compete against the opiates and pot. The 1937 Marijuana Tax Act was repealed in 1970 and replaced by the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970.

As it so happens, many levels of governments see in the POT legalisation a large, new revenue stream. With a proposed excise tax of $1 per gram (in Canada), an investment in “tax collectors” might be good. Not to mention the POT industry itself. There are numerous claims of the investment opportunities to instantly become a “POT Stock Millionaire.” Who would have thunk that?


Continued below...

POT Drawbacks

Marijuana and other “soft” hallucinogens are often called “gateway” drugs. What that means is that, sooner or later, addicts will experiment with more powerful and more addictive substances. When looking at the statistics one cannot come to a different conclusion. In the U.S., in 2017 alone, some 60,000 deaths have been ascribed to all kinds of drug overdoses. On a per capita basis, a similar death toll exists in Canada. By and large they involve young people, the group of less than 30 years of age. As regrettable as (willful) violent crimes (mostly shootings and stabbings) may be, this death toll from drugs is much higher than from those and traffic accidents.

The view of POT being a gateway drug is vehemently being opposed to by some recreational POT users. Pot is claimed NOT to be addictive, at least by many users. Most opiates are highly addictive but POT only in rare cases. This may well be so for anyone that does not succumb to the allure of other more potent drugs. However, that allure persists and the number of drug addicts and fatalities therefrom keeps rising. One of the biggest killers in that regard is the synthetic prescription opioid fentanyl.

So, the statistics appear to show otherwise, i.e., opioids are a major health issue But, for argument’s sake, let’s assume that there is no correlation whatsoever between the two. Then, other questions arise, like at what level of Cannabis sp. material in the body can one adequately perform one’s job?

Would you think it to be OK if the driver in the car on the opposite lane of the road was having a “little drug hangover?” What about the airliner pilot that is in charge of the plane scheduled to take you and your loved ones to a holiday resort?

My Conclusion

Considering the vast increase of drug related accidents and fatalities in the recent past, it is difficult to NOT consider a widespread and uncontrolled use of POT as a potential detriment to society, if for no other reason than the allure for “more bang for the buck.”

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