The President of our country is charged with making sure all laws are “faithfully executed”

By -- Bruce Butler—— Bio and Archives--April 27, 2017

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The President of our country is charged with making sure all laws are “faithfully executed”. Yet, time after time courts are preventing him from doing so. Whether you like them or not, we have immigration laws.There is one way to allow our borders to be open and to allow anybody and everybody to enter and that is to change our immigration laws.

Why aren’t we doing just that? Because it isn’t popular with the public who believe that you have no country if you have no borders.The likelihood of changing our immigration policy to any large degree is slim. So, previous administrations have chosen to ignore or not enforce the law. So, what was the point of having a law?  An unenforced law is no law at all.

Until those laws are changed, it is the President’s responsibility to see that they are enforced. So tell me, how there can be criticism for his position on the wall or on sanctuary cities? In fact, I would argue that for him not to take these steps would be dereliction of his duties.

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