Could it be that the astounding level of hype is holding you back?

The "Quantum Glass" Battery Hype

By —— Bio and Archives--January 19, 2019

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There is a new battery type being hyped, with terms such as “Quantum Glass” battery or even “The Jesus Battery” and a claim that “It Will Ignite the Global $3 Trillion Electric Car Revolution.” Go and see it for yourself at investorplace.com (video transcript available from me), Forbes, and other financial information services.

This touted breakthrough in battery technology is the latest in a slew of innovative ideas that include “batteries made with sand,” “stretchable batteries,” “foam batteries,” “pee powered batteries,” “laser-made micro-super-capacitors” and more (13 Amazing Battery Innovations That Could Change The World ).


Savvy Investors are on the Ball

Though still in the prototype development stage, the said invention sounds great. Some inventions don’t even make it that far. Needless to say, the great wizards Bill, Jeff, Mark, Michael, Richard, etc., are said to be all backers of the new development.

Should you join them?

With snippets like “death blow to lithium-ion batteries” and “BP invests…” , you might think it’s a sure bet.

Besides, even a tiny slice of that (anticipated) trillion dollar revolution could set you up for good. Is that not worth the gamble?

death blow to lithium-ion batteries

However, if you’re still unconvinced, how about being able to use this novel battery for your next target practice at the shooting range? According to InvestorPlace advisor Matthew McCall who writes:

“So, what happens when not one, but THREE [.22 caliber Remington] bullets strike the world-shattering new kind of battery [that] Fortune is calling the “Holy Grail” of energy storage?

“Not only does this battery take all three bullets to the gut like a champ—It continues to generate power flawlessly—without skipping a beat.” (It also shows a picture with a bullet-riddled battery).”

But there is yet another miracle to this invention, namely the speed of charging:


As McCall continues,

“According to automotive industry insiders, one creation using the “Quantum Glass” Battery technology can fully charge an electric car in as little as 60 seconds.

“Faster than it takes to fill a tank of gas.”



Yet others claim that one full charge is sufficient to drive a car 1,000 miles. Now let’s do a quick calculation. Even a lightweight car on flat ground would likely need a minimum energy of 120 kWh for that distance. For a full recharge of that energy in 60 seconds, the energy transfer rate would have to be 2 kWh per second (or 7,200 kWh per hour). A typical large stove element (using 1500 W) consumes that amount of energy in one hour. So that 2 kWh per second transfer rate would be equivalent to the energy consumption of roughly 4,000 such elements. Also, with typical (120/240 V) household service panels of 200 amp capacity, the most energy you could get out of such is 50 kWh per hour (or 0.012 kWh per second). Hence, you would also need more panels and a lot more common 12-gauge cables to charge it that fast at home or a substantially longer charging time than 60 seconds.

And Furthermore

“According to industry insiders, the technology behind the Quantum Glass Battery is profoundly inexpensive to produce, and could cost car makers as little as $30 per kilowatt-hour as this technology develops.”

That compares to approximately $200 per kWh storage capacity for the currently available lithium-ion batteries that are used in electric vehicles and many battery-powered implements.

Wow, if that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

Could it be that the astounding level of hype is holding you back?


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