Playing the race card won't pay the rent, but a good job will, in a booming economy

The Ranting and Raving of Irrational Liberal Race Card-Playing Columnists

By —— Bio and Archives--January 12, 2018

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Trumping the Race Card with Jobs
I just love watching and reading liberal Washington Post and New York Times columnists rant and rave over what they perceive to be a racist and white supremacist president.

These so-called experts see racism everywhere. Criticism of Obama’s mediocre presidency is racist. Criticism of Obamacare is racist.  Criticizing some Mexicans illegally crossing into America and engaging in rapes, murders and drug-dealing is also considered racist. And more recently, criticism of such failed and corrupt states as Haiti and certain African countries as “sh*tholes” is now considered, racist, too.

The fact is that more black voters and Latino voters voted for Trump over Romney (the latter never considered a racist) so obviously those black and Latino voters who voted for Trump did not consider Trump a racist. They did consider him someone who would try to turn the stagnant Obama economy around. Perhaps be more pro business. More pro jobs. More pro investment. More pro American jobs than” identity politics” Obama, whose business experience and acumen were sorely lacking.

Ironically, Obama, failed the American black community. They were worse off financially and economically after eight miserable years of Obama, than at the beginning of his “hopey and changey” presidency.

You see Obama economic policies were clearly ineffective. He thought taxing the rich and then the government redistributing upper class wealth to lower income Americans, through food stamps, Medicaid and increased welfare was the way to go.

Instead, the cycle of poverty in these white, black, Latino lower income communities persisted.

Also Obama instituting thousands of job-killing government anti-business regulations made a stagnant economy considerably worse.

At the end of Obama’s presidency, 80% of Americans believed America was heading in the wrong direction because their economic situation had stagnated or worsened.

Compare Obama’s mediocre economic record with the first year of the Trump presidency.

Trump killed by executive order hundreds of horrible job-killing Obama regulations. By cutting all this red tape, Trump signaled to American small and large businesses that America was open for business, investment and the creation of new jobs.

Trump signaled that he wanted a sharply reduced corporate tax rate and reduced tax rates for individuals. Trump believed that companies were the true engines of economic growth and job creation, not the government. Trump was right.

As a result of Trump’s efforts on multiple fronts ( supporting Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines, bringing back the coal industry, jawboning American industry to manufacture products in the US)  the GDP has increased in the last two quarters at a record 3.2%.

Unemployment is down to a record low of 4.1 %. Black unemployment is at its lowest in decades.  The stock market has increased over 5,000 points which helps any average American with savings.

The tax reform bill has decreased corporate taxes to 21% from 35% and hence many companies can afford to raise wages, provide bonuses, invest in technology and equipment.

In February 2018,  80% of Americans, will save about $1500 in taxes. For families the child credit shall increase. All these measures increase disposable income in the hands of working class and middle class Americans across the board, regardless of race, color and religion.

People are more concerned about having jobs, a fair wage and real money in their jeans, than the ranting and raving of Washington Post and NY Times columnists warning about fake white supremacy, racism and white privilege.

Playing the race card won’t pay the rent, but a good job will, in a booming economy.

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Mitch Wolfe, a graduate of Harvard University, is the author of “Trump: How He Captured The Trump White House”, which he wrote and had published prior to the election. (available on Amazon.com)

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