Capitalism creates wealth. Socialism can only confiscate and redistribute wealth, and ultimately destroys all wealth

The Real Fairy Tale is Marxist Economics

By —— Bio and Archives--January 2, 2018

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The Real Fairy Tale is Marxist Economics
What does a corporation do when it gets extra capital? Simple, its executives, i.e. capitalist pigs, all undoubtably white males despite decades of affirmative action, turn it into gold coins and with their grubby, fat, fingers, bury it in their back yards. Doesn’t sound like the right answer to you? Well apparently it does to Mike Smith, editorial cartoonist for the Las Vegas Sun and syndicated editorial cartoonist.

In a recent cartoon he shows a father with a big book titled “Fairy Tales” sitting next to his little daughter. “And the big corporations used their tax cuts to create jobs” he reads.

This has to be the most flat-earth thing I ever read. It is a “fairytale” that corporations will use tax cuts to create jobs?  What else can they possibly do with capital other than create jobs? The expansion extra capital finances results in new jobs. And if some portion is used by executives to pay for their life-style, buying watches, cars, houses, also produces jobs.

“Progressives” actually believe that corporations are not responsible for jobs. Maybe they will admit that corporations produce a few jobs that exploit the proletariat, but will insist the majority of jobs are not created by corporations.

The logic behind this insanity is as follows: Corporations are the embodiment of evil, job creation is good, therefore corporations do not generate jobs. Never mind that millions of people do in fact work for corporations.

But this type of thinking is omnipresent in liberalism. At humanist meetings, in addition to expressions of admiration for Palestinian suicide bombers, I heard that ultra-orthodox Jews were the ones maintaining “the apartheid Zionistic entity”. Never mind that ultra-orthodox Jews hate Zionism and Israel as much as leftist Jews do!

The thought process was Israel was evil, and religion was evil. At least Christianity and Judaism was, not Islam of course, which progressive, feminist and gay groups all support. So how could ultra-orthodox Jews not be responsible for the “occupation”.

Being Contradicted by all Evidence can be an Asset to an Idea

The subordination of reality to agenda is a hallmark of totalitarianism and the basic thought mode of the “social justice” Marxists that dominate thought today. Distortions like global warming could not thrive in the sea of ideas without political usefulness being the overriding consideration.

The first rule of a scientific theory is that it must make testable predictions that are open to disproof. That is essential to the scientific method, as pretty much anyone who made it to high school has been taught. Yet as record breaking cold engulfs the US and Canada today, suddenly this too is offered by the politically correct as proof of global warming.

Feminist and gay support of islamists seems irrational. But Memetics studies the evolution of ideas through mutation, replication and selective survival, and a prediction made from memetic theory is that a meme deviating from objective evidence can actually be an adaptive advantage for its survival and reproduction. What better way to prove one self a true believer in correct thought than to proclaim it when it is absurd.

So membership in the cultural elite requires supporting Hamas and Marxist economics.


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“Selfishness” Creates Jobs

While creating jobs can be seen as being good,  jobs are not created by people in order to do good. They are created by individuals trying to make money for themselves. Entrepreneurs create jobs not because they are “altruistic” but because they are selfish. All wealth created, food clothing, housing, the luxuries civilized western societies have,  is because of selfish capitalists.

Donald Trump has been creating jobs his whole adult life. Chuck Schumer has been confiscating the wealth created by capitalists his whole adult life.

The objective, indisputable, truth is that jobs are created by capitalists looking to make money.  But it is correct-think that jobs are bestowed by the beehive collective.


Capitalism creates wealth. Socialism can only confiscate and redistribute wealth, and ultimately destroys all wealth. The “progressive” Marxists who now rule Hollywood, the media, colleges, and the Democrat party, will never admit to this reality because it runs counter to their dogma.

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