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Dr. Alexander Nussbaum has had articles in a number of magazines including articles on intelligent design and on the history of statistics and is a contributor to a personality textbook

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The Real Fairy Tale is Marxist Economics

Jan 2, 2018 — Dr. Alexander Nussbaum

The Real Fairy Tale is Marxist Economics
What does a corporation do when it gets extra capital? Simple, its executives, i.e. capitalist pigs, all undoubtably white males despite decades of affirmative action, turn it into gold coins and with their grubby, fat, fingers, bury it in their back yards. Doesn’t sound like the right answer to you? Well apparently it does to Mike Smith, editorial cartoonist for the Las Vegas Sun and syndicated editorial cartoonist.

There is no Future in History

Jan 9, 2017 — Dr. Alexander Nussbaum

Forty years ago I got a laugh when I explained why I was not continuing my graduate studies in history by saying “There is no future in history.” There also is no future for history as a field of study.

While George Santayana famously wrote “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, young people today know nothing about history. For my undergraduate students Ronald Reagan, George Washington and Julius Caesar existed vaguely at the same time, back in “ancient times”. Ancient times being whatever occurred before what they remember.

Santa Claus:  Not Just His Suit is Red

Dec 31, 2015 — Dr. Alexander Nussbaum

Another season has passed in which Santa Claus promised big but actually delivered nothing.

It is thus obvious that he is a progressive socialist. Imagine my surprise then in reading an online article entitled “5 Signs That Santa Claus Is Actually a Puppet for the 1%”. Clear slander of Santa Claus, beyond all doubt a beacon of progressive liberalism. Let me state the case.

The New York Times “Watches” the Well Dressed Progressive Revolutionary’s Wrist

Aug 19, 2015 — Dr. Alexander Nussbaum

The New York Times may exasperate with its slanted left wing articles and its persistent anti -American and pro-Palestinian terrorist stance. But none can deny that the paper of record is the arbitrator of style and taste par excellence. How would the cultural elite know how to be the cultural elite without it?

Debasing Statistics, Science’s Mathematical Foundation, in the Service of a Leftist Agenda

Mar 22, 2015 — Dr. Alexander Nussbaum

Some of you whose undergraduate days are way behind may not realize that those in college today taking sociology, political science, anthropology or women’s studies courses are taught as a primary method of research what is called critical social science. Namely that all science is value driven, the purpose of science is to “empower” the proletariat, and evidence is whatever promotes thought that liberates the “oppressed”.

The New York Times—even the sports section is ideologically pure in the paper of record

Jun 6, 2014 — Dr. Alexander Nussbaum

I only rarely pick up the New York Times anymore. The New York Times status as a fair, objective, dedicated only to the highest standards of journalism, publication is beyond reproach. That is according to the criteria of the liberal-elite. In other words, the New York Times is a leftist newspaper and with the current White House, it’s Pravda with big words.

Expert’s intuition: worse than flipping a coin?

Feb 2, 2014 — Dr. Alexander Nussbaum

There have been quite a number of efforts to elaborate on the essential differences between liberals and conservatives. Some have been relatively objective, and employed the collection of data; others have been liberal hatchet jobs.

A non-fan of NASCAR in praise of NASCAR

Jan 12, 2012 — Dr. Alexander Nussbaum

It was widely reported that First Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden were booed at the NASCAR season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway held on Nov 20, 2011. At least some fans chose to boo them. There was actually much cheering for the pair too, as can be attested by listening to the clip on YouTube. Evidently many NASCAR fans do not believe in academia’s idea of freedom of speech which means booing off the stage anyone who disagrees with your agenda. Nevertheless a few NASCAR fans voiced their displeasure to what has happened to the country they love. What followed of course were invectives on the part of the progressive cultural elites about the “inbred, racist, ignorant, red necks who watch NASCAR”. This got me thinking about NASCAR’s role as a sport, actually its unique role as a sport.

Etymology and Meaning of the Words that Describe our Current Political System

May 12, 2011 — Dr. Alexander Nussbaum

Tea party members and assorted bitter reactionaries who cling to guns and religion may not like it, but it is clear that United States of America is now a liberal, humanist, progressive and socialist country. It is thus only appropriate that we look at the sources and meanings of these words.

The Creationism of Conservationism

Oct 4, 2010 — Dr. Alexander Nussbaum

Evolution, the central concept in the study of life, is as certain any human knowledge. Many people of faith can integrate evolution into their religious world view, for example see evangelist minister Michael Dowd’s “Thank God for Evolution!”, or the writings of Roman Catholic theologian John F. Haught, or those of Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project and evangelical Christian. However many people of faith can not. But the “politically correct cultural elite” is every bit as creationist as fundamentalists when it suits their dogmas.