Whining Senator Collins, who sounds just like Hillary Clinton, may not be aware of Rules for Radical #7: "a tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag".

The ‘Sexist Sewer’ Can Claim A New Advocate

By —— Bio and Archives--December 20, 2017

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The Sexist Sewer Can Claim A New Advocate
Millions—scores of them not into commercialization—are thinking of a Baby wrapped in swaddling clothes by his loving Mother as Christmas 2017 is being celebrated.

But there’s no peace or good will that ever comes from a politicized environment staged by the progressive left.

Unbelievers (Who could advocate abortion and be a believer?) work to come up with novel ways to find money to support aborting babies in their mothers’ wombs, even as they leave the fallacious impression in ads that faithful Christians are in league with them. (Federalist)

Elected officials—most of them Democrats—seem to be obsessed with all things sexual these days.  Sex, like pictures of cute puppies, after all, sells.

“There are two sayings in every news room across the country: 1) sex sells; 2) if it bleeds it leads”.-Armstrong Williams.

With sexual harassment allegations splashed in newspaper headlines almost daily,  why should there be any surprise over the rise of the #MeToo movement,  now a well-honed hatchet guaranteed to finish off one’s targeted enemies?

Many Democrats follow former president Barack Obama and his failed protege Hillary Clinton in living by Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it.”

The #MeToo movement has managed to politicize sexual harassment in the workplace.  Notice the “workplace” is Capitol Hill, Hollywood while innocents without the power of elected office get zero help from them.

Sexual harassment accusations not only lead the news of the current day,  but dominate it.

The sex gutter runs deep and now we have complaints from the multibillion dollar porn industry that coming Net Neutrality regulations will adversely impact its lucrative market.

“The Federal Communications Commission decision on Thursday to kill net neutrality rules that provide for equal access online to all types of content will likely reshape the multibillion dollar porn industry in the coming years. (Fox News, Dec. 19, 2017)

“It’s hard to overstate just how much porn is consumed online. Last year, Pornhub viewers alone watched over 91 billion videos and there were a total of 44,000 visits to the site per hour.

“But now that internet service providers will be able to control what users can access and charge a range of prices based on the type of content, that could change.

“Pornhub and similar sites have been vocal about fighting against the repeal of net neutrality.

“Without [net neutrality], the cable and wireless companies that control internet access will have unfair power to pick winners and losers in the market,” Corey Price, vice president of Pornhub, told Motherboard.

“The changes will impact anyone’s ability to watch porn and to upload their own pornographic content.

“Alex Hawkins, a spokesperson for xHamster, told Life Site News the repeal would favor the promotion online of a “heteronormative version of sexuality.”

“Ending net neutrality will align the U.S. market with more conservative regimes across the world, not just in terms of porn, but also ideas about sexuality, Hawkins said.

“Although it’s unlikely that porn would ever disappear entirely, it may cost more.


Continued below...

“Several states, including South Dakota, Virginia and Utah, have declared porn a “public health crisis.”

“Despite the FCC’s 3-2 vote, several states are planning to file lawsuits to reinstate net neutrality rules and some Democrats in the U.S. Senate have vowed to do so as well.”

Oh brother, sister, and everyone in between.  They’ve just gotta’ hang on to their porn!

Those who push human sexuality to the limit for political gain should be defunded, defanged and de-sexualized.

But that’s likely never to happen with “sexist” up there with “racist” in branding potential.

“Sexist” as a political tool is being brought to heady new heights by ‘Republican’ Senator Susan Collins, who ripped news coverage of her decision to vote for the GOP tax-cut bill as “unbelievably sexist” on Tuesday.

“I cannot believe that the press would have treated another senator with 20 years of experience as they have treated me,” the Maine senator told reporters at the Capitol. (Chicago Tribune, Dec. 19, 2017)

“They’ve ignored everything that I’ve gotten, and there have been stories after stories about how I’ve been duped,” she said.

“How are you duped when all of your amendments get accepted? And when the majority leader—and I confirmed it again today with him—will be offering the two insurance bills that I care about as well as the provision waiving the automatic cut in Medicare that could be triggered by this bill?”


“The moderate Republican has often won praise from liberals for backing Planned Parenthood and especially for her crucial vote in July to block a repeal of Obamacare. Yet she’s taken heat for deciding to back the GOP tax-cut plan, which contains a provision eliminating Obamacare’s requirement that most Americans get health insurance or pay a penalty.

“Collins criticized a reporter, whom she didn’t identify, who covered her meeting with people suffering from serious health conditions.

“The reporter actually wrote that I didn’t cry,” Collins said. The same group met with Arizona GOP Senator Jeff Flake, Collins said, but there was no mention of his lack of tears. “I can’t imagine a reporter writing that about a male senator,” she said.

“It’s been extremely discouraging to see the press coverage on this given the significant impact that I’ve had on this bill,” she said.

“Collins also pointed to a number of House provisions she helped kill—including taxes on graduate student tuition assistance, private activity bonds, student loans and other issues. “The list goes on and on,” she said.

“It doesn’t mean I like every provision of the final bill but I clearly had an impact,” she said.”

None of Collins’ myriad complaints have anything to do with “sexist”.

Senator Collins needs to avail herself of the meaning of the word “sexist”.

Senator Collins wasn’t “rolled”. Nor was she “naive”.  She merely—once—stepped out of line with the Democrat order, who dispatched their running dog mainstream media to call her out on it.

Meanwhile, the whining Senator Collins, who sounds just like Hillary Clinton, may not be aware of Rules for Radical #7: “a tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag”.

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