Chicken Little Sky is Falling atmosphere still hovers over America

The sky is not falling, Obama’s fairytale is

By —— Bio and Archives--December 14, 2010

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imageEven with Al Gore in a sort of forced semi-retirement, a Chicken Little Sky is Falling atmosphere still hovers over America.

The atmosphere is sustained because the Marxists in the White House are blowing big smoke rings at the outside world and slapping down red herrings at every available door.

It must be the most supreme insult to Marxist ego that most folk are too busy striving to make a living and trying to stay afloat to pay close attention to their latest scare tactics.

With individual rights being tossed on top of the ash heap on an almost daily basis, it’s difficult to peer all the way down to the foggy bottom for a look at where things stand in real time.

But the bottom line on what is happening during the fundamental Transformation of America is crystal clear.  There’s an impostor calling himself president in the Oval Office with a shadow government of the radical agenda crazed czars running the circus.

Things have got pretty bad when White House dog Bo has a more genuine pedigree than the master of the House.

As for the czars, radical ‘60s hippies were dangerous enough when they ignored personal hygiene to sit around toking up on marijuana and fomenting to replace society with anarchy.  Put dreams of power in their greying heads and government money in their pockets, and everybody should dive for cover.

The world’s become a stage for Marxist agitators in many lands.  How is it possible that the students of Greece, France and Britain are taking to the streets to protest against rising tuitions?

With Marxism backed by a mainstream media almost anything is possible.

Latest players on The Sky is Falling front is the deadly duo of the “Two Julies”:  FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s December 21 `Net Neutrality’ guy and legend-in-his-own-mind Wikileaks spy guy Julian Assange.

Since the debut of both, “They’re gonna’ take the Internet down,” has become the mantra.

Before his single moment of fame, Assange had been downloading classified documents onto the Internet with virtual impunity.

Is there a connection, you might ask, between these two gentlemen of tabloid fame.

  There’s not only a connection between the Two Julies, they are likely joined at the hip.

There were hackers and overzealous government branches working the Net long Before Julie A. ever hit the world stage.  Al Qaeda was recruiting jihadists without the government ever lifting one of its multi fingers, and as far as we can tell, still is.

Will Big Julie Genachowski take the Internet down a few days before Christmas?

Not likely. Obama and Company need it to continue financing their never ending campaigns and for propaganda.

The fact is the left always had their very own Internet.  It was financed decades ago by the Tides Foundation and is one of the foundation’s largest ongoing projects of the present day.

Every little Julie who ever counted themselves a `progressive’ got a free ride on the Information Highway through major networks like the Tides Foundation funded Institute for Global Communications (IGC).

Every progressive worth his salt, including big guns George Soros and Maurice Strong, knew how to log on to their own Internet network and pulled millions of NGOs and progressive activists up on the Net with them. 

The other monstrous worry of the moment from the Sky is Falling Department is that the Marxists in the White House are working on a manufactured `crisis’ with which to give anarchy a little push along the way.

“They are going to put us all in FEMA camps” is the mantra addressing perceived nightmarish coming serfdom.

For community activists led by leaders who just must have a holiday every couple of weeks and who just can’t stay off the golf links for more than a couple of days, rounding everyone up into camps would be an epic battle at best.  In their entire glorious history Americans have never been lambs led to the slaughter.

One World Order has been a long time in the making.  Over the years some of its advocates have died off; walked away from the public square out of sheer frustration in the time it was taking to impose,  or have had to leave OWO advocacy for more meaningful work.

Just like We the People, there is no magic elixir to keep One Worlders going.  For all of his anti-American zeal, Obama takes time off to dribble balls; has to take time off for lip stitches and is so henpecked at home that he left Slick Willie in charge when he ceded him 45 minutes during the `tax cut; debate, all to join Michelle at the White House Christmas Party.  There’s no magic elixir on the market to protect Obama from the self-centered Michelle or from boss woman slum landlady Valerie Jarrett.

Two of the prime movers and shakers behind One World Government are 80-year-old George Soros and 81-year-old Maurice Strong.

There’s no elixir either for the Czars Obama dug up from the 1960s.  The fate of the Czars is worse than death because there are no senior citizen homes that allow marijuana toking.  And all czars will need more than a walker to man the battlefront.

They’re throwing everything but the proverbial kitchen sink at We the People from the White House.  But the sky is not falling.  Obama’s fairytale world is.


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