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Make no mistake, the violent left has the support of the Democrat Party

The Spirit of Truman and Kennedy Long Ago Departed the DNC

By —— Bio and Archives--October 23, 2017

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The Spirit of Truman and Kennedy Long Ago Departed the DNC

To those Democrats that think the spirit of Truman and Kennedy is still alive at the DNC:

Many of you Democrats are living in the past. You think the essence of John Kennedy is still alive. You remember his allure, his magnetism, his support for civil rights. But you don’t remember his hatred of communism, his endorsement of low taxes and support for business, his enmity for secret societies and unbridled government. Yes, Kennedy was reckless, but it was HIS recklessness.

Today’s Democrat Party is a far cry from the past. Almost 100 Democrats in Congress are Marxists [The Enemies Within - Loudon]. I guess Joe McCarthy was right after all.

While prominent Democrats were accepting Russian bribes, kickbacks and selling Putin 20% of our uranium, the left was accusing Trump of collusion with the Russians. When Hillary accused Trump of being an admitted sexual assaulter, guess who was hard at it (so to speak) for decades? When Democrats say Trump deals in hate, who is dressed in black, wearing masks and physically attacking Trump supporters?

The Rule: If the left accuses Republicans of something nefarious, you can bet the left is already doing it and has been for years…classic diversion.

The hatred of President Trump has reached clinical proportions. They drip with it. It is ugly and getting uglier. And yet, the media and the Democrat Party respond to it, encourage it, feed off it. Listen to CNN or MSNBC on any given evening.

The left is selling love but delivers physical violence. The left wants social justice but delivers social intolerance for anything they do not approve of or disagree with. Freedom of speech?...forget it. Freedom of religion?...sorry, take down that cross. They are the fascists, the Brown Shirts they accuse others of being.

America is on the threshold of unprecedented violence. This is no game they are playing. The brutal left has the support of a corrupt media and a major political party. The Democrat politicians, in response, speak on both sides of their collective mouths. When a microphone is suddenly thrust at them, they quickly act shocked and dismayed at the violence. But when in the comfort of their offices or making speeches, they reliably blame Trump, Republicans or anyone else they can point their sticky fingers at. They play convoluted word games…speaking law and order while giving logic to their continued violence. And why not, Antifa is a neo-communist movement.

Make no mistake, the violent left has the support of the Democrat Party. It is opportunistic to blame Trump for the violence. To the left, the presidential campaign is not over; it has only just begun. Their intention is to create a crisis and remove Trump from office at all costs. After all, no crisis should ever go to waste says Rahm Emanuel. And crisis of intent it is. The masked street thugs that destroy private property and assault people will continue as long as their supporters in the Democrat Party wink at them. They will blame Trump for every ill in America. The ignorant masked woman that smashes a bank window had no choice, she was compelled out of social justice to do it. The masked man that cold cocks a Trump supporter asked to be punched just for wearing a ‘racist’ Trump hat.

The left uses the word racist like some early Americans used the accusation of ‘witch’. Like today, many accusations of witchcraft were used to obtain the property or position of the accused or simply out of malice.

How many people are going to be figuratively burned at the stake, physically assaulted or die because of the left’s counterfeit virtue? When is the DNC going to finally come to their senses and realize that we do not live in a democracy, but in a Republic where everyone’s rights are protected, the minority as well as the majority and that their constituents are from all backgrounds, white, black, brown, rich, poor and those in the forgotten middle.

Ray DiLorenzo -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Ray DiLorenzo is a career pilot having retired after 22 years as a contract fire pilot with the California Department of Forestry (Cal-Fire).  He is presently affiliated with Stand Up America founded by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret).

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