Shots currently being fired at Trump - both the hateful insults as well as the death threats - are unprecedented in the history of our nation

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By —— Bio and Archives--January 31, 2017

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Just today one of my leftist/liberal Facebook friends posted yet another comment calling Donald Trump a really nasty name. It was so disappointing because I thought he was beyond that. But the people now attacking our 45th president are coming out of the woodwork - AND BEHAVING IN WAYS THAT COMPLETELY DEFY REASON. Right now we are in the makings of what some have called a second Civil War. But, for certain, A FIGHT IS BREWING. Why is that?

During the eight years conservatives put up with Barack Obama his fans got really upset whenever any of his critics simply pointed out facts of stuff he had said, been or done. But no conservative, during either term, ever set himself on fire because of Barack taking the Oval Office. Conservative people aren’t big on name-calling either. That’s part of why we are conservative. If you really want to dent a conservative, simply legitimately win an argument with him. We yield to fair and factual debate. If you have a high school education or even just what’s left of a functional brain, you should know that when you start calling people names your argument has run out of gas. The expressed complaints of these 2016 losers are logically bankrupt.


Gush of pure and unvarnished HATRED is only beginning to ooze

But we are less than two weeks into President Trump’s first term, and the gush of pure and unvarnished HATRED is only beginning to ooze. The unobservant of either political bent are dismissing all the current protest and rancor as the standard expressions of dissatisfaction shown by either side after their horse loses. But what we are seeing now is not at all the typical hostility of sore losers. What is going on right now is just downright weird-into-evil. And the shots currently being fired at Trump - both the hateful insults as well as the death threats - are unprecedented in the history of our nation.

On the evening of election day, the CEO for some big-money California company, a rational man in every other respect, posted a death threat toward Trump on Facebook - a move that made no sense whatsoever. Then, after the election, everybody - from Elton John to the freeze-dried cartoon character, Barney - stepped forward to refuse to sing at the inauguration. Dumb. Then some poor fool set himself on fire, Vietnamese Buddhist-monk-style, in front of the Trump International Hotel in DC. Again, entirely senseless.

Just a few days ago the Washington Post reported that the special agent in charge for the Denver district of our United States Secret Service declared on Facebook what is tantamount to a death wish. WEIRD. A teacher in Dallas childishly fired a squirtgun at our president’s image while screaming, “DIE! DIE! DIE!” The list of this nutty garbage is endless - I’m sure most all of my readers can cite amazing anti-Trump stuff they’ve seen and heard themselves.

But what is so telling is that the venom spewing from these ‘protesters’ is senseless - yet it is uniform. It is all generally including verbiage like, “Trump is a homophobe, xenophobe, islamaphobe, sexist, misogynist, racist,  , etc. etc.!!!!”  - while the facts show that he is none of that and certainly no more odious than his democrat competition (and in saying that, I am being breathtakingly generous to Hillary). Everyone is nevertheless reciting the identical, hateful accusations in perfect chorus and without any qualification.


Zombies of tv-land and their most respected mentor, the liberal media/entertainment industry

And it is the total absence of justification for that slander - especially in the face of all the damning truth that was ignored in shouldering a scandalously exposed Clinton to election day - that should cause anyone with sense to pause and identify the SOURCE of this attack. It’s certainly not originating in the brainless clones carrying the message. It is nothing more than a brainwashed obedience empowered by the craven fear of nonconformity that captures and controls every individual in any lynch mob. And the hammer of ridicule is all the authority political correctness needs to keep its people in line.

The tv which has incited this riot has become a big parent to the generations who were left in its care while mom fixed dinner or both mom and dad regularly joined them in that anesthesia. And the millennials have watched their parents model every category of behavior from the carefully engineered dramas and sitcoms that have so absorbed them. Daily, night-after-night, for so many years it has been the running lecturn in nearly every household in America. If you are a conservative Christian, you didn’t get that from Comedy Central. It’s there by the grace of God and perhaps some good parenting. And that is why it is useless to argue with liberal Americans. You are not arguing with rational people. To the zombies of tv-land you are saying fearfully unpopular things that run counter to today’s most respected mentor, the liberal media/entertainment industry. 

When I tell people that I haven’t watched television for over thirty years, most look at me like I’m - Donald Trump. And their shock isn’t for any other reason than the fact that I am not hooked in to the great ‘mother’ that gives so many of us our direction. “What do you do with all that time?” they ask. “How do you - live?” And my answer to that is often, “On my own and with the same little bit of imagination that I leaned upon as a child.”

As Mr. Trump begins his work, three things are very obvious:

  1. He is beholden to no one other than we Americans,
  2. He intends to keep his word and make this deal WORK, and
  3. He is not at all ‘in this for the money’ as many morons have chanted.

The day after Bill Clinton won his first term, he said that he and Hillary spent it in celebration like they had won the lotto. Not long after that, I remember the day Clinton shut down an entire airport - in order to get a haircut and a shoeshine - simply because he could.


CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, etc., etc. have spent the past sixty years shaping opinion by bending the appearance of truth before all the millions of people

Our last president couldn’t stop lavishing himself with golf, and, himself and his family, with goodies and five-star retreats. Donald Trump, as his opening moves have shouted, has had all that life from money he earned himself - so he is NOT out to live large at the taxpayers’ expense. Trump is coming right out of the chute, after an evening’s ‘DeploraBall’ of comparatively modest celebration, and getting right down to business. And he is hated simply because the mesmerized masses have been given the order to “HATE TRUMP”. Period.

I think Sarah Palin was the liberal media’s warmup for a Donald Trump. SNL led the charge in taking that poor woman and her family down; and with no more warrant than the trash their writers invented in making fun of her godly candor. But genuine, nonpolitical candor and doing what you say you’re going to do is the bane of what network television and liberal entertainment have assembled in order to control their audience. And THAT is why PRESIDENT Trump is such a marked and hated man ... it’s because he’s turning too many lights on in reminding us - AS HE DOES JUST WHAT HE HAS PROMISED - that truth can’t be altered.

CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, etc., etc. have spent the past sixty years shaping opinion by bending the appearance of truth before all the millions of people who now live their lives in the fantasy world that began as ‘entertainment’. When someone like a fog-busting Trump comes along, you’ve got to get the camera off of him. And because you can’t do that now that he is president, you’ve got to take him out entirely. If he wakes too many people up, big-money in league with the very real devil - who have worked so hard to gain all this control over America and the world - are suddenly out of business.

Orwell so hit the nail when he announced that the greatest enemy of clear language is insincerity. That’s the truth. And today it isn’t what you say, at all, that makes the sale - it’s how you say it. In one of my earliest articles with Canada Free Press, “Into The Minds Of Babes”, I talked about spending an evening watching a couple of idiot parents teaching their little five-year-old to laugh at the murder of a helpless old man. In the same piece I dissected a very popular video featuring a dramatic rant that is filled with lies and misinformation - yet actually lauded for its hard-hitting “TRUTH!”

How can such things be? As Marshall McLuhan pointed out when television was first really discovering its power, ANY message - given the right inflection, lighting, choreography and maybe some music - can be believed as gospel truth. And that is where we are right now: swimming in the sea of mesmerized former humans who have relinquished their independent thinking in exchange for the illusion of comfort found in ‘belonging’ to the fantasy world (and ‘family’) of audio/video mind control.

And that’s why, before this election, we have never had people lighting themselves on fire, or big newspaper reporters calling for the death of our president, or any other of the madness we’ve seen of late. The robotic mob that the money-hungry media has helped an Obama and his handlers build for a Hillary Clinton has now been assigned the task of defusing and silencing a very dangerous (to them) PRESIDENT Donald Trump. It’s because President Trump could be the voice that God might use in undoing the demonic grip a very real devil has had on this nation and the watching world. And, unlike today’s Christian ‘silent majority’ here in America, satan doesn’t give up an inch of ground apart from a fight. And neither does he play by the rules.


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