Soros and his cause are losing. Today in Hungary and among the Visegrad Group of nations who despise him, Hungarian-born philanthropist George Soros is toast--not a god as he thinks of himself

The Tragedy Of George Soros

By —— Bio and Archives--April 17, 2018

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The Tragedy Of George Soros
Hungarian-born hedge fund multibillionaire George Soros is best known as a radical open borders advocate and manipulator of a political reality that suits his vision. His unsavory reputation, widespread in the States as well as in Europe and Russia, has arisen from Soros’ own history. Aware of the Balkanization of Europe that plunged continents into two world wars, one of which he lived through, Soros saw events such as these as reasonable cause for erasing barriers between nations. Meaning walls and fences, language, politics, ideology, culture, races, colors, differences in opinion, and religion. He literally saw himself as a god who would defeat reactionary forces that insisted on national sovereignty and create a Tower of Babel of Utopia in which all will agree on one language and a dominant culture. Possibly that out of Arabia.

DISCOVER THE NETWORKS: “Since the mid-1980s in particular, he has used his immense influence to help reconfigure the political landscapes of several countries around the world—in some cases playing a key role in toppling regimes that had held the reins of government for years, even decades. Vis å vis the United States, a strong case can be made for the claim that Soros today affects American politics and culture more profoundly that any other living person.”


To succeed, Soros & Co. need to ignore human nature. The problem is that human nature will not ignore George Soros & Co.

Soros’ One World insists on a non-conscious uniformity of political sentiment. It completes the universal TRESSPASS across social norms, wealth, class and race. If one equalized every other, the rage, envy and the resentment of the hapless, clueless, the unmotivated and the unsuccessful directed against the talented, smart, innovative, genetically advantaged and successful, would dissipate. And with it, the social unrest, rage, and unhappiness that brought it to fruition.

Soros may have realized as have socialist leaders everywhere, that people are unhappy because some people have more than others, have a better life and are happier than others. For a large part of humanity, the envy is the motivating factor. To see the better auto in the neighbor’s garage can be unsettling, especially if the better off had the political means to resist sharing what they have earned.

Being wealthy and comfortable enough himself to fully understand what wealth provides, against the contrast of the deprivation and terror of his youth, Soros’ formula is simple: Make sure no one is deprived of life’s necessities.

To accomplish the sharing—redistribution - of everyone’s share by whatever it takes, make sure that those who have some of “it,” no longer will. No one is jealous of a neighbor whose auto has been repossessed, and therewith we have Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward All Men.

The final result of the widespreading of misery thus created is of little importance. What is important is to eliminate the perception of inequality—even as the political left is still unaware that income inequality is not greater today than in was forty years ago.

Rather, it it has greatly diminished.

Two billion dirt poor people across the globe have risen into the middle class—courtesy of capitalism, access to capital, to travel, and to trade. Thus the level of income across broad swaths of humanity has risen dramatically.

Income inequality is a leftwing myth, like the non-existent WMDs in Saddam-era Iraq, cynical propaganda spread to disinform the deliberately ignorant, and take power from those who have it.

Soros’ utopia is the world view of children who March for Our Lives, another Soros production.

After all, was it not Soros himself whom, in a famed radio interview, admitted that occasionally he feels as if he were G-d? Or as James Comey advancing his intellectual dishonesty during self-therapy in his A Higher Royalty book said: “I have to watch my ego.”

Maybe an exaggeration, but arguably in the modern world none other than Moses and Jesus had the effect on people’s lives as powerfully as these three, Soros being the third.

Two leaders of Judeo-Christian religions and one visionary of humanity as the birthright of the mediocre and underachiever. George was born Jewish as were the other two, but his sentiments are hardly Jewish. Nor are his actions, beliefs, and ventures. In fact Soros can best be described as the anti-Jew who stands tall against the very values that are Jewish by tradition that aim for individual and national exceptionalism and achievement - rather than to universal mediocrity.

Educated in economics in the UK, Soros is hardly shy about using his power, wealth, manipulating markets, and his wits and political connections, to influence the affairs of nations no longer his. Hedging thus he manufactures wealth in the process by placing bets where he believes he’ll win. Soros is the archetypical predator and parasite at the same time. Reportedly he managed to collapse the Bank of England and the Russian ruble, among other good bets. Soros’ hedge funds made billions in the process. Reportedly that man is a pariah in many nations and has unresolved criminal matters left unresolved in some.


Soros’ betting against the markets—hedging - is meant to create wealth. Wealth such as his is built by advancing fake news with feelings of uncertainty—turmoil, unrest, financial instability in the markets, attacks on the democratic electoral process and political chaos - assuring conditions that promote widespread human suffering and poverty.

Exactly what he and his European Union associates are advancing in Hungary as I write this, right after a landslide election victory by Soros’ archenemy Viktor Orbán.

Soros’ NGOs and colleges are promoting antifa, #womensmarch, and “Save Our Lives”- kind anti-goverment political marches mostly attended by youth programmed at Soros’ own CEU, Central European University in downtown Budapest. And the same in Israel!

For example, before the Global Financial Meltdown that can be directly credited to the husband of the last Democrat candidate and too, an earlier Democrat president and their party, none of whom understand to this day WHAT HAPPENED, a few smart people shorted the housing industry and the banks that loaded up assuming unsustainable debt.

What Happened became Systemic Failure.

That hedge funds make their money from the decisions of those with whom they did not collaborate does not make smart people diabolical. It makes them smart. The evil ones are those who bet on what was unsustainable—debt - and kept upping their bets as the debt grew. They’re called Democrats.

Insofar as the housing crisis that caused the global financial and banking crisis were concerned, the record is clear.


Cause of the global financial meltdown were Democrats

The cause of the global financial meltdown were Democrats. All of them.

And a Republican President, not a Skinny Kenyan who was credited for it by the mainstream, reversed the course by instituting TARP, the Troubled Asset Releif Program in 2008, months before the Kenyan, financed by George Soros, was elected.

This is the kind of event where Soros, smarter than the rest, parted with the norm that other smart people simply used to their advantage. Soros’ game raised the stakes. He bet on events that he himself can initiate and then control by cynically using his wealth, NGO’s and connections, to manipulate media, opinion, and the markets, to achieve targeted political and financial results.

Soros bet on George W. Bush losing two elections because the demographics were against Republicans in general and he would lose Florida. He bet against John McCain and Mitt Romney for pretty much the same reasons, and he had a strong horse with a good story about his father’s dreams and a weaponized federal government.

He bet against Donald Trump losing the last round, and earlier, the Israeli PM Bibi Netenyahu losing several elections. Soros didn’t have to exert himself: he used a taxpayer-funded freebie via Barack Obama who organized a team to manage the Israeli election process in Tel Aviv and sabotage the chances of the longest-serving Israeli incumbent.

Soros’ casino is the entire world.

He has friends in high places who despise an independent humanity and independent nations almost as much as he.

Soros most recent bet didn’t work out well. Led by its very capable prime minister, Hungary’s Viktor Orbán, a monumental thorn in Soros’ and the European Union’s side, just won his fourth term with a significant majority in parliament and a populist landslide.

Orbán is portrayed by the leftwing Soros-enabled and complicit media, REUTERS, BBC, the New York Times among others, and the European Commission, as a right-winger. In fact the propaganda ministry that is the global mainstream who wrote, and now have to walk back the fictions against the Hungarian PM, as well as our president, are so far to the left of reality, that the center to them appears so far to the right that it is invisible.


Incidentally, none of these journalists, er, I mean propagandists, understand the Hungarian language. Nor are they aware of the nature of the PM’s political opponents that lost the race.

JOBBIK are the right conservative Christian party that lost. “Jobb” means right, “jobbik” means better, but also, ‘òon the right.’ But don’t let language, the meaning of words, or facts, interfere with leftwing ideology and ignorance.

It is convenient to omit inconvenient facts specifically to mislead the reader. The right wing, JOBBIK, and the left wing, the second and third runner-up parties, are both socialists. In the United States the communists and Nazis joined the socialist Occupied movement. Two sides of the same coin—both are socialists.

In Hungary the two socialist souls on the extremes made common cause against the center-capitalists represented by the winner. As it happens, the winner dramatically transformed his nation‘s economy and well-being in the last eight years.

It is dramatic, and visible. That is why he was elected.

There is no genuine right wing left in the United States other than for a handful of neo-Nazis and skinheads. The kind represented by American Conservative - Nazis in Brooks Brothers Suits purged out of the Republican Party by none other than William Buckley.

Today’s center is led by a non-ideological Republican capitalist, not American Conservative or Veterans Today.

Donald Trump is reviled by all not aligned at the rational political center.

We see parallel movements like Hungary’s moving to the center. Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine and the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. And of course, Russia. We see like-kind sentiment arise in Norway and other Scandinavian countries, Western Europe, in France led by Marie LePenn, the Netherlands via Geert Wilders, and soon, in Italy. Lastly, the anti-EU BREXIT phenomenon is being resolved we hope in the UK, as it was with the third victory by Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu who defeated Soros and Barack Obama.

George Soros’ army of NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations). as well as his personal funds and influence, aim to obstruct and scuttle every non-aligned-to-his-cause nation’s democratic process. It aims to crush their leaders and get elected persons who will profit him financially as well as ideologically. Soros has no interest in democracy or We, the People. He has no interest in the values these other nations share with ours because he does not share America’s with his fans. His wars against his enemies are calculated, strategic, ideological, economic, and political. He thrives on ruin and the misery of others.

It should surprise no one that many of these nations have allied themselves with each other against other regional interests—as well as against Soros’ - in light of the antidemocratic and antinational forces that govern the European Commission, the EU, and the United Nations. George Soros pretty much calls the shots for all three and runs defense for them with the complicit media into which he has placed his operatives to slander, abuse, obstruct, harm and damage, and subvert his political opponents.

Soros and his cause are losing. Today in Hungary and among the Visegrad Group of nations who despise him, Hungarian-born philanthropist George Soros is toast—not a god as he thinks of himself.


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