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What do you get when a leftist political hack is elected to the United States Presidency and appoints another leftist political hack as his Attorney General? The quick answer is that you get Barack Obama and Eric Holder. The lengthy answer is much worse.

When I call Eric Holder “Barack Obama’s Attorney General” then that is exactly what I mean. As far as I’m concerned the position of United States Attorney General has been vacant since Holder’s appointment, but the top law enforcement official in the United States belongs completely to Barack Obama and the Democratic party. As I have said before, Eric Holder is to justice what Michael Moore is to competitive bodybuilding.


When Obama picked Holder to head the US Department of Justice (DoJ) he knew exactly what he was getting based on Holder’s sleazy record. Holder’s past actions have demonstrated that, though he was born in the Bronx, inside he was another Chicago-style hack who continually pursues political aspirations and favors over justice.

As Deputy US Attorney General under President Bill Clinton, Holder was up to his eyeballs in obtaining the pardon of convicted felon Mark Rich. Rich, a huge Clinton donor, was still a fugitive when Holder began assisting his attorney in finding a way to obtain Rich’s pardon. This was against all normal procedure as was the submission of Rich’s name directly to the White House.

Holder was the person who suggested to Rich’s attorney that he avoid standard procedure and go directly to Clinton. A subsequent Congressional investigation found that Holder directed Rich’s attorney to the politically well-connected Jack Quinn for assistance. More importantly, Holder failed to inform prosecutors that a pardon was in process for Rich, denying them the opportunity to intervene. All of this was done while Holder was Deputy US Attorney General.

As Deputy US Attorney General, Holder played fast and loose in other areas as well. Against the express wishes of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the federal prosecutor and the victims of the Boricua Popular Army, Holder recommended clemency to Clinton for the 16 convicted terrorist group members. This was done despite the fact that they never recanted their actions nor provided information against any fugitive members. Clinton followed Holder’s advice and granted clemency. The Boricua Popular Army is still active with thousands of members and still trying to violently force independence on the citizens of Puerto Rico despite their rejections of the idea at the ballot box.

In May, 2009, The US DoJ dropped charges against the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation despite the fact that the alleged perpetrators failed to show in court to contest the charges. Holder’s decision was based on a “lack of evidence” even though two separate videos show indisputable evidence that the charges were, in fact, correct. This led to the resignation of some career DoJ employees whose statements suggested that Holder’s prosecutions and other actions have been racially biased.

Interestingly, the DoJ transferred one of the whistleblowers, Christopher Coates, to South Carolina. The DoJ then ordered both Coates and J. Christian Adams to defy a Congressional subpoena and not testify as to how the case was handled. Note: Both did so later under the status of “whistleblower”.

Holder has unilaterally refused to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, despite that he is required to do so by federal law. Instead Holder has launched a series of expensive legal actions against individual states that have policies that deviate from those of President Barack Obama. Four lawsuits have been filed against states because of their laws attempting to regulate illegal immigration: Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina and Utah. Holder is also openly attempting to intimidate states regarding the requirement of valid picture ID to be able to vote, despite the successful precedents of the Georgia and Indiana laws.  According to the Washington Post, dated September 28, 2011:

The level of federal intervention is highly unusual, legal experts said, especially because civil rights groups already have sued most of those states. Typically, the government files briefs or seeks to intervene in other lawsuits filed against state statutes.

“I don’t recall any time in history that the Justice Department has so aggressively challenged state laws,” said Jonathan Turley, a constitutional law expert at George Washington University Law School.

Holder stated to Congress that, among several other excuses for not determining the person ultimately responsible for Operation Fast and Furious, he does not have enough time to do so. It appears through emerging information; however, that the DoJ has time to try and determine who leaked the thousands of emails exposing Climategate and Climategate II.

Holder’s legacy, assuming he is not convicted of a multitude of potential felonies, will be one of working against the interests of individual Americans, the states and the original interpretation of the United States Constitution. If I believed that Eric Holder ever had a soul, then I would say he sold it to the Devil long ago in exchange for the opportunity to make us a nation responsive to the whims of the powerful rather than the laws of the land.

“Who shall guard the guardians themselves?” - Juvenal

Eric Holder’s goal is not justice; it is political power. Is it realistic to believe that Operation Fast and Furious, also called Operation Gun Walker, was a plot to push through more stringent gun control laws? Only a fool would dismiss, without lengthy consideration, the possibility of this US Attorney General subverting the rule of law for political advantage. This is what happens when elected hacks are allowed to appoint political hacks. There is no US Attorney General to protect the US Constitution and there won’t be one until we have a new US President.

November is coming. I hope it’s not too late.


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