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A Disgusted Review of the NBC GOP Debate

Jan 24, 2012 — Ken Carroll

It was a debate for the ages - or at least that’s how long it seemed to last. An audience drugged with Thorazine and NyQuil combined with a Floridacentric thrust and inane questions led to two painfully long hours. I cannot say with certainty that those in attendance were opening their veins in the lobby as they brutally bashed their own heads with mallets to escape the pervasive boredom, but it is almost an inescapable image in which I found refuge while suffering through NBC’s vacuous version of a political debate.

I “do” politics like some other junkies do heroin and even I had reached my limit well within the first hour as I began to wonder if I would OD on the ceaseless droning of Brian Williams’s voice. The drip, drip, drip of uninspired syllables forming uninspired questions began to feel like undergoing Chinese Water Torture on amphetamines. My skin was beginning to crawl as I was rescued by the first commercial break.

The US Department of INJustice

Dec 23, 2011 — Ken Carroll

What do you get when a leftist political hack is elected to the United States Presidency and appoints another leftist political hack as his Attorney General? The quick answer is that you get Barack Obama and Eric Holder. The lengthy answer is much worse.

When I call Eric Holder “Barack Obama’s Attorney General” then that is exactly what I mean. As far as I’m concerned the position of United States Attorney General has been vacant since Holder’s appointment, but the top law enforcement official in the United States belongs completely to Barack Obama and the Democratic party. As I have said before, Eric Holder is to justice what Michael Moore is to competitive bodybuilding.

One Thing to Know About ‘Fast and Furious’

Dec 22, 2011 — Ken Carroll

There is one thing you need to know about Operation Fast and Furious aka Operation Gun Walker. In all of the obfuscation by the US Department of Justice and misleading testimony by US Attorney General Eric Holder it has gotten lost. Be patient and I will get to it. In the meantime, just remember that Eric Holder is to justice what Michael Moore is to competitive bodybuilding.