President Trump cancels annual White House holiday bash for press

The White House Christmas Party for the Press Will Have to be Held at Hillary’s House this year

By —— Bio and Archives--December 13, 2018

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The White House Christmas Party for the Press Will Have to be Held at Hillary’s House this year

President Donald Trump has made the press the latest “VICTIM”  by cancelling their “decades-old”  White House ‘holiday’ party.  At least according to a Fox News “EXCLUSIVE”.

Not only is the White House soiree for the press not really a ‘holiday’ party but a ‘Christmas’ party, in the non-Fake News world, the cancellation is a brand new twist on the Christmas Grinch, all because the Grinch may have swiped Christmas, but on behalf of the tired-of-media-carping public at large, President Trump has swiped it right back.


Fox rates the press as “a victim of his increasingly contentious relationship with major news organizations”.

LOL!  What about the media’s “contentious relationship” with the president they love to hate?

“The annual Christmas-season gathering was a significant perk for those covering the White House, as well as other Washington reporters, anchors and commentators, and New York media executives would regularly fly in for the occasion. At its peak, the invitation-only soirees grew so large that there were two back-to-back events, one for broadcast outlets and one for print organizations.” (FoxNews EXCLUSIVE, Dec. 13, 2018.)

A more accurate description of the “New York media executives flying in regularly for the occasion” would have included the words and not giving a fig for the carbon footprint their flying in caused when they could later blame “man-made” global warming/climate change on the unsuspecting masses.

“Journalists who attended the events, which featured a catered buffet of lamb chops, crab claws and elaborate desserts, got to roam the decorated mansion with a spouse or other family member, a friend or a colleague, adding to the invitation’s allure. (Fox News EXCLUSIVE)

“But the biggest fringe-benefit was the picture-taking sessions, in which the president and first lady would patiently pose with guests and briefly chat with them in front of a Christmas tree, with the White House sending out the photos — copies of which were invariably sent home to mom. This would take a couple of hours, with long lines snaking across the building’s first floor. Bill Clinton even posed for pictures with journalists days after he was impeached.

Holy roly-poly Cow!

Why can’t the selfie-obsessed media and high-flying executives take selfies at their own news room Christmas parties, the ones most of them describe as ‘holiday’ ones?

“The White House made no announcement that it was dropping the press party. The president and first lady threw such a gathering last December but did not pose for pictures. Trump made a brief appearance with his wife and offered a few welcoming remarks. (Fox News)

“Top White House officials, especially the communications staff, routinely circulated at these media parties and often talked shop. Last year, chief of staff John Kelly held forth with reporters for at least 15 minutes, making informal remarks that turned into a mini-press conference.”

Whoa!  When are “top White House officials” gonna’ learn to tell the marauding media meisters whooping it up at party time:  “No Comment”?

“The decision is hardly shocking, given Trump’s constant attacks on “fake news” and the overwhelmingly negative coverage of him and his administration. In recent weeks, the White House pulled the credentials of CNN’s Jim Acosta after he refused to give up the microphone at a news conference and restored his pass only after the network filed a lawsuit.” (Fox News)


How dare this Hillary Clinton-dubbed “misogynist” president tell the truth about the media!

“Trump has also twice refused to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner, a tony media awards dinner attended by every president since Richard Nixon. (Fox News)

“While dropping the media party, the White House is in the midst of a full panoply of other parties this holiday season. Selected media people generally favorable to Trump, including a few Fox News hosts, have made those guest lists.

“When Democrats have been in the White House, more liberal commentators have gotten invitations, while more conservative pundits have shown up during Republican administrations.

“Some critics questioned whether those who cover or comment on the White House should engage in such socializing, but few turned down the invitations. Many Trump supporters who view his coverage as unfairly harsh will undoubtedly welcome the president’s decision to exclude the media establishment, at least for this year.

Tired Christmas Rush shoppers taking a moment to rest aching feet in Beltway bars, are bound to run into offended media reporters sucking green Grinch thumbs, and doing what they do best, carping,complaining and putting curses on Bg Bad Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama still being in Resistance hiding, maybe highly offended media members should pile into Hillary’s House, which is where they’d rather be in the first place.


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