When it’s the survival of a beloved country voters can see at stake, survival is surprisingly resilient

There Is Life Beyond Facebook and All Social Media

By —— Bio and Archives--August 9, 2018

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There Is Life  Beyond Facebook and All Social Media
The ganging up and piling on of social media in the Midterm Election Campaign, members of which are the same ones that banned Alex Jones, is not new.

In fact, it’s Election 2016 Redux, returning for a second stab in the back with a vengeance.

Jones’ followers, already scrambling to find him any way possible,  prove that there is life after Facebook, Apple, Spotify, Google YouTube et al.


It’s nothing but a mob mentality that’s got them all on the run.

By its timing alone, the banning of Infowars shows that it has nothing to do with “hate speech” or the propagation of so-called “conspiracy theories” but was a painstaking political plan set in motion 90-odd days before November Midterms.

It was only a matter of time that the progressive left would be sending bully boy power brokers of the social media networks into full play.

Jones will only be the first to go as Election 2016 Redux turns off the lights, one by one, on what was originally created as the ‘Information Highway’.

Internet lights have been dimmed on Jones, but the lights of ISIS, the mega producers of porn, and the likes of Louis Farrakhan still burn brightly.

All of the above, minus Jones, qualify for social media’s pretentious “codes of conduct”, easily stretched for socialist social inclusion.

The sweetheart deals Obama, Hillary and company likely made with social media giants must have been staggering, including ‘no government interference of any kind if you jump into the tank with us’.

Socialist socials:  Having money to burn and to be the Voice of Authority in an Unelected Government

In other words, the deals were tempting enough to put the socialist socials on Easy Street with no government restrictions of any kind to challenge their lucrative progress.

With money to burn, the socialist socials are not just turning the lights off on Jones, but,  one by one, the lights of conservative news sites, websites and blogs.

All they ever have to do is to brand them as conspiracy theorists, racists, Islamophobes and fake news.

For the socialist socials, ‘Woohoo! What fun living safely behind walls,  having money to burn and to be the Voice of Authority in an Unelected Government.

Any thinking person can imagine the painstaking thought that the Resistance—before even becoming the Resistance—put into ‘Plan B’, Plan B being what to do if by some remote chance Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be elected president.

Ambitious in nature, the plan first sent out the Women’s’Big march, screeching protesters decked out in pink vagina caps the day after Inauguration of THE ENEMY; collecting together Entertainment Industry poohbahs who would loudly brand Trump as the world’s biggest buffoon, then spreading the word through a corrupt ‘Special Counsel’ that the Russians stole the election from who was supposed go be America’s 1st Woman President.


“Unelect the Duly Elected”

Chief goal of their readymade plans is to “Unelect the Duly Elected”.

Now that the socialist socials are ganging up and piling on, Obama, Clinton and the rest of the deranged Dems are waiting patiently on the sidelines for a crowd-cheering return back to power come November.

More than ironic that holier-than-thou, sanctimonious social media are gravely offended by the conspiracy theories of Alex Jones and InfoWars, even though the government pals with whom they work are the the biggest purveyors of conspiracy of them all.

Rather than accepting the truth and reality that 63 million and still counting voters won Donald Trump the presidency, they have been messaging the masses through the media that Russia stole the election, for almost two years now.

Everyone’s making big bucks on the ongoing Russia conspiracy, not the least of whom is Robert Mueller III.

Creeps from the lowliest of corners are getting their moment in the sun from media publicity.

The very survival of American democracy depends on banning conservative sites, dontcha know:

“Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., is calling on other tech companies to ban more sites like Infowars. (Washington Examiner , Aug. 7 2018)


The survival of our democracy depends on it…

“Infowars is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies that uses sites like Facebook and YouTube to tear our nation apart. These companies must do more than take down one website. The survival of our democracy depends on it,” Murphy tweeted Monday.

“In an earlier tweet, Murphy reasoned that private companies “shouldn’t knowingly spread lies and hate.”

What about all the lies “knowingly spread” by the Deep State, Mr. Murphy?

Now we’re seeing an Orwellian-type “some animals are more equal than others” effort in play, with Facebook being asked to change rules for journalists and scholars.

“Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and chief executive, has been asked to respond to the request by Sept. 7. (New York Times, Aug. 7, 2018)

“Facebook is being asked to change rules that restrict how journalists and scholars conduct research on the site — a request that raises unresolved issues about how the First Amendment applies to the social media era.

“In a letter sent Monday, lawyers for a group of researchers and journalists asked Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and chief executive, to alter the agreement that people must adhere to to use the site. They want Facebook to create a news-gathering exception to its bans on creating inauthentic accounts and on using automated tools that scrape public data about users for large-scale analysis.

“The request comes as Facebook has stepped up enforcement of such rules because it is under intense scrutiny over its failure to stop Russia’s use of fake accounts to stoke tensions and manipulate the 2016 election, and over the revelation that the now-defunct political-consulting firm Cambridge Analytica acquired and mined millions of Facebook users’ information to help the Trump campaign.”

Facebook under “intense scrutiny” over its failure to stop Russia’s use of fake accounts to stoke tensions and manipulate the 2016 election?


Facebook under “intense scrutiny”...

Unless you include April’s milquetoast congressional hearing “intense scrutiny”,  and Facebook’s nosedive on the stock market with more people wanting off the platform for selling their private data, where’s the “intense scrutiny”?

Back to the Facebook request:

“We understand that, in the wake of revelations concerning the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is facing new pressure to protect the data that users entrust to it,” the lawyers wrote. “This pressure is warranted and indeed overdue. Addressing legitimate privacy concerns, however, need not entail the obstruction of public-interest journalism and research.”

“Facebook appreciated the recommendations, Campbell Brown, the head of the company’s global news partnerships, said in a statement, but she did not say whether Facebook would adopt them.

“Still, with more than two billion users, Facebook is no ordinary site. The Knight Institute asked Mr. Zuckerberg to respond to its letter by Sept. 7, citing the “urgency” of permitting research on the site heading into the midterm elections.

“The institute sent the letter on behalf of three journalists and two academic researchers. One, Kate Conger, is a technology policy reporter formerly with Gizmodo and TechCrunch who was recently hired by The Times.”

Surely access to the World Wide Web belongs as much to citizen journalists and life’s little people as it does to ‘journalists’ and ‘researchers’.

As for the rest of us there’s no mystery why the socialist socials are turning conservative lights off the Internet now.

It is because Robert Mueller III’s Special Counsel has run out of steam and without it there is no chance whatsoever of unelecting the elected by spreading the conspiracy theory that the Russians stole the election from Hillary Clinton.

Desperate Democrats don’t realize that people will find their way to the news sites of choice no matter how dark the Internet gets. People will vote according to whom they want elected, totally ignoring a dictating media.

Patriots can take heart from a truth never heard from the socialist socials:

Facebook and Google not only failed—but failed abysmally—when they tried to elect Clinton as America’s 45th back in November of 2016.

Facebook and Google not only failed—but failed abysmally—when they tried to elect Clinton as America’s 45th back in November of 2016.

Their 2016 Midterms Redux is destined for the same kind of failure.

When it’s the survival of a beloved country voters can see at stake, survival is surprisingly resilient.

For all of those being thrown off the Internet, the lights WILL come back on.

Their followers, who will continue to search for them, will be waiting patiently for their return.

That’s mainly because there is life beyond Facebook and all socialist socials and there always will be.


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