This is why Google shows pictures of Trump when people search 'idiot'

By -- Washington Examiner—— Bio and Archives--December 13, 2018

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Aren’t we so lucky to be ruled by such wise and informed Solons as those who currently populate Congress? The latest example being Sundar Pichai explaining the concept of “Googlebomb” to those who tax and spend our money. Their query being, why do searches for the word “idiot” produce images of President Trump? The answer is that naughty people have made it so, something that we’d really hope those running the nation already knew.

The technique for a Googlebomb is simple enough. Google decides upon what result to return for a query based upon how many links to a result come from something connected to that query. Sure, it’s complicated these days, but that’s the basis of the idea. Links to something mean that something has links to it — Google reads links to determine relevance and importance. So, if we go out and deliberately create links to a certain result, making sure we use a particular word or subject to create the link, then Google will be reading those and associating the two things. —More…



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