Meanwhile, it is clear to see that the still-to-be-completed “Revolution!” passed by Bernie Sanders a long time ago

This Land Not YOUR Land, Bernie Sanders And Never Will Be

By —— Bio and Archives--February 20, 2019

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This Land Not YOUR Land, Bernie Sanders And Never Will BeThis Land Is Not Your Land, Bernie Sanders and neither is the 2020 presidency.

In 1988, “His Worship”, a shirtless Bernie Sanders, then mayor of Burlington, Vermont, joined 10 other Vermonters in a beer-burp rendition of ‘This Land is Your Land’ in Yaroslavl, Soviet Union.

According to Senator Lindsay Graham, Sanders “Went to the Soviet Union On His Honeymoon And I Don’t Think He Ever Came Back”. (Washington Examiner , Oct. 28, 2015)


According to Sanders when a 1988 video was unearthed, showing him shirtless in the sing-along, he wasn’t really honeymooning in Yaroslavl following that year’s wedding to second wife, Jane, but he was only “proud” to establish a sister city program with the Soviet city. (Daily Caller, Oct.29, 2015)

“I believe that cities should establish relationships with cities in other countries around the world, often countries that we have disagreements with, and that program is existing until today, where kids from Yaroslavl are coming to Burlington, Vt., our people are going there.

“It is a fine relationship,” Sanders argued. “And I’m proud that as mayor that I helped establish that.”

But “the Revolution” long ago passed the 77-year-old Sanders by

It was way back in 1988 when Sanders landed in Yaroslavl, and only yesterday when he landed on the front page of the Drudge Report, pictured red-faced and clenched fisted, telling the world to “finish the Revolution”.

Sanders personified the Democratic Socialists of America’s red rose and clenched fist logo in announcing his 2020 presidential campaign.

But “the Revolution” long ago passed the 77-year-old Sanders by.

For all of its huffing and puffing bluster, both the Democratic Socialists of America and its 2019 spokesman are left sputtering and doddering.

In America socialism was a fringe ideology in 1988, as is a fringe ideology today.

In other parts of the world, socialism has failed and is still failing where ever it has been tried.

That’s mostly because socialism, which promises to share the wealth with the impoverished and needy has shown it shares nothing but misery and because its adherents are carving out a utopia only to enrich their selfish and greedy selves. 


Sanders’ spittle-flecked promise to “complete the revolution” is so much piled on baloney

Sanders’ spittle-flecked promise to “complete the revolution” is so much piled on baloney.

In order to achieve the Democrat Party primary nomination,  doddering Bernie Sanders has to fight his way through a roomful of Prima Donna pretenders to the throne, many of them as radical as he is, but hiding behind the identity of “progressives”.

This leader of Millennial Misfits is going nowhere fast, and not even is the 85-Democrat-sponsored Green New Deal going to get him launched into space farther than where he already is.

The reality is that even if every elected Democrat signed on to the Green New Deal, the public at large would vote any party that supports it down.

“Together, you and I and our 2016 campaign began the political revolution. Now, it is time to complete that revolution and implement the vision that we fought for,” Sanders said in an email to supporters and a video announcing his candidacy.  (NBC News, Feb. 19, 2019)

“The 77-year-old independent senator from Vermont, who started his political career as a gadfly perennial candidate, remains a pacesetter of progressive politics in America, helping to craft a liberal agenda that includes everything from Medicare for All to a $15 minimum wage to free college tuition.”


Technicolor dreams of a left behind fist-clenching socialist

How’s this for the technicolor dreams of a left behind fist-clenching socialist?

“Three years ago, during our 2016 campaign, when we brought forth our progressive agenda we were told that our ideas were ‘radical,’ and ‘extreme,’” Sanders said in the email. “These policies and more are now supported by a majority of Americans. (NBC)

If Sanders were not already a sworn Socialist, he would already have been branded a privileged, angry, white old man.

“Early polls show him far ahead of the rest of the pack and trailing only former Vice President Joe Biden in the nascent 2020 field.” (NBC)

Both early and late polls in Election 2016 showed Hillary Clinton as the clear winner. But on Nov.8, 2016, the ship called Donald J. Trump left the port in glorious and unforgotten victory.

Meanwhile, it is clear to see that the still-to-be-completed “Revolution!” passed by Bernie Sanders a long time ago.

All that’s left for him to do is to fade into the past where he belongs, and to take Bone-Picker-in-the-Socialist-Cemetery, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with him.


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