Time, to start systematically auditing all federal agencies for fraud, corruption, collusion, waste

By -- Lyman Williams—— Bio and Archives--December 14, 2017

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It is time, beyond time, to start systematically auditing all federal agencies for fraud, corruption, collusion, waste, and abuse. If you can name a federal agency that you really and truly trust you are lucky or delusional. Most agencies fall under the executive branch and are funded by congress. That is how our government was set up. If any agency is failing to meet their goals or is not being responsible with taxpayer money, Congress can and should refuse to give them more money until the problem is fixed.

We are focusing too much attention on the Presidency and not enough on the real problem-Congress. The President is doing what he can to rein in some agencies and to give them responsible leadership. Congress, on the other hand, is completely dysfunctional. They are not even able to
do the simplest of tasks, create a budget.

He or she represents you. Hold them responsible for doing their job.

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Guest Column -- Lyman Williams -- Bio and Archives | Comments

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