Antifa is the Weather Underground of 50-years ago

TIME WARP: 1969/70 Anarchy … Recycle 2019/20

By —— Bio and Archives--December 3, 2020

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Antifa is the Weather Underground of 50-years agoDo you think Antifa is anti-fascist?  Have you seen the destruction? 

“Antifa-aligned group cheers alleged arson at police officer’s home, Twitter allows tweet” (Fox News, Nov. 16, 2020).

Antifa is the Weather Underground of 50-years ago

Have you heard what a former Antifa member, Gabriel Nadales, said about them?

“Antifa … does not fight fascism.  They are the fascists” (The Hill, Dec. 6, 2019). 

Antifa is the Weather Underground of 50-years ago, just without the bombs — YET!  Same guerilla tactics; same goal: destroy America.  Anti-military and anti-police back then; primarily anti-police now, but anti-authority of any kind. 

For an old Vietnam Staff Sergeant, the parallels between 1969/70 and 2019/20 are remarkable … remarkably ominous.  The former encompassed my first months back from Vietnam, the most dreadful period of my life.  Yes, it was worse than combat in Southeast Asia.  Considering my abrupt departure was due to shrapnel 2-inches from my heart, that should tell you something; “Welcome Home” it was not. 

Arriving in the real world in August 1969, public unrest was escalating.  The antiwar and civil rights movements were both erupting at the time, often synergizing and igniting secondary firestorms between them. 

The fact that I was back in college in my hometown 3-weeks after being discharged meant the tirades, chaos, and hostility were inescapable.  But, the rabid hatred made no sense to me.

In combat, unity equates to survival

In combat, unity equates to survival.  It’s all about “WE not ME.”  Living to see tomorrow takes race, ethnicity, and everything else out of the equation.  If there were civil rights problems in the military in 1969, they were utterly undetectable within my Delta Company family.  My brothers were just that:BROTHERS; black, white, pink, purple — TOTALLY irrelevant.

I placed my life in their hands; they placed their lives in mine.  That’s just the way it is in battle: it’s your family. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “No one really knows why they are alive until they know what they’d die for” (Birmingham Times, Jan. 5, 2018). 

In Delta, everyone knew “what they’d die for” — their “WE not ME” brothers.  After a firefight, those remaining knew “why they are alive” — thanks to their “WE not ME” brothers. 

Combat is horrific, but those extraordinary MLK moments illuminated the very best within: love of brothers, love of country, love of life.  The former led to a willingness to sacrifice the latter. 


The handwriting is on the wall though.  America needs to step up and stop the insanity

Thus, I left Vietnam knowing we are all ONE.  I came home to discover we’re NOT. 

Think about that: All ONE in a war far away; NOT one in the war at home.  There was hate on campus.  There was hate in the streets.  There was hate on TV.  There was hate everywhere.

Does the loathing sound familiar to you?

What I’ve seen in 2019/20 is a mirror image of what I lived in 1969/70.  A 50-year time warp.

In 1970, Weathermen and accomplices infiltrated “nonviolent” [sic] protests and torched the landmark structure on campus, Old Main, destroying 107,000 square feet of teaching space (Royal Purple News, 01/20/20).  I started my education — literally, kindergarten — in the building I watched burn. 

Out-of-state anarchists were arrested with Molotov cocktails the next night trying to take out dormitories and the library.  Six months later, wannabe Weathermen bombed the state’s land-grant university 50 miles away.

Antifa’s menu includes the cocktails, not the Underground’s killer entrée — YET! 

The handwriting is on the wall though.  America needs to step up and stop the insanity.


Do you know what Green Lives Matter translates to in U.S. civilian life? ALL LIVES MATTER!

Combat taught me there was one color life that mattered more than any other at the time:  Green Lives Matter.  That covered each and every one of us.  And it’s contrary to the cancel culture’s unconscious “wokeness” today.

Proof: Do you know what Green Lives Matter translates to in U.S. civilian life?

ALL LIVES MATTER!  My military brothers and sisters — all branches, all colors — have lived and died throughout America’s proud history defending that truth.  It’s why they served before and why they’re serving now.  Moreover, serving includes police officers, ICE agents today, and the overwhelming majority of all first responders. 

We honor the flag and stand for the national anthem.  We honor and stand with those who serve.  We honor and stand for those who died serving the nation. 

So, it’s time America.  STAND UP before it’s too late!


R.W. Trewyn Ph.D. -- Bio and Archives

Ron Trewyn has been a university professor for 42-years, working in central administration the past 26.  Drafted into the Army in January 1968, he attended the Army NCO School after basic and advanced infantry training, graduating as a Staff Sergeant, E-6.  In 1969, he served as a Platoon Sergeant and Platoon Leader in the Republic of Vietnam with Delta Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Infantry, 199th Light Infantry Brigade until wounded in action.  After serving in the Army, he completed his undergraduate degree and earned a Ph.D. in microbial physiology with minors in biochemistry and genetics.  Following 4-years of postdoctoral cancer research, he joined the medical school faculty and Comprehensive Cancer Center at Ohio State University for 16-years.  He has served in a variety of central administration roles at Kansas State University since then. 

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