Tme to prioritize the concerns of the American people

By -- Lois Virgo —— Bio and Archives--December 18, 2017

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I think it is time to prioritize the concerns of the American people, here’s my list:
1. The economy
2. Russian meddling in our elections both Republican AND Democrat
3. Government overreach
4. Reform immigration policies
5.Biased news reporting
6. Protecting Constitutional principles
7. Controlling North Korea
8. Clarify our participation in the UN
9. Taking proper care of our veterans
10. Improving our education system to make us competitive
11. Restore rights back to the states
12-49. Anything and everything else
50. Who allegedly got handsy with whom.

The point is, in spite of the many gains made by the President, the problems took time to reach this level and will take time to fix.
The sexual allegations are nothing more than a distraction and need to be put on the back burner until they are proven in court. Then we can decide
the appropriate punishment

We have work to do. So does Congress. Keep your eye on the ball and your line communication with your Congressperson open.

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