Methinks that "We, the People," have finally had enough of your deplorable slime

Tom Bauerle's post election note to Hillary Clinton

By --Tom Bauerle—— Bio and Archives--November 9, 2016

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Dear Secretary Clinton:

Whether it was the fact that you are a pernicious and irredeemable liar, or whether it was tens of millions of betrayed American citizens who decided to go out for a stroll one night, who just happened to have ballots with them, who wanted to prevent you and your criminal cohorts from occupying the Oval Office and trading the USA’s sovereignty for the silver of Judas, may I ask: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”


Methinks that “We, the People,” have finally had enough of your deplorable slime.

Perhaps some spoke for and voted remembering the Americans about whom you cared not a jot when they most needed your help, oh caring one.

The Benghazi Four died needlessly because YOU ignored countless requests for more security and fly-overs.

I hope you heard their echoing pleas for help in every electoral inch of ground that slipped from YOU, Mrs. Clinton.

Goodbye, Madam Secretary.

It could not have happened to a “nicer person.”

Your and the DNC’s friend and Old Pal,

Tom Bauerle

PS: Please say hello to April Melody at the DNC. She never returned my call to find out why her phone was used to call MY CHILD’S telephone at 2:30 AM the morning after you accepted the nomination, from Philadelphia. Gee, I’m sure it was just a random dialling of ten digits which just happened to belong to my child. (See CANADA FREE PRESS “DNC Intimidation of Tom Bauerle’s Loved Ones.”

The evidence is right there, complete with a photo of the call details to MY CHILD’S phone, taken of the screen.

Thomas Bauerle is a Talk Show Radio Host on WBEN in Buffalo


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