If you really listened to what he said the only Canadians he seemed interested in were Muslim-Canadians

Trudeau’s Speech in Edmonton

By -- Larry Middleton —— Bio and Archives--February 5, 2018

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For the most part Trudeau actually said very little about anything. No comprehensive plan for doing anything to help Canadians on any stage. And he didn’t answer the one question that every Canadian wanted answered, though it was a two part question on the same topic.

On Omar Khadr the prime minister blathered on about violating the Charter Rights of Canadian citizens, but if you really listened to what he said the only Canadians he seemed interested in were Muslim-Canadians. There are hundreds of Canadians in jails around the world where we have given criminal information from CSIS and the RCMP. In some cases there have been serious human rights abuses against our Canadian citizens. Even if they come back to Canada they have no means necessary to make a claim against the government for the torture they have endured.

Why? Because the answer Trudeau didn’t give is that our Charter Rights are not applicable outside of the Canadian border, thus his giving the money to Khadr and to the other Muslim suspected terrorists was obstruction of justice. Trudeau wouldn’t give an award had you or I been tortured outside of Canada, regardless of whether CSIS or the RCMP had given information to country that incarcerated Canadians.

The other part of the question was about why Trudeau has put so much money into de-radicalizing Muslim men and women who have gone to aid and abet ISIS/ISIL, Al-Qaeda (Omar Khadr) and other Islamist terrorist groups? Our laws are pretty straight on the matter of any Canadian born or immigrant with Canadian citizenship that aiding and abetting a foreign military or terrorist organization. The law states that we can make anyone stateless or return them back to their country of origin with a loss of Canadian citizenship and status.

This is what his father did years ago when Canadians joined the US military to fight in Vietnam. He threatened to remove their citizenship and status if they joined the US military. The only stopping grounds why he couldn’t do that was that America was our ally. We have no such stopping grounds because Omar Khadr was with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Al-Qaeda was not an ally, obviously speaking. Thus what Trudeau was giving him and every returning Mujahideen fighter the right to keep their citizenship using a bogus and unworkable ideology, de-radicalization program that has shown not to even work in Muslim countries, that’s based on making the individual wealthy.

Trudeau just makes things up as he goes along without any real thought processes and legality. He makes his own legality up and Canadians swallowed his spiel hook, line and sinker. The one good question was about Charter Rights and what constitutes Charter Rights? And Trudeau didn’t answer the question asked of him. How did we violate Omar Khadr’s and the other suspected terrorists Canadian Charter Rights? The fact is we didn’t and Trudeau would have known that the courts would have found against all of them.

We are obligated by conventions to share security information with our allies when Canadians travel abroad and have suspicious grounds for watching them and their actions while abroad. By providing information to our allies on Canadians who may be criminals or terrorists our allies can decide how to deal with them. If they have any suspicions against them or use a dual citizenship passport that may be considered as suspicious our allies can determine their own direction. We did not condone torture or send alleged Islamist terrorists back to their home countries, that was done by our allies for their own reasons, thus we are not legally culpable for what happened to them in their home countries when they were returned to them.

On Omar Khadr there was absolutely no proof that he was tortured or abused while incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay. In fact every effort was to aid and abet Omar by the Canadian government. We should have demanded that the Canadian government had continued with the trial and to show proof of what Khadr alleged. How can we be accused of aiding and abetting torturers without ample proof that such action against Khadr had been done? Thus, Trudeau saying Khadr could have got more is without any substance because truthfully nothing could be proven. Our courts do not hand out any awards without the legalese to back up the award. To do so would be unconscionable. Khadr had no legal leg to stand on had the Charter been applied correctly by Trudeau and the courts.

It’s obvious that young Trudeau is as soft on Islamist terrorism as his father was on FLQ terrorism. But at least the elder Trudeau didn’t hand millions of dollars to the FLQ terrorists that came back to Canada. This Trudeau has no right to govern. Last thing was that the heckler in the audience who said that Trudeau should answer the question the ex-soldier’s question, honestly. Trudeau promised the heckler time to speak and then he ignored him. What can we expect from a leader who abuses the Charter Rights of Canadian citizens in not answering their questions?

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