Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments:

True Patriots Know at Heart That It’s Never too Late to Never Give Up

By —— Bio and Archives--August 20, 2013

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Mark Levin: The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic

If you want to rescue America and restore her to a Constitutional Republic, you must be like a Mark Levin.  That is, be more solution oriented than staying put as part of the Big Whine.


Millions have been longing to put the pieces back together and Levin shows the way to the restoration of constitutional republicanism through a well-thought-out series of amendments to the Constitution.

It will for certain be a long road back, but traveling along one that is doable with determination and the right winning attitude.

A president called Barack Obama is forcing the ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’ on a population of a mostly unwitting 330 million.  Radio talk show host, constitutional lawyer and patriot Mark Levin’s latest book, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic is forcing the Fundamental Transformation of Obama and the progressive collective that have followed a 100-year-old blueprint to take the USA down.

Bold, brave and persistent is what Levin is trying to get you to be with the plan laid out in his runaway best seller, The Liberty Amendments.

The rousing cheers of patriots that can be heard through the White Noise of government-manufactured confusion and propaganda is because they know Mark Levin is the man who can turn The Good Ship USS America around.

True patriots know at heart that it’s never too late to never give up.

“I know of no one who has a greater reverence for our Constitution and for the scheme of limited government and personal liberties it established,” writes David Limbaugh. “Mark has been a student of America’s founding and its constitutional history since he was a young boy, when he and his friends would visit Philadelphia, where it all started, and study the history.

“I had many outstanding professors in both undergraduate and law school who were experts in the Constitution and constitutional law, and I know and read many constitutional law scholars today.  But I’ve never met anyone so steeped in this subject or so attuned to the minds of the Framers as Mark.  He understands our system and the issues underlying its creation more intimately than anyone else,” Limbaugh wrote.

Obama, who has been revising and rewriting the Constitution, choosing an America governed by Executive Order,  is grievously mistaken to think he can take from Americans what the Framers bequeathed them.

Millions of Americans revere the Constitution because the Constitution is America.

This is the proof:

Levin’s The Liberty Amendments hit Number One on Amazon on the first day it was available and has remained in that status ever since.

The Liberty Amendments  became available in the very crux of time, 2013’s iconic ‘Summer of Discontent’.

Limbaugh and so many others have said that Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments  deserves a National Discussion and it’s already started.

As bad as things are and destined to get worse before it’s over with ObamaCare insurance marketplaces scheduled to kick in on October 1st,  and with most Republicans now lined up with Democrats to take away America’s borders with Amnesty, patriots will always struggle to get through; to get onto the path that takes them back to what the Framers intended for them.

You can come in out of the White Noise and find meaningful Hope and Change within the pages of The Liberty Amendments to prepare for the coming battle of your lifetime.

Among all of the cries for help, amid all the attempts going nowhere to put America back on the right track again, someone is finally doing something.

It’s shining the light to the way back called Mark Levin’s The Liberty Amendments.

“In justice to the officers and men, I must add that their behavior upon this occasion reflects the highest honor upon them.  The difficulty of passing the river on a very severe night, and their marching through a violent storm of snow and hail did in the least abate their ardor.  But when they came to charge, each seemed to vie with the other in pressing forward, and were I to give preference to any particular corps, I should do great injustice to the others.”—General George Washington.


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