John Brennan: President committed treason during the Trump-Putin press conference

Trump avoids media trap in press conference with Putin

By —— Bio and Archives--July 17, 2018

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Trump avoids media trap in press conference with Putin
President Trump hit the mark yesterday in his press conference with Vladimir Putin. Instead of following the direction the press wanted to go, accusing Putin of turning the 2016 election in Trump’s favor.

The key thing missed by Leftist media and much of that on the Right is that by making the press conference about Russian “meddling,” it would have meant Mr. Trump was accepting the “collusion” myth and his campaign’s complicity in this imagined conspiracy.


Instead, the President artfully dodged the trap and continually went back to the issue of the FBI being stopped by the Clinton campaign and the DNC from looking at their respective hacked computer servers during the 2016 election campaign.

After 70 years of the Left saying people were being paranoid in wanting a strong military to defend against a Russian empire called the Soviet Union, they now have reversed course and raise the specter of a Russia about to annex the United States. And to those who try to dismiss their false fear some say, “I hope you’re learning how to speak Russian!”

They fear we have a President who somehow is handing American sovereignty over to the Russians.

When the Soviets had enough nuclear weaponry to destroy us several times over, in the 1980s the Left was advocating unilateral disarmament in the Nuclear Freeze movement.

Now they are as united as a Soviet central committee in accusing those who don’t join in their paranoid delusion of supporting an effort to allow the Russians to take over our country. Yes, the Russia that is no longer an empire and no longer an economic or military superpower.

And all because an election campaign decided to run with the fiction that said their opponent, once he became President, is a puppet of Putin. They went on further, in an effort to make people think a legitimate election was fraudulent, to say that their opponent was working directly with the Russians to steal the election from the supposedly indomitable Hillary Clinton.

Trump is opposing a media-DNC propaganda machine

Yet after two years of investigation into this so-called collusion, there has not been a shred of evidence showing any of it.

There is no evidence of Russian directives issued to anyone, let alone the Trump campaign, that gave the orders to make Hillary Clinton lose! Neither is there an explanation of what someone could possibly do or even be ordered to do that would turn the election!

Donald Trump is not attacking freedom of the press when he comes against the major media outlets. He is opposing a media-DNC propaganda machine that has become a danger to our country by its ability to convince millions of Americans whatever they want.

The latest outrageous lie being promoted, begun by Obama’s discredited CIA Director, is that the President committed treason during the Trump-Putin press conference. On his late night talk show Monday night, host/DNC propagandist Stephen Colbert went so far as to accuse the President of treason - his evidence, the above-described tweet by John Brennan.


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