Leslie Marshall’s Fox News, ‘I’ve found the Democratic candidate who can defeat Trump in 2020’

Trump Rally Television Viewers: ‘Bite Me, Fox News’

By —— Bio and Archives--October 14, 2018

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Coming across Joe Biden’s photo in Leslie Marshall’s Fox piece, ‘I’ve found the Democratic candidate who can defeat Trump in 2020’ almost had me falling off my computer chair in gales of irrepressible laughter.

In most of his pictures ‘Bite Me’ looks like he is: goofy.


The chill only sets in when contemplating how touchy-feeling the former vice president is in real life.

Leslie Marshall is a “Fox contributor”.  So was Commie Van Jones before top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett coaxed him away.

Columbus discovered the New World, Thomas Edison, the incandescent lightbulb and Guglielmo Marconi, the radio.

Leslie Marshall found the “Democratic Candidate Who Can Defeat Trump in 2020”.

Is Fox News having us on?

Certainly looks that way.

Why else would they post a piece in which someone would claim that Biden should win the 2020 presidential race?

“Thinking back to the three presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Trump, it would have been an entirely different ball game if it we had seen a debate between Biden and Trump. (Fox News, Oct. 12, 2018)

“Trump wouldn’t have been able to physically stand over Biden as he did with Clinton – and he wouldn’t have dared, in my opinion.”

Can we have a “rah rah” for Rocky Biden?

“For every insult, joke and one-liner Trump would have tossed, Biden would have hurled two back. Biden, much like Trump, is bold, brash and shoots from the hip. Or as he puts it, he believes in “no malarkey.” (Fox)

“But even more than Biden being able to beat Trump in a sparring match of words, the former vice president appeals to the very group of voters Hillary Clinton ignored and ultimately paved the path to victory for Trump: members of the white working-class.”

This is what you get from someone who can’t find her way out of the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“Sure, I supported Clinton, wanted her to be our president and cried for about three days in the fetal position when she lost – but I wasn’t entirely shocked that Trump won.” (Fox)

“For years I have seen my own Democratic Party support very intelligent candidates who seem a bit too highbrow for mainstream America.”

Surely no valid reason to turn to a low brow one now.

“John Kerry was a very eloquent, intelligent and polished speaker who I felt wiped the floor with George W. Bush in all three of their presidential candidate debates. (Fox)

“I also believed Hillary Clinton was more professional and had more political knowledge and intellect than Trump, and I concluded – as polls reported most people felt – that she won each presidential candidate debate hands down.”

In defending lib-left “contributors” like Leslie Marshall, Fox would likely argue that they’re ‘fair’ and ‘balanced’ and that Marshall is entitled to her opinion.

If only they were as generous to the opinions of the patriots who Hillary calls “deplorables”.

Last night Fox was one of the networks who stolidly refused to pan the throngs in attendance at President Trump’s Ohio rally, so that television viewers everywhere could plainly see the tens of thousands of people who turn out for Trump rallies.

Only the small and independent Right Side Broadcasting shows viewers how wildly popular the president really is by faithfully scanning the crowds.

As Trump points out about the other networks who refuse to show his crowds: “They just can’t do it”.

In refusing to show the rally crowds is Fox News really much different than CNN and MSNBC?

Not really.  They’re only a bit more glamorous.


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