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Fukushima in Japan where a huge wave triggered a nuclear meltdown five years ago

Tsunami! Evacuate!’ Massive 7.4-magnitude earthquake triggers fears a three-metre tsunami

By —— Bio and Archives--November 22, 2016

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A magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck early on Tuesday local time off the Japanese coast about 70km northeast of Iwaki, Fukushima.

The quake, with a depth of 25km, occurred about 6am and tsunami waves began to hit Japan’s Pacific coast in numerous areas including Fukushima Prefecture about 7am. —More…


Video: Tsunami Hits Near Damaged Nuclear Plant on Japan’s Coast

Thousands of residents of numerous prefectures of Japan, including the troubled Fukushima area, evacuated their homes Tuesday morning following a magnitude 7.4 earthquake and subsequent tsunami warnings.

Fearing a similar disaster to that of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that shut down Fukushima’s Dai-Ichi nuclear plant, causing untold environmental damage to the region, residents began to flee shortly after the earthquake.—More..

Fukushima reactor cooling system stops following quake & tsunami

The cooling system of the third reactor at the Fukushima nuclear power plant has stopped circulating water following a powerful 7.3 offshore earthquake. TEPCO said it managed to restart the system some 90 minutes after the failure.

The cooling system servicing the Unit 3 spent fuel pool was not able to circulate water to cool the nuclear fuel because of a broken pump, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Agency. —More…

Teenager films ‘meteorite’ burning across sky following Japanese earthquake

A teenager has filmed a ’ meteorite ’ burning across the sky shortly after the Japanese earthquake struck.

The teen, known as Asuka, 16, from Japan, filmed the extraordinary sight trailing across the evening sky this evening.—More…

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