Even so, our Creator is still there to remind us—most graphically at dawn and at dusk— that no matter what the news of the day, God is in His heaven.

Tuning in on the The Creator’s Twitter Stream

By —— Bio and Archives--May 12, 2017

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No ‘News’ on the Internet can possibly compete with the largely overlooked ‘Real News’ that begins and ends each and every day. 

Whether or not we’re up early enough, or too busy to notice, the birdsong of ‘God’s Orchestra’ announces each breaking dawn.  Sometimes it begins with the chirp of just one or two little birds, calling out to other feathered friends before the full chorus joins in.  It’s almost as if the first awake are calling out, ‘We made it through another long, dark night, escaping all predators. Let’s joyfully give our all to God’s morning orchestra in announcing yet another daybreak!”

The Creator sends us many signs that He’s still there that many don’t notice. He sends the birdsong announcing the break of each day, and wishes us Good Night with star light, candles in the sky no wind can extinguish.

St. Paul reminds us that proof of God’s existence is in His creation, a creation there for all to see deserving of words of gratitude; the few minutes it takes to reluctantly tear ourselves away from the other ‘Twitter’,  the one where folk hurl biting insults at each other;  a few minutes away from surfing the ‘Net, finding out what’s new; from leaning about the latest melodrama the politicians of the day have staged for public viewing.

The best thing about the “News” sent out each morning and night by God Almighty is that it NEVER changes. As part of Natural Order, it remains the same.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph looked at the same stars we see after nightfall brings on the dark.  Too many to count angels and saints prayed to the same stars with the most fervent of hopes that tomorrow would be all right.

The birdsong that announced daybreak on Christmas morn was no more joyous than it was this morning, or will be tomorrow morning.

Working at a computer facing a window overlooking a bluff, I sometimes see wildlife going about its business throughout the day.  Now that it’s spring, robins and other birds fly to and fro, sometimes taking a moment’s break on the balustrade of the outside deck, still holding the straw for building their nests in their beaks before flying away.  Only this morning, a tiny rabbit, small enough to fit in a palm, nibbled away at leaves in the garden.

The birds always go about their business, as if saying, “Another mouth to feed”, “Another storm from which we should be taking refuge”.

Unlike their human observers, birds likely have little time for griping, gossip or melodrama. They sing as they go along, keep themselves to themselves, never rending the air with screeching.  There doesn’t seem to be a Nancy Pelosi or a Hillary Clinton among them. (Dems always leave room for digress).

From my watch, every so often, a solitary bird holds out on a single branch, singing its heart out.  It seems to me that it is thanking God for His Creation.

It was after one of these solitary birdsongs that I began stating my days with a thanksgiving,  copping some words from Holy Scripture, with some of my own for a morning prayer:

Thank You Father for Your Creation,

Thank You for knowing each one of us before placing us in our mothers’ wombs,

Thank You for knowing even the number of hairs on each of our heads,

Thank You for knowing each sparrow that falls.

Thank You for having me born to a mother who would see to it that I would be baptized, make my first Holy Communion, be confirmed and who developed within me, a strong respect for the Holy Sacrament of Penance.

Come Holy Spirit and guide me on this day so that my every thought, word and deed are ones only that praise and glorify God Almighty.

Remind me as I pick my way through the paths of life in exile that everything I say or do should always benefit someone else and lastly, myself.


Continued below...

All good things, including life come from God Who deserves prayers of gratitude.

It seems that everything in nature is driven by the principle that no matter what happens, no matter what calamity, life goes on, something completely lost on politicians whose fortunes turned in the results of the last election.

In their unwanted exile, these politicians continue to spew the poison of hatred.

They want us to run to our tablets and computers each morning to read details about the latest protest; what may have happened overnight to appointed rather than elected public figures like James Comey or Sally Yates; what diabolical plan is now afoot in their never-ending quest to impeach President Donald Trump.

Their leader in exile Barack Obama, paid $3.2 million to advise the citizenry of the world that dining on steak contributes to worrisome global warming/climate change, seemingly completely unaware that most in the masses can’t afford his favored wagyu steak but worry instead that their pensions or incomes soon won’t stretch far enough to cover the grocery bill.

Meanwhile, there’s nothing much new with which politicians can shock us.  During election races, they make promises they rarely keep and between elections, they work to come up with more devious ways to tax us.

Even so, our Creator is still there to remind us—most graphically at dawn and at dusk— that no matter what the news of the day, God is in His heaven.

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