Part One – Targeted Harvesting

U.S. Abortion and the Third Reich Atrocities

By —— Bio and Archives--August 13, 2015

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“Never again” were two solemn words associated with one of the most tragic times in history when Nazi Germany under the Third Reich systematically committed genocide with the extermination of six million Jewish men, women, and children. The butchery reached into Germany’s anatomical institutes where tens of thousands of Jews and political dissidents found themselves or their executed corpses dissected, burned, frozen, or dismembered in the name of science and the eugenics in advancing a superior race.

“Again” is one word we now hear following a number of stealth videos revealing leading Planned Parenthood (PP) officials discussing how they systematically harvest aborted baby parts and organs, and traffic them to research firms for revenue.

The other half of the tragedy beyond the staggering 57 million unborn babies terminated through the abortion mills since 1973 is the targeting and diminishing of America’s African Black population. Abortion has disproportionately swept through the black community like a plague honing its scythe, cutting down one out of every four members of the race.

Let’s travel down this highway of agony where both genocides happen in very different eras, but follow similar road signs toward their barbaric destination.  Similarities are clearly apparent in what Nazi Germany executed and what we are now executing, how they carried out the bloodletting and how we are now liquidating, the denial in the past and the suppression today, and the inquiries and examinations into the Third Reich’s horrendous experiments and the required investigation into the exploits of PP and its guardians.  This commentary is not for the faint of heart, but rather the heart filled with affliction and grief. 

In drilling down on the massacre committed under the leadership of Adolph Hitler and the affirmation of abortion and PP by U.S. President Barrack Obama’s regime following the release of the videos exposing the procedures to excavate the infant’s organs, it will become abundantly clear of the resemblances between the diversionary fire and brimstone of one leader’s message and the cool forked tongue of another leader’s dispatch.

Parallel to the contained silence and buried ignorance of PP’s mutilated babies piled in dumpsters or the transportation of body parts, is The Third Reich’s bulldozing of mass graves and the German anatomical procurement of bodies becoming the open secrets of their time

Parallel to the contained silence and buried ignorance of PP’s mutilated babies piled in dumpsters or the transportation of body parts, is The Third Reich’s bulldozing of mass graves and the German anatomical procurement of bodies becoming the open secrets of their time. With the war’s end, the occupying military governments seeking the whereabouts of political dissenters, Jews, and loved ones; the anatomists were asked about the identity and fate of the many bodies remaining in the institute’s storage facilities. This is reminisce of the 17,000 aborted babies found in a dumpster in Los Angeles, California, of which 12-15,000 were observed to be black and discarded without name.

In the videos secretly recorded in 2014-15 by people posing as buyers from a human biologics company, conversations are shown with Dr. Deborah Nucatela, PP’s senior director of medical services and another video with Dr. Mary Gatter, one of the organization’s medical directors, seen discussing the amounts the organization charges to provide specific organs and the procedures to obtain the organs.

While casually sipping wine, one of the doctors revealed that she charges $30-$100 per specimen, and notes fetal livers are especially in demand. She also mentions people are seeking intact hearts, lungs, and lower extremities.  This same doctor said she has a huddle at the beginning of the day to determine what body parts are being requested and which patients will have babies aborted that can supply the harvest.

PP abortionists tailor the procedures to ensure they do not destroy the chosen organs. Following an ultrasound, they know where to position the forceps in order not to crush the body part in demand, and see if they can retrieve it intact. For example, abortionists will try to adjust the presentation of the baby being aborted so it’s not vertex (head first). With a breech presentation (feet first), the abortionist can evacuate an intact head by grasping the body and yanking out what would have been a bundle of joy and gift from God.

In the most recent video released surrounding PP’s alleged “black market” in pedaling the reaped supply of parts, it features a medical director in Denver suggesting the clinic benefits in some way from harvesting organs. She states that payment per organ works a little better because they can see how much they can get out of the specimen. The footage in the video proceeds to expose an employee in a laboratory separating an aborted infant’s defined limbs on what looks to be a pie plate. It is truly an unsettling and shocking display of madness as they discuss and identify each fragment of the tiny corpse. 

Cecile Richards, the president of PP, dismissed the videos as an effort by the most militant wing of the anti-abortion movement in the country to entrap doctors in highly altered videos. She referred to the people behind the videos as the most militant wing, the bombing-of-clinics type, and those who would murder doctors in their homes and churches. Richards failed to provide one iota of evidence to link this group to domestic terrorist activities.

Richards was asked about the financial benefit to PP and why the tapes show doctors haggling over the costs of baby parts. Richards, again, referred to the tapes being highly edited. She then commented that the fee is actually just the cost of transmitting materials to research facilities. It seems a very callous that Richards can not specify the material as organs from infants, but rather just “materials”. It was then pointed out that one of the companies PP sends body part to has revealed financial profits. Richards, unable to answer, countered with the standard practice in her response by returning to her focal talking points that claim these videos to be a campaign by anti-abortion extremists.

When asked about one doctor’s graphic harvesting technique such as “less crunchy ways” to perform abortions so the organs can be preserved, Richards said women have very few places to donate fetal tissue for life saving medical research. It is apparent the killing of thousands of innocent unborn babies in the name of science; and with the hopes of saving other lives is equivalent to The Third Reich scientists defending the same argument. 
It is clear PP is spinning the narrative against the messenger as opposed to defending the message. It is a message of the war on women by the vilest of extremists providing doctored videos. On the contrary, there was no evidence to suggest the organization to be terrorists; and secondly an opposing view does not make one an extremist although there are two very extreme views on what consists of a life or a blob of fetal matter. As for the altered videos, the organization has provided an online link to watch the entire unedited three hours of footage. Also, it is not uncommon for any media outlet to show the most poignant clips in an entire video. If the video was edited for deception, then Richards should point out what is misleading rather then attack the messenger as extremists. The point here is, if the militant extremist scrip is repeated often and by many, the consensus opinion by the low information crowd begins to buy into this fabrication.

Three federal laws are most frequently mentioned in arguments over whether illegality has occurred. One bans for-profit sales of fetal tissue, but allows the provider to recoup the procedure’s costs. Nucatola and Gatter discuss potential prices for delivering tissue. Nucatola mentions a range between $30 and $100 per procedure; Gatter discusses $75 but doesn’t rule out $100. Both say Planned Parenthood wants to cover costs and not profit, however, a Congressional investigation is warranted to determine the discrepancies and trail of money. 

Another decree bars providers from changing “the timing, method or procedures” of abortions to recover fetal tissue for research. Gatter mentions a “less crunchy” method that can increase the chances of recovering intact organs and says she would not mind asking a Planned Parenthood doctor to consider that. Nucatola says when a provider is attempting to recover an organ, “you’re just kind of cognizant of where you put your graspers” so “you’re not going to crush that part.”

A third law bans a procedure that opponents call “partial-birth abortion,” in which a living fetus is partly extracted from the mother as it is aborted. Nucatola mentions that to avoid violating that ban, some doctors use the drug digoxin, which can be toxic to a fetus in sufficient amounts.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with an actual law being broken, we need to determine if the laws that protect such practices actually need to be rewritten after becoming clearly aware of what is taking place in these Third Reich-like laboratories. Regardless of one’s position on abortion rights, one should be saddened and shocked by the dispassionate and jovial demeanor of these professionals sipping wine and sharing their aspirations for a Lamborghini, while discussing methods and pricing on unborn baby organs being harvested. Let’s be clear; one has to have a baby in order to have the baby parts to sell. 

On the political front where government holds the purse strings to the tune of a half a billion dollars in funding PP, there has been your ardent supporters and surprisingly less than expected voice of opposition outcry. One might suspect that the war on women chorus has some politicians remaining in the shadows out of fears of repercussions. Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said he has no indication that PP broke federal laws. Further comments came from the Democrats in the House, stating they will not abandon their support for women’s reproductive rights. Note the narrative is about women, a large voting block, and not about the rights of the helpless unborn infant.

The Obama regime is singing from the same songbook as PP. Rather than question whether the abortionists may have broken the law or share concerns over the barbaric piecemeal procedures in selling baby parts, the Administration instead decided to echo the PP response in further building on the consensus opinion that videos were misleading, selectively edited to distort, not just the words of the abortionists, but also the position of PP.  Hilary Clinton, the leading Democratic Presidential hopeful to replace Obama melded the consensus opinion in defending PP, saying she is dismayed by the smear campaign depicted in the videos and vowed to protect a reproductive rights of women. One starts to realize the trending theme where the public begins to believe what they hear over and over again. A repeating theme is reminiscence of the Third Reich’s cancerous depiction of the Jewish people is all but the same tactic aimed towards the pro-life militant extremists or a Jewish stench.

President Obama, in his closing speech at a PP Gala said, “No matter how great the challenge, no matter how fierce the opposition, Planned Parenthood is not going anywhere…God bless you”. He even exerted a blessing from our Creator of life on those who would destroy life – this is very smooth. PP president, Richards added, “President Obama has done more than any President in history for women’s health and rights”. 

While the other side of the aisle has not endorsed PP, the Republican Party has not made much of a dent in public opinion. Only eleven U.S. Senators mustered up a letter urging Obama’s U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to initiate a federal investigation which is highly unlikely under this President. By the way, there are 54 Republican Senators. A number of Republican candidates for President have expressed their disgust in the content of the videos and urged to defund PP. Republican House Leader John Boehmer and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have raised concerns but relatively little outcry before the public and media.  However, with more video footage being released and pressure from the Republican base, it is apparent that a bill to suspend or defund PP completely will find its way to the forefront, but it will likely fail to gain support.

In further relating the atrocities depicted in the videos, whether the actions were conducted in the name of science, or a matter of women’s reproductive rights, controlled media reporting, respected and normal people on one side and dissidents, kooks, and extremists on the other side, and state sponsorship; it is imperative to witness history repeat itself when only decades earlier anatomists undertook similar barbaric experiments against defenseless human beings.

In both eras, much of the strategy comes down to keeping a lid on it. While the public is aware of the ruthless actions, whether under the leadership of Hitler or Obama, it was too sensitive a matter to fully educate or expose the general public to a greater understanding and full scope of the procedures inflicted upon fellow human beings.  The other case may simply be a choice by many people not to allow the ugly truth to bear witness to our guilty conscience. It may just be best to keep a lid on it.

The Nuremberg trials seen 23 doctors face charges, considered as only a minority at the Nazi forefront who experimented on live subjects in concentration camps. The much larger number of researchers and medical professionals who remained in the universities and acted in prominent roles during the Third Reich retained their power and influence after the war and kept quiet. 

The immoral trap played out argues for the importance of science in seeing doctors who took advantage of Nazi immorality to benefit their research, not as mad scientists and murders but instead as normal and conventional for their time and place; in much the same way PP and its supporters defend the medical advances by providing baby organs to scientists in business laboratories. How can one challenge the ethics when what has become main stream in society and legitimate people are doing evil things?

One of the more typical yet gruesome comparisons in the slaughtering of the defenseless was uncovered at the infant’s ward of Spiegelgrund, the children’s wing of the Vienna Psychiatric Hospital. Heinrich Gross, the doctor who headed the ward, executed painful experiments on living children, some who died as a result. One child who survived said children called Gross, “the Scythe”; while another remembered that his arrival on the ward “was like a cold wind coming”. All told, 722 children were killed at Spiegelgrund, about half of them from Gross. He was charged with murder, however, the penal code he was prosecuted under did not define murder to include disabled people because they were not capable of reasoning. Under a lesser conviction of manslaughter, Gross appealed and the prosecutor chose not to retry him. That same cold wind now slithers through the abortion chambers.

Aborted babies in the PP facilities, like the children of Spieglegrund, are not recognized as living beings and therefore incapable of reasoning. Well, nor can babies who are born as they are unable to effectively discuss their opinions and positions until later in life. Whether a baby is inside or outside the womb, they have demonstrated their ability to gesture and alter their position when faced with pain and suffering.  The infant outside the womb can be heard crying when they are physically hurt or feel hunger. The baby inside the womb can be witnessed through advanced technology, attempting to pull back from the abortionist’s probing instruments of death as they are poked, grasped, and yanked out. In fact, they too are shown to not only cry, but scream silently with the opening of their mouth in the protective and muffled mother’s womb as the madness tears them to pieces. Yes, unborn babies can reason through a silent scream in agony and a cry for help.

Just as it took time to come to the truth of the Third Reich’s body part and organ research, and experiments in the name of science and health care, so it will be with PP’s abortion harvesting too. It is essential to follow the money – your tax dollars funding the abortions and PP selling the baby parts to firms to cover costs and generate additional revenue. Follow the money. Where is the sanctity for life?

Part Two – Targeted Genocide

If this harvesting of baby parts horror story was not enough to shake one to the core of the soul, there is one larger piece that connects American abortion to The Third Reich. It is a genocide that is staggering and equally apparent to any of the historically noted atrocities. It will become very apparent that America’s first black President is all too aware of the ethnic cleansing taking place against his very own race. 

With the term genocide loosely used to describe an event by activists propagating their agenda such as the policing towards American Black communities or the extremist’s war on women’s reproductive rights, it is important to ensure the definition is well understood in the context that is referred to by history’s greatest atrocities. Genocide is the deliberate intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national,  ethnic, racial, or religious group, as such: (a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Synonym: mass murder, mass homicide, massacre; annihilation, extermination, elimination, 
liquidation, eradication, decimation, butchery, bloodletting, ethnic cleansing, holocaust; “a tyrant guilty of genocide”

The Holocaust, also known as the Shoah in Hebrew or “the catastrophe”, was a genocide in which approximately six million Jews were killed by Adolph Hitler’s Nazi regime and its Third Reich collaborators. From 1941-1945, Germany’s bureaucracy was involved in the logistics in targeting and methodically carrying out genocide, making the Third Reich into a “genocidal state”.

The persecution and genocide was carried out in stages. Initially, the German government passed laws to exclude Jews from civil society, and by 1941 as Germany conquered new territory in Europe, it had escalated to specialized paramilitary units called Einsatzgruppen being utilized to murder two million Jews and partisans, often in mass shootings. By the end of 1942, more productive methods were required, and victims were being regularly transported by freight train to specifically built extermination camps where, most were systematically killed in gas chambers and ovens. How the little unassuming acorns of Nazi laws grew into great oak trees of unimaginable suffering, terror, and death. 

Let’s jump to the present day ethnic cleansing taking place in America. It is not simply the total number of abortions taking place; but rather a mass elimination of a certain great American race. Black minority women constitute only 13% of the female population (age 15-44) in the United States, but they underwent 36% of the abortions. With 1,876 black babies terminated everyday, black women are more than five times likely as white women to have an abortion.

It is estimated that since 1973, black women have had 16 million abortions. With the 2013 U.S. Census Bureau estimating 45 million African Americans, (black only and black in combination with another race), meaning 14% of the total American population of 316 million is black. The missing 16 million represents an immense loss, for without the concentrated number of abortions, the African American community would be over 60 million. This number would be even higher if we were to include children of the eradicated mass.

Continuing with the numbers to firmly grasp enormity of the racial imbalance to the over all population, 75,960 black teens 15-19 had abortions in 2008, compared to 65,972 among white teens. While the abortion rate declined by 3% between 2007 and 2010, the trend was weighted by 11% drop in abortion rates among the white majority; yet rates for blacks jumped 3%. With the spike in illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, the Hispanic community may be the next targeted race and revenue generator. Abortion rates among Hispanics actually jumped during the same period by 8%.

It may not be just black babies losing their lives disproportionately. As the abortion rates rise, especially among black women, so has the rate of breast cancer. Abortion has been cited as a factor for breast cancer. Historically, black women had been less likely to develop breast cancer, but that is changing with studies suggesting African American women over age 50 were 4.7 times more likely to develop breast cancer if they had an abortion compared to women who had not had any abortions. This outcome might just play into the hands of PP and others claiming the clinics do much more than just abortions by providing mammograms – more abortions equal more revenue-generated mammograms.

With over 700 PP abortion mills, it is estimated that nearly 80% of the facilities are strategically located in urban centers mostly dominated in minority or black neighborhoods. Black babies at some of these locations are aborted at four times the rate as white ones. The African American women are clearly the target customer far beyond the women’s right to choose or simply the platform for reproductive freedom. It is all about, “location, location, location”. Young black women have been cornered and herded into making expedient decisions on terminating their baby based on economic predicaments. PP has stepped into the gap with government funds to coerce and alleviate them of their inconvenient economic fetal matter, and remain in business with a steady flow of urban black customers. 

One can also point out to the racial genocide going back to PP’s sketchy eugenics roots. It is known as the science of improving the human population by controlling breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable innate physiognomies. The eugenics movement became negatively associated with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust following the murder of approximately 11 million people from many races, lifestyles, and the disabled across Europe. The defendants at the Nuremberg Trials attempted to justify their human rights abuses by claiming there was little difference between Nazi eugenics programs and the U.S. eugenics programs.

This would fall in line with Margaret Sanger, well known U.S. eugenicists, where accusations of racism in the abortion business became more apparent in the early days with the PP plan, “The Negro Project”. Sanger sought to pay black ministers to promote PP among the faithful when commenting, “We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten that idea out if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members”.

Jump to the 2016 Presidential Campaign, where Hilary Clinton, the frontrunner for President, would extend the taxpayer funding of PP and champion the Obama abortion legacy. Upon receiving PP’s Margaret Sanger Award in 2009, Clinton reflected on the eugenicist, “I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision. I am really in awe of her, there are a lot of lessons we can learn from her life”.

While it is not likely most employees at PP would be aware of Sanger’s vision and avocation in eugenics, it certainly does not excuse Clinton, who is well aware of Sanger’s past, to state we can learn from Sanger knowing the historical intent to keep the Negro in check through religious appeal. Clinton’s expedient shift in the political winds is not unexpected where on one hand Hilary capitalizes on the recent Confederate Flag controversy that represents slavery to many, and on the other hand be in awe of Sanger, a very divisive PP historical figure who schemed ruthlessly against the black race. Can anyone explain the devilish behavior and will anyone in the media pick up on the unethical contradictions of the likely President in waiting? 

Who really cares for the African American community? Where is the African American Civil Rights movement’s disgust in the targeting of black and minorities for genocidal abortion? Where is the NAACP, the national Urban League, or the more recent “Black Lives Matter” protests? Where are the regular ‘first to the podium’ leaders such as Al Sharpton, whose fire and brimstone stumps stoke the community into outrage? Where is the governing arm of the Congressional Black Caucus who wields considerable influence in Washington?

It is very disappointing that many black leaders representing their constituents are silent on the disproportionate number of black unborn babies being killed through targeted abortions and subsequently diminishing of the black population in staggering numbers. Many of these leaders are, in fact, supporters of PP and possess a pro-choice position on abortion. The very innocent and helpless in their black urban communities they astutely claim to serve and protect have become willing enablers by backing the Democratic Party and President Obama who allow the further annihilation of their race with their praise and support of Sanger and failure to investigate PP’s actions. The Civil Rights leaders are essentially self-serving pawns who protect their status by allowing the grand puppeteer to pull their strings.

U.S. President Obama was elected in large part on bringing opulence and unity to the 95% of Black African Americans who cast their vote for their savior. On the contrary, the President became fixated in further dividing the chasm across race relations when he publicly jumped to conclusions in racial narratives surrounding the events in Ferguson and Baltimore prior to due process in the courts. He was quick to send the Attorney General and federal officials to Ferguson to investigate potential laws being broken, and he has failed to order the Justice Department to investigate federal laws being broken by PP in the trafficking of baby parts on the public dime.

The silence by the White House is insulting as they choose which broken laws to investigate. The President is supposed to represent all of America and respect all the laws which includes an investigation into sustaining $500 million in government funding in carrying out the harvesting and selling of baby parts from the overwhelming disproportionate number of unborn babies from his own race. 

It has been a political balancing act by Democrats to on one hand claim to be the Party that serves the best interests of minorities in pulling African Americans from their socio-economic despondency; yet many remain in the down-trodden status-quo; and subsequently dependent on the Democratic Party for continued government assistance in return for their votes, and the Democrats retaining the levers of power in government. 

In 1963, only 6% of children were born into a single parent household. Today, that number has risen to 40% of children born into a single parent home while the number of black children living with a single parent is an astronomical 72%. This translates into single parent families becoming four times more likely to grow up in poverty than a family with a nurturing mother and father, three times more likely a child being raised by a single parent going to prison, and 50% more likely that the child will live in poverty as an adult. It is certainly not uncommon for a single black mother raising children from a number of fathers while doing her utmost best to feed and provide the necessities of life.

It is not about increasing more government funding. Since 2005, poverty has increased in America from 12.6% to 14.5% in 2013 at a whopping cost to taxpayers of $4.3 trillion. It is about drilling down on the root causes rather than utilize the abortion mills to wipe clean the economic inconvenience of more black children requiring government assistance and sustaining a cycle of generational dismay. Rather than listening to the activists stoking anger over structural imbalances and empathizing with rioting that result in burning down businesses attempting to reach out, Obama should be creating corporate partnerships and attractive incentives that would create sustainable employment in the minority urban centers. The federal government should also be leading an encompassing education that provides all perspectives and understanding of the infant prior to being destroyed. These are two starting points that would repair and build the structural challenges and racial divide he so often refers to – economic development and family values.

The education should include advising a young naive and expecting mother in the midst of the crucial decision to terminate her pregnancy that there are options such as adoption and supportive mechanisms found in crisis pregnancy centers. Women need to be aware of the development of their baby in the womb and the procedures that tear her child apart or chemically burns them to death; as well as the potential physical and emotional health concerns following an abortion. Why are we holding back on a balanced approach in transparency with women? Are we protecting PP and willing to hide the truth?

America can no longer claim the moral high ground with government funding of mass abortions, PP’s harvesting and selling of baby parts, and the targeting of black minority women resulting in a genocidal lynching of the African American race. There is very little credibility in America decrying human rights violations in other countries when genocide is taking place in the United States.

History will someday look back and recognize very similar characteristics to Hitler’s The Third Reich atrocities against mankind and President Obama’s failure to initiate an expedient federal investigation into PP’s alleged law breaking activities. The story of PP’s facilities will be placed in the same preserved state as the Auschwitz gas chambers and ovens. There comes a time when America needs to determine what it can tolerate. We can say, “Never again”.

It is sickening and frankly unintelligent and selfish, that PP’s trafficking in body parts and racial targeting has become a partisan issue when it is so apparently evil. To think, a little angel, miracle of life, and a bundle of joy waiting to emerge and breathe their first breath of life, will face the clenching forceps graphically crushing their brain as they silently scream in pain and suffering. To think, only weeks or months ahead, this gift of God would have brought joy and a future of world changing achievements. What if this was you in the womb and you were about to be torn apart; if so, your precious children would not be here today either. When you see three black children playing together, remember, a forth precious one is missing.

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