Rich Berdan

Rich Berdan, (ManofGrit) was a regular guest co-host on a popular radio broadcast and has grown his passion to write on various topics; resulting in numerous published editorials and features. As a proud American and Canadian citizen, Rich's diverse work-life experience, including raising a family, as well as a number of bumps and twists along the road has resulted in this interesting journey we call life.

Most Recent Articles by Rich Berdan:

Brexit Prelude to America

Jun 25, 2016 — Rich Berdan

The United Kingdom defied the political and economic elites. The political left in America should take note that the people are capable of seeing through the provocations and are unwilling to submit to the financial fear mongering and one-sided bigotry in taking back and preserving one’s national and cultural identity. 

It became clearly evident that the centralized EU government never worked out. Well, just ask the Soviet Union who made the same bet and failed. These elites in Brussels had no idea what they were doing when they attempted to meld European tribalism that has been balkanized for centuries in unique national identities.

Bernie Sanders, the Most Dangerous Man in America

Feb 14, 2016 — Rich Berdan

Senator Bernie Sanders, the rising demagogue seeking the Democrat Party’s nomination for President of the United States is currently the most dangerous man in America. He claims America’s economic tribulations rest with the capitalist on Wall Street. This pied piper has seduced millennials lacking the discernment of the big lie with the sweet candy of free education and promising payback of the wealthy class that has left them behind.

The following is a quote from a speech. “We are passing through one of the most critical, important and interesting moments of history‚Äîa moment when the world socialist revolution is in the making. It is now becoming apparent even to those who stood remote from socialist theories and forecasts that this war will not end as it began, that is, by the conclusion of peace in the usual way between the old imperialist governments. The revolution has shown that the war is inevitably leading to the disintegration of capitalist society in general, that it is being converted into a war of the working people against the exploiters. Therein lies the significance of the revolution.”

Republican G-Men Trapped

Feb 5, 2016 — Rich Berdan

Why are the three governors, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich, trailing so far behind the field of Republican candidates for President of the United States? In part, the socio conservative and populist message has gained the upper hand in clouding experience with the establishment or the politics as usual guys.  Can any one of G-Men get a move on, find a way out of the caboose, and derail the recent GOP momentum crisscrossing the American primaries?

So far, the perpetuated pomposity of some frontrunners has outflanked and formed a mutual dislike of the G-Men that has typically presented a trending indictment of the perceived government-man. Ironically, the candidates leading the Republican pack include two senators with close ties to Washington. Senator Ted Cruz cannot seem to get along with others while Senator Marco Rubio has smooshed with the Democrats on immigration. Ben Carson, a well respected neuro-surgeon, lacks the demeanour to lead whereas business tycoon, Donald Trump, has clearly demonstrated the ability to lead, yet we are not always sure where he will lead us.

The GOP South Carolina Firewall

Jan 15, 2016 — Rich Berdan

President Obama’s comments in his final State of the Union Address and the follow up GOP response by South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley, came together in a tag-team attack on the two front runners in the race for Republican nomination for President of the United States.

Obama fired the first salvo against business mogul Donald Trump and the conservative Senator Ted Cruz when he downplayed the threat of terrorism from radical Islamic jihadists and placed a greater emphasis on references to fear mongering amongst the GOP presidential frontrunners. He pointed out the irresponsible voices galvanizing Americans into an unparalleled universe where we will fall back into tribes who do not share the same background or pray the same. The President’s paradigm of a shifting America simply does not exist when there is a real and present danger of the homeland being struck.

Prepare Against a Terrorist Attack

Dec 9, 2015 — Rich Berdan

It has become very apparent that the land of the free, brave, and Western values of democracy are slipping into chaos where the survival of our lives can no longer depend on Homeland Security protecting us. We now need to invoke our personal house-land security protection plan in order to place ourselves and family members in a better position to survive both the internal and external threats to our once beholden Western Christian heritage.

The Fall and Rising of a New World Order

Nov 23, 2015 — Rich Berdan

This is war; albeit a much different type of war where the battle lines are not simply entrenched armies facing each other over territorial ambitions but rather religious and political ideology competing for a new world. Traditional weapons of warfare are but one resource in the fight that also includes terrorism, immigrant infiltration, cyber-attacks, media perceptions, counter intelligence, and the possibility of a weapon of mass destruction. The world is facing its next greatest hurdle since WW II.

The first hurdle in this marathon is to admit we are at war and the second wall to climb is to understand your enemy and name it for what it is. For whatever reason, there is a failure among some world leaders, specifically President Obama, leading Democratic hopeful Hilary Clinton, and the many progressive liberals on the political left to utter and declare radical Islamic jihadist as the enemy. The Jihadists are implementing their doctrine and ideology clearly stated in numerous scriptures and charters where the means justify their actions. Yes, there are many Muslims who would rather live peacefully, however the radicals are currently driving the agenda.

The Line in the Sand is Shifting to Israel

Sep 28, 2015 — Rich Berdan

I am very concerned for the Jewish nation as the battle lines in the sand shift closely to the Jewish Nation. Time is of a critical essence.

Here is the Solution to the Refugee Crisis

Sep 18, 2015 — Rich Berdan

It is apparent that for all the top leadership in the world, whether Presidents, Prime Ministers, or a Pope, they have not been able expedite a strategic plan to stem the swelling refugee crisis. It is clear that the struggle for ancestral influence and intransigent sovereignty in the volatile region of the Middle East is at the core. Historically, this is nothing new. However, to resolve the current disaster that is displacing and claiming millions of innocent lives that has led to emerging serpents of evil that would make Medusa’s hairdo look tame; all factions and coalitions must decide to coalesce on an immediate stratagem. This blueprint is by no means diplomatically agreeable to everyone’s politics and principles; but as the Rolling Stone’s once said, “You can’t always get what you want”. In this case, the upshot would make certain that ISIS is destroyed while mottled democratic appeals remain deferred in the foreseeable future in some spheres; and the refugees have the utmost to gain – their lives.

Obama Created EU Refugee Crisis

Sep 7, 2015 — Rich Berdan

The absence of a solid U.S. foreign policy doctrine and leadership under U.S. President Obama has resulted in the deadly combination of power vacuums across the Middle East and little to no fear of consequential American military action challenging the war-crime infused tribalism filling these vacuums. This failed responsibility of the world’s Super Power to inject the strategic counterbalance now has the European Community in uncharted chaos in the Obama-created refugee exodus that rivals biblical events.

One simply needs to first look back Obama’s entry onto the world’s stage when he projected and promoted a kinder and capitulating America while traveling abroad during his first term. This tacit demeanor of conviction was a sign of weakness to the Putin-type bravado leaders who smirked and nodded with gratitude during the photo-op handshake only to be followed by symbolic sputum of disrespect in the weakness of the American leader opposing them.

The Consensus Opinion War on the Constitution, Christianity, and America

Aug 14, 2015 — Rich Berdan

We are witnessing a concerted effort through the accelerating conduit of social networking and mass media platforms propelling consensus opinion in legislation, court rulings, corporate policy, and school curriculum into a confounding acceptance to alter and tear down institutions, tradition, and the moral fiber of America. The world’s remaining stronghold and defender of freedom supporting the true democratic values conceived in The Constitution is rapidly imploding. It is not a single blow but rather the death of America by a thousand cuts.   

The transformation is amazing. You just have to simply blink or turn off your media device, and you will have missed the next event, announcement, executive order, or piece of legislation corrupting The Constitution; or a ballistic and demeaning cyber attack on one’s moral convictions as extreme, bigoted, or simply no longer a normal person in the human race.

U.S. Abortion and the Third Reich Atrocities

Aug 13, 2015 — Rich Berdan

“Never again” were two solemn words associated with one of the most tragic times in history when Nazi Germany under the Third Reich systematically committed genocide with the extermination of six million Jewish men, women, and children. The butchery reached into Germany’s anatomical institutes where tens of thousands of Jews and political dissidents found themselves or their executed corpses dissected, burned, frozen, or dismembered in the name of science and the eugenics in advancing a superior race.