Donald Trump and his campaign manager are not perfect, nor are their detractors

U.S. Secret Service & World Media Liable; Not Trump & Israeli Shooter of Terrorist

By —— Bio and Archives--March 31, 2016

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Americans, Israelis, and fair minded people all over the globe should be outraged at the U.S. Secret Service and the mainstream media, not at Donald Trump in America or the Israeli medic who shot the terrorist in Israel.

In America, it has already been established that the Secret Service failed to prevent the reporter Michelle Fields from reaching and even touching the Republican frontrunner for the presidency of the United States. So the Secret Service should be condemned, and Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, should be hailed as a hero for reaching Fields where the Secret Service failed and by effectively preventing her from being in a position to potentially assault the candidate by Corey’s restraint in grabbing and diverting her arm rather than tackling her or using a weapon to stop her.

Donald Trump pointed out that Fields alleged she was shoved to the ground before she realized she was on videotape, which clearly showed that she was not shoved to the ground. Donald Trump pointed out she had a pen in her hand, which could have been more than just a pen and which could have contained a concealed weapon. But even without considering what Ms. Fields may have been holding,  she certainly penetrated through the permissible perimeter around the candidate. The Secret Service is clearly obligated to prevent unauthorized personnel from coming near the person they are guarding, let alone touching him. The Secret Service by right could have tackled the unauthorized intruder, and then examined what was in her head and her hand later. They had politely told her twice not to come closer, but she ignored them. The Secret Service is not trained to politely request potential murderers to step aside. For that, you can hire an openly obsequious perpetrator of a disservice—not a Secret Service—to politely ask questions. If anything, Lewandowski was not hired to be a bodyguard and did not tackle Fields to the ground, so he should be heralded as a hero who used restraint under the circumstances.

The villains here were not Trump nor Lewandowski, but rather Fields for her aggressive behavior and for disobeying the Secret Service and unauthorized touching of the presidential candidate, and all the people who defamed Donald Trump and Corey Lewandowski, including members of the mainstream media, and presidential candidates who oppose Trump and many of the supporters of these candidates.

The situation in Israel is similarly topsy turvy.

A terrorist who had stabbed a soldier was lying on the ground when he was shot by an Israeli medic who came to the scene, and the medic was immediately imprisoned by the Jewish Israeli authorities and condemned by the media throughout the world. At least the Israelis then began to conduct an investigation, and most Israelis are paying attention to the findings of the investigation into the motives and behavior of the person who is innocent until and unless proven guilty. But most members of the media continue to vilify only the killer of the terrorist; not the terrorist himself, who is guilty of premeditated attempted murder beyond the shadow of a doubt, in accordance with incitement by the Palestinian Authority leadership, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Ironically, the medic was vilified for shooting first, and then asking questions, while the media who condemned him did the same thing, condemning him first, and then asking questions. And to add insult to injury, most members of the media choose to ignore the answers.

When the questions were asked, as to why the medic shot the terrorist, the people who had the decency to ask the questions were informed that the terrorist was suspected of hiding an explosive device in his clothing since he was wearing more layers of clothing than were necessary on a warm day, and since he was seen moving his arm and his head while lying on the ground.

Dr. Amir Helmer, a political moderate and an expert in body language, reviewed the evidence and made a preliminary finding that the medic was fully justified in taking the action that he did since

  1. The terrorist on the ground was clothed as described above and was moving as described above; furthermore, one doesn’t have to be an expert in body language or in anything else to know that
  2. People in the vicinity were shouting that the terrorist was moving;
  3. Terrorists are known and notorious for having exploded lethal devices even while lying on the ground after being apprehended;
  4. The medic who shot the soldier had just arrived on the scene; had he been on the scene during the six minutes in which the terrorist was lying on the ground without detonating a device, the situation might have been different;
  5. When there is any ambiguity, the benefit of the doubt should not be bestowed on the terrorist, especially in this case where there was no doubt that he had just assaulted an Israeli soldier with a weapon.
  6. To condemn the medic for acting as he did would be to tie the hands of Israelis behind their backs even further.


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Israeli soldiers generally operate under guidelines showing more restraint and granting more advance warnings to civilians in the vicinity of military assaults than soldiers virtually anywhere else in the world; Israeli soldiers and medics risk their lives in defense of their country all the time. Are they now not only to be targeted by Palestinians and their inciters to murder and supporters of such incitement and murders throughout the world, but even by the Israeli Army and government?

The terrorist was the villain. The medic who shot him was a hero.

Donald Trump and his campaign manager are not perfect, nor are their detractors. Israeli soldiers likewise are only human; but to condemn them for the acts taken by them or on their behalf against proven aggressors who could have harbored concealed weapons is sheer lunacy or injustice, or a combination of both.

Update: Just a couple of additional points that can be added

It turns out that I’ve read that Ms. Fields has a history of participating in or provoking shoving matches with the police and with celebrities, and trumping up charges of being shoved when she wasn’t, though I believe the shoving with the liberal Leonardo De Caprio was real.

In the case of Ms. Fields and Corey and the Donald, the consensus of the people who actually saw the video seems to be that Ms. Fields was not indeed shoved to the ground. Had she indeed been shoved to the ground, common sense and simple evidence indicates she would have been unable to keep her balance. It simply defies belief and the laws of gravity to suggest that a big ex-policeman could aggressively try to push Ms. Field to the ground (her own words), with the benefit of catching her by surprise, pushing her backward, with an advantage of size, strength, and adrenaline, and not be able to succeed at pushing her down. Clearly the more credible story, as corroborated by the video, is that Corey grabbed her arm with the pen, to push her aside, and with the self-control not to push her hard enough to cause her to fall.

Sometimes a pen is not just a pen. Some people are making fun of the concern about a simple pen Ms. Field was carrying. They would do well to Google “weapons disguised as pens,” and admire a whole visual display.

There are more death threats against Trump than against all the other candidates

You can’t be too careful, but you can be too careless. The risk of being too careful trumps the risk of being too careless any day, and on any continent.

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