"Upheaval" in the Trump administration

By -- Wilma Howe—— Bio and Archives--April 1, 2018

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There’s a lot of air time being devoted to the “upheaval” in the Trump administration. Let us remember that middle America supported this President and applauded his promise to drain the swamp. That is not an easy or quick thing to do. Many times vacancies are sought by more swamp creatures. And the parties are creating swamp creatures at an alarming rate.

The example of David Shulkin comes to mind, under President Obama he served as an under secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Department was failing our veterans, President Trump fired Bob McDonald and nominated Shulkin for the job. Shulkin was still an Obama era employee and it didn’t work out. At least give Trump credit for trying to work with existing staff.

It has been wisely pointed out that all Presidents surround themselves with staff who hold and support the views of the President. Barrack Obama was the most recent and glaring example. His staff was of one mindset. And they helped him advance his agenda in his second term. His first term was spent on his own re-election.

This President has made mistakes but he has also accomplished more in one year than most Presidents accomplish in a 4-year term. And he certainly is not spending exorbitant amounts of time in front of the cameras. He is working. Polls show that nearly half of us see these truths.


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Guest Column -- Wilma Howe -- Bio and Archives | Comments

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