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Vindicated: Talk Show Radio’s True Patriot Tom Bauerle

By —— Bio and Archives--October 19, 2016

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The kind of surveillance straight shooter WBEN Buffalo radio talk show host Tom Bauerle was under right in his own backyard would, in the telling, make anyone even the CIA sound crazy. Even Sherlock Holmes couldn’t have solved the puzzle given the complexity of clues.

But to the surprise of his stalkers, Bauerle and his team ended up cracking the most incredible of mysteries that enemies seized upon to portray him as “crazy”.

For those who don’t know, a beleaguered Bauerle endured almost 3 years of Hell before and following a front-page Sunday article in the Warren Buffet-owned Buffalo News questioning his “behavior” and, infuriatingly to his enemies,  emerged quietly a few months ago from the flames with a big smile on his face—and out of court settlements with those responsible.

The veteran broadcaster, who first rankled liberal media elites with his “Vince Foster” question to then First Lady Hillary Clinton in 1999, has been through an ordeal from which few people could both emerge victorious and vindicated.

‘Phantom Bogey’ technology”

Bauerle, a perennial selection on Talker’s Magazines ‘Heavy Hundred’  list of the most important radio talk show hosts in the USA, has decided to speak with Canada Free Press (CFP) first to set the record straight once and for all: he is not “psychotic” and never has had “paranoia or schizophrenia or anything even close.”

The only malady, ascribed to him by enemies has been an ongoing proclivity of kicking Lib-Left butt.

A headline-screaming front page article in January 2014 painted Bauerle as some kind of paranoid freak, who irrationally believed he was under surveillance.  But as things turned out, Bauerle proved that he was in fact under surveillance as he had suspected. Not only did he prove it, but he has reached out of court agreements with those whose activities greatly damaged his reputation:

“The nonsense around my home had nothing to do with Governor Andrew Cuomo, and I owe him an apology. I’m man enough to do that,” Bauerle told CFP.
So what is the truth behind what Bauerle was seeing around his residence?

“Graduate university students and people from certain entities, conducting supposedly ‘unauthorized’ research on state of the art cover and concealment technology, including invisibility techniques, such as non-linear optics, electronic cloaking and what is known in defense circles as ‘Phantom Bogey’ technology.”

Sound far-fetched?

Try living through it.


Schowengerdt’s confirmation

Bauerle was smart enough to submit photos and videos to the man who obtained the patent in 1994 for electronic cloaking technology (invisibility), 52-year-old,  leading-edge scientist Richard Schowengerdt.

Schowengerdt was involved in many US military research projects involving state of the art fighter jets, and received an award for his work on the B-2 bomber. He was also instrumental in the technology for the presidential plane.

“Mr. Schowengerdt was very helpful to me,” Bauerle said.  “I had spent thousands of hours gathering and reviewing pictures and videos of the weird movement and activity around my home, and I sent him several examples for his analysis. He confirmed that it was,  in fact the invisibility cloaking technology he’d invented that was being used to violate my privacy and civil rights, and furnished an affidavit that I am allowed to release under the terms of my settlements.”

We publish the (dates redacted) affidavit from Schowengerdt here, but the important point is Schowengerdt’s confirmation that Bauerle had provided him with “definitive proof beyond any doubt that Mr. Bauerle’s assertions of a sophisticated surveillance operation around his home are quite correct.” (See affidavit below)

In late Spring 2016, Bauerle reached settlements with the people behind the long-term research operation around his home, and we have the legal documents that prove Bauerle deserves an apology from the Buffalo News, and bloggers who accused him of having a ‘psychotic episode’.

Not only that, Bauerle should probably receive a medal as a true patriot and national security hero, because of his persistence in breaking some “well above Top Secret” technology being used around his home and his unwillingness to ‘go public’ with specifics, even to clear his own name for fear of putting American military or intelligence people at risk.

“I got lucky. I was the first person in the world to work out a defeat for the technology. Why would I want ISIS to have that info? I love my country,” he told CFP.

The background?

The Background

In Fall 2013, the observant Bauerle noticed a marked increase in vehicular and pedestrian traffic in his quiet neighborhood in Williamsville, NY.

“I purchased my home in 2003, and you get to know the patterns of neighborhood ebb and flow, and the faces of those who walk, exercise their dogs or jog regularly. But in October 2013, I started thinking ‘something is out of the ordinary’ here. My home was equipped with a basic security camera system, and I began to track and note the vehicles regularly circling the block or an adjacent side street, and what I noticed was somewhat disconcerting. The same vehicles would not just make frequent ‘passes’ by my home, they would slow down in front of it and people inside the vehicles would all be looking at my place. I’m a logical guy. So my first thought was that someone was trying to gather ‘dirt” on my personal life. I also saw pedestrians I did not recognize walking past my home at intervals, but changing clothes between “walk byes.” That is just classic surveillance 101 stuff.”

“In mid-October, I saw and recorded an event that really raised my eyebrows. As I entered my home in broad daylight with a lady friend, someone emerged from an across the street neighbor’s side entrance and walked down the driveway to take a photo of us entering my home. When we were leaving, a couple of guys darted behind a tree to photograph the two of us driving away. When I later showed my neighbor the video, he turned ashen and said ‘My wife would have been alone in the shower then.’ He immediately called Amherst Police and filed a trespass report.

“There was, of course, no mention of that trespass report in the Buffalo News article.  When you think you have someone by the throat, why let conflicting facts interfere?”

Interesting to note that one month before the front page hit piece on Bauerle, one of the paper’s news reporters had called his WBEN employer “despicable” in a Facebook post.

As mid-October turned into November 2013, the increased activity around his residence continued.

“I have a lot of cop friends, and they encouraged me to keep the Amherst NY Police Department in the loop and to stay alert.,” he recalls.

Bauerle says the Amherst Police sent an unmarked law-enforcement vehicle out to look for out of neighborhood license plates, but the police came up empty. “It was not exactly a discreet vehicle, and any PI or operative would have seen it from a mile away.”

“I figured the surveillance would be short-term, and passing, but it continued and even intensified. On my video, I saw that when I left my home for work, there was a flurry of traffic in my ordinarily docile neighborhood. When I left my home to see friends, the same pattern. There’d be no traffic for an extended period, but when I drove off, suddenly 10 vehicles would be in motion. Repeatedly. Freaky.”

“Before leaving a friend’s place, we’d note and even video the dearth of any vehicles, but as I left a flurry of cars would emerge from nowhere. And we are talking midnight and 1 AM.”

Anyone who has hired private investigators knows it can be expensive, so Bauerle discarded the “jealous ex-husband” or run of the mill “dirt-gathering” operation and believed the extended and heavy surveillance might involve a Western New York resident involved in a high-profile animal cruelty case, of whom Bauerle had been critical. This person has a track-record of using private eyes to snoop on perceived enemies.

After a week-long trip to the Dominican Republic, Bauerle came back very ill with a food-borne illness that left him weakened and prevented him from sleeping.

“I wasn’t sleeping but 2 hours a night. I was in a very weak state and getting stressed out because I didn’t know what was taking place around me. Who would want to put heavy, almost lock-step surveillance on me? As the weeks rolled on, it didn’t make sense.

“I just didn’t know what was going on. All I could do was remain vigilant, keep my powder dry, and keep the cops, my friends and attorneys in the loop. After a while, I asked PI Douglas J. Hagmann to come investigate. Hagmann told Bauerle “It was a surveillance operation the likes of which he had never seen”.

‘Dude, something major, and we mean massive is going on around Bauerle’s house

Bauerle downloaded a free app called “Color Night Vision” and started using the app to take “night vision” photos and captured anomalies.

“By December 2013 , I eventually had to discard the idea that the person of whom I’d been critical in an animal cruelty case might be a logical suspect, because of what I learned as the duration and intensity of activity increased around my home. What did I find out? Unbeknownst to me, a dear friend who knows a lot of Special Forces guys asked some of his buddies to come to my neighborhood prior to Christmas, 2013. These are the kinds of guys from the movie 13 Hours. Totally badass. So these hombres came to my neighborhood, saw what was happening and reported to my buddy: ‘Dude, something major, and we mean massive is going on around Bauerle’s house.

Someone has to be spending tens of thousands of dollars a day on this guy. We’ve never seen anything like it. We’re talking advanced technology like we’ve never seen, and we don’t want to go back.’”

Bauerle’s friend broke the news to him that he was under major and high-tech surveillance just before Christmas 2013.

In the early-morning hours in late December 2013 and early January 2014, Bauerle would have his eyes on his security cameras and use “Color Night Vision” to try to get definitive proof, and on several occasions was sure he was seeing people.

Try explaining a form of surveillance so sophisticated that it put private detectives on the run to the police and remaining in the sane zone. 

After several calls to the Amherst Police, officers eventually wanted him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation in early January 2014. “It was bitterly cold then, and my cell phone would die after a few minutes outside, so it was very frustrating trying to explain what I was seeing. What I couldn’t understand was why there were no footprints where there should have been. But now I know why. What I was seeing were not real people. Projections. Like holograms, or as some say “Phantom Bogeys.”

When Amherst Police requested Bauerle undergo a psychiatric exam at Erie County Medical Center (ECMC), it was made clear that if he did not voluntarily consent, he would be compelled to do so.

A savvy, rational Bauerle was cooperative with police at all times, and the officers saw no reason to even handcuff him during transport to ECMC.  

In fact, the allegedly off-his-rocker Bauerle was allowed to walk into the Emergency Room under his own power, as he gave authorities his word of honor that he was not a danger to them or himself, and would not attempt to flee.

Trip to ECMC:  “Wow. I am ordering your immediate discharge”

It was early on a Wednesday morning when Bauerle was admitted for a psychiatric exam at ECMC.

“The first doctor who examined me and spoke with me about why I was being psychiatrically evaluated was, I believe, Jamaican,” Bauerle recalls.  “He was a kind man and listened to what I said about being under surveillance and why I reasonably believed I was, and that I had corroboration. After a 10 or 15 minute conversation he smiled, threw up his hands and said, ‘So WHY are you here?’ as he obviously could see I was lucid and coherent.”

“The second physician was a female, and I believe a resident. Let’s put it this way: I wasn’t very impressed.  She asked ‘Why did you go outside with a loaded gun?’ I told her I was legally permitted to carry a firearm with an unrestricted pistol-permit and had been for almost 30 years without incident and even during an acrimonious divorce, my firearms had never been an issue. I then smiled and said, ‘Perhaps you could tell me of what use an unloaded firearm would be?’ I don’t think she liked that. They also had me speak to a male nurse once or twice and repeat what I had already said. After that, I waited and waited and waited.”

During transport to ECMC, Bauerle had asked the EMT team if he could send some texts to his attorneys and friends apprising them of this turn of events, and so after sunrise was able to advise his employer of what was taking place.

At some point during the day he was given a room on the psych floor at ECMC.

“A couple of nurses walked up to me in the hall and said, ‘None of us can figure out why you are even here.’ I laughed and told them I couldn’t either, and requested permission to take my meals in my room privately. The nurses said, ‘Of course. We completely understand.’

“The next day was Thursday, and I finally had the chance to speak with another doctor. She introduced herself as Dr. Marshall, and I requested that my cell phone and a charger be brought to my room before I told her my story, as there were photos on my phone and texts from third parties that she should see before she decided whether I was insane or not. Dr. Marshall, bless her soul, readily agreed. I gave her the condensed version of why I believed I was under surveillance, showed her texts from certain people confirming that I was under surveillance based on the November and December investigations. The coup de grâce was a photo I had taken using the color night vision app showing what appeared to be an individual taking a photo of me, as he peeked over my garden wall. The doctor’s skeptical demeanor changed 180 degrees, and she said: ‘Wow. I am ordering your immediate discharge.’ My attorneys and ex-wife came down to ECMC and I was home early Thursday afternoon. I called my boss and said I’d be on the air the next day. He asked, ‘Are you sure?’ And I told him that a coward might choose to stay home and hide, but as I am not a coward, that is where I needed to be.”

“Why wouldn’t I? There was nothing wrong with me,” he said.

Contrary to what WBEN and Bauerle-bashing Buffalo News columnist Alan Pergament indicated, WBEN did not force Bauerle on the air. Bauerle insisted on working. That was the Friday before the Buffalo News published its front page article on Sunday.

But on Sunday, more than a day after Bauerle had performed his 4-hour show flawlessly and with aplomb, the Buffalo News published a front page story about his behavior, being taken to ECMC and allegations making him seem like a lunatic.

“As far as the neighborhood meeting, I was the one who called it to explain what was going on,” he said.  “I love my neighbors and wanted to keep them in the loop, but I couldn’t really offer much in the way of an explanation. And despite the ridicule, there are shoes people can buy online that mimic animal tracks. But until I solved the case, some couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t seeing footprints where I was seeing people. Hell, I couldn’t.”

In light of the vicious smear against him, WBEN offered Bauerle the following day off so he wouldn’t have to deal with the fallout and potential nasty callers.
Bauerle told his boss: “You must really think I’m a pussy. I’ll be on the air.”

He was given a corporate statement he had to read, and performed to perfection again.

Lucky that plucky Bauerle is the owner of a go-to kind of humour because he may never have made it back from Crazy Limbo without it. When a friend showed him the front page smear piece and asked him, “What do you think?” Bauerle responded with his typical humor: “They used a 20 year old picture! They didn’t use the hot one of me in my tuxedo! Those bastards!”

Team Bauerle turns the tables: Conducting surveillance on the people watching Bauerle

The next two years, Bauerle says, were “sheer hell for me. I knew I was correct about being under surveillance but couldn’t figure out why or the technology. I spent a small fortune to install a state of the art security system in the Spring of 2014. But before I did that, some law enforcement and special forces’ friends reached out to me and we formed “Team Bauerle” to assist me in solving the case. They spent thousands of hours in counter-surveillance ops around my neighborhood, and even chased some guys out of the bushes around a neighbor’s house.”

The big break came in early 2015, and it is one of the same kinds of breaks which eventually solved the Son of Sam killings in New York city in the 1970s.

“I noticed a certain vehicle was frequently around my neighborhood, and around me in traffic but at different places and times of the day. Well, that was the Rosetta Stone. The car was registered to an individual very high up in the food chain at a university/entity that is heavily involved in research in defense technology. After that break, numerous vehicles repeatedly seen in the neighborhood and around me in traffic in different places and different times of day were found to link back to that university and several other entities. So, that really was huge and the rest of 2015 and early 2016 ‘Team Bauerle’ did an amazing job putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

“We also obtained photos and videos that irrefutably confirmed that I was under very high-tech surveillance and that it was a MASSIVE PROJECT.”

By the Spring of 2016, we had put most of the puzzle together and I was going to hold a news conference with members of my team and ask for a federal civil rights investigation. 

It’s pretty funny, because in the end my guys had turned the tables and were now conducting surveillance on the people watching me, so we had them stone cold.”
Days before Bauerle was to have held what would have been a career-making news conference that would have been a huge news story and probably lead to Bauerle being syndicated, the people who had harassed and surveilled him for years stepped forward, took responsibility, and offered to make it right.

Bauerle is a true patriot, and though he had endured years of ridicule and even a fellow host at WBEN, Sandy Beach, question his sanity and veracity, he took the high road and agreed to out of court settlements with several entities.

“Look. The students doing this research are brilliant. They’re assets to the country. I didn’t even want them disciplined, because supposedly this research involving me as an unwitting guinea pig was not sanctioned by the institutions. To place what I learned about the technology and how I beat it into evidence at trial would have potentially put our military and intelligence people at risk. In a nutshell, it is invisibility technology, which is also known as non-linear optics and adaptive camouflage. They were also testing holographic technology. That is why I would see ‘people,’ but there were no footprints. That is open-source info and one name for it is ‘Phantom Bogey Technology.’ The specifics I experienced I cannot and would not discuss not just because of the non-disclosure clauses, but because I love my country.”

Because of the major security issues at stake, Bauerle agreed to Non-Disclosure Agreements and cannot name those behind the project or go into many specifics, but he did insist on being able to release documents that corroborate that he was telling the truth all along, and that he isn’t in need of “meds.” We publish them here first.

And the Amherst police?

“I support cops. I understand why they wanted a psychiatric evaluation.  I was making claims that sounded bizarre even to me. If I had been in their shoes, I would have reasonably done the same thing. I will not be filing any action against the Amherst Police. They did their job and treated me with respect, dignity and courtesy. I just want them to know that I understand why they wanted me to go to ECMC, and am grateful for their concern. I know it is fashionable to hate law enforcement officers, but they have my highest respect. I just want them to know I am not a mental patient. Yet.”

Hacked Electronics

Bauerle, who likes to get down to the heart of things in his take-no-prisoners radio reporting, was, and still is,  fair game to a long line of enemy apparatchiks. 

So much for the left’s feverish attempt to destroy Bauerle’s reputation two years ago, but these days he has other concerns, as the current Trump-Clinton race reaches a frenzy.

“After former White house travel chef Tracey Martin came on my show in July and confirmed the real Hillary Clinton is a racist scum”, his cell phone was hacked. Hours after Hillary’s acceptance speech, one of my loved ones’ cell phones was called from the Dem convention from a number on the Wikileaks document dump. You can hear voices in the background talking about the candidate.  Now, every single electronic I own has been hacked and even friends are being hacked. I am in electronics hell,” Bauerle told CFP. (Canada Free Press: DNC intimidation of Tom Bauerle loved ones exposed by Wikileaks, August 11, 2016)

“I know how the Clinton Nazis work, After I did the ‘Vince Foster Interview’ with this evil woman, operatives offered my ex-wife money for dirt about me and she refused to go along. Since they won’t find anything illegal in my electronics if they are in fact the hackers, they certainly have the ability to plant things in my phone, IPADS or PC’s damaging to my life, if the hacking is in fact connected to the Clintons. For the record, I believe that anyone who is into child porn should have his privates chopped off, and I have no classified documents in my possession. They can plant things in my home. It is easy to set someone up.”

“People in private life need to understand that politics is blood sport and there is an electronic civil war going on to determine the future of the USA, and those of us who are not intimidated can be dealt with in other Machiavellian ways. Poor Sharyl Attkisson had classified documents planted in her computer and SHE was hacked. So was James Rosen. All they’ll find in my computer is confirmation that I am something of a libertine. But what consenting adults do is their business, and that isn’t exactly breaking new. I’ve always told my audience the truth: I am not a saint.

“I cannot thank members of Team Bauerle enough, and I have no doubt that they are watching my back even now, since my electronics are hacked.”

In a perfect world, the mainstream media who smear innocent people wouldn’t do it, and would apologize forthwith when proven wrong.

In Tom Bauerle’s case, there’ll be no apology, and they will try to keep him in their “certified crazy category”. 

That’s because WBEN’s Tom Bauerle is too good at his job for the mainstream media to ever set loose.

(While Bauerle signed Non-Disclosure Agreement regarding specifics, he insisted upon being able to release the Schowengerdt Affidavit with dates redacted, a deposition from retired lawman Frank Panasuk and a letter from a psychiatrist verifying he does not “need meds.” We publish them here for the first time)

Schowengerdt Affidavit

Letter from a psychiatrist



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