Waiting for the big announcement that everybody in Ontario gets free groceries for life for the liberal vote

By -- Ross Ayotte—— Bio and Archives--April 2, 2018

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Premier Wynne’s 25% hydro discount was to cost a minimum of 45 billion dollars for 24 billion dollars of hydro relief if the government could balance its budgets for 30 years in a row and now the Wynne Liberals have stated they will run huge deficits for the next 6 years if re-elected with zero thought of getting a balanced budget.  If they win this election they will continue to bribe Ontarians with their own money on the following election to stay in power.  As the Auditor General pointed out earlier this relief could cost Ontario close to 90 billion dollars if financed.


Then you add in free child care at 2.2 billion dollars over 3 years that Wynne promised 300 million for special needs children over three years.  Then 2.1 billion for mental health care.  But these election bribes will run over budget due to Wynne catering to union demands for better pay and low balling the actual cost due to inflation and interest rates on the cost to borrow the funds to implement,  and of course Liberal Math.

The Liberals in 2005 implemented the largest tax grab in Ontario’s history at the time with the Health Tax.  Now behind in the polls she is offering free prescription drugs to seniors also eliminating the disposal fee - the cost to the tax payer 575 million a year - why the about face election bribe?  In 2010,  the liberal’s created the largest tax grab in our history with the HST.  So with all Wynne’s free election promises, what will be the name of the new tax that out does these two taxes she   will create

After years of cutting funding to hospitals, nickel and diming our doctors and laying off nurses, Premier Wynne has just realized a few months before the election our Health Care in Ontario is in shambles and pledges 822 million dollars more in 2018-2019 on top of the 3.2 % increase promised in last year’s budget.  This just shows how badly the government has under funded Health Care .

Can you really trust Wynne?  Look at her record on E-Health - Ornge - Hydro and will she cut funding after the election or were these just election goals?

Wynne also promised the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto 2.4 billion dollars over ten years to rebuild which will cost the tax payers more due to inflation and interest rates on the cost to borrow the funds,  and of course Liberal Math.

Then you add in all the other election bribes and the ones not released yet and you have to wonder what are the next assets the Liberals will sell off and what new taxes and fees will be created and how much our existing taxes and fees will rise to pay for all this free stuff.

I am just waiting for the big announcement that everybody in Ontario gets free groceries for life for the Liberal vote and what will all of Wynne’s free election bribes cost Ontario in future years


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