So please, WaPo, tell us. Why does Councilman White get a free ride?

WaPo Editorial Board: Hey, let’s give Trayon White a pass for saying Jews control the weather!

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WaPo Editorial Board: Hey, let's give Trayon White a pass for saying Jews control the weather!

Back in March, I wrote about Trayon White.  In case you need a refresher, he’s the Washington DC Democrat Councilman who was pretty sure that a secret cabal of Jewish bankers had gained control of the weather, and they were making it snow to bankrupt cities.  Yes, REALLY.

At the time, people wondered if his comments would end his career.  I was not one of those people.  That’s because I know that a Democrat can imply, say, or do almost anything – and they’ll get a free pass from their left-wing media bootlickers. There is almost nothing too outlandish for the slavishly loyal Dem press to overlook.


…And so it is with the Jews’ magic weather-controlling machine.  According to the Washington Post , Trayon White should get a pass because he’s ignorant.  Also, he should stop screwing around and put that ignorance to work for the good people of Washington D.C.

MANY PEOPLE were inclined to believe that D.C. Council member Trayon White Sr. (D-Ward 8) spoke from ignorance, not malice, when he talked about Jewish financiers controlling the weather. That was, and continues to be, our view. Nonetheless, we can’t help but be troubled by recent developments: his clumsy visit to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, the revelation of a donation to a Chicago event in which Jews were denounced. And most disquieting: how he defended his actions by implicitly playing the race card, tying criticism of him to his advocacy for Ward 8’s struggling black population.

Remember, that “Chicago event” was basically an anti-Semitic free-for-all where Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan denounced the usual cadre of Jews, Zionists, etc.  But, hey, no biggie, right?  After all Councilman White is a Democrat!

“We going to have problems, we going to have major problems, because people are going to start coming down to the Wilson Building standing up,” said Mr. White in a Facebook Live video Saturday in which he denounced the media, vowed to fight efforts to reprimand him and compared himself to Marion Barry. “They spent $40 million trying to take down Marion Barry. This is nothing. I am built for this,” he said.


Mr. White, who joined the council last year, has attracted national attention because of his controversial remarks earlier this year suggesting Jewish control of climate and government. The furor had died down when The Post detailed an awkward visit to the Holocaust Museum by Mr. White and his staff. That Mr. White initiated the visit is to his credit, and a pass should be given to questions asked in earnest good faith but out of ignorance. Sadly, as shown by a recent survey, a lack of knowledge about the Holocaust is not uncommon in young Americans.

For just one moment, I’d like to ask an honest question.  Can anyone tell me what would have happened if I, a white male constitutionalist, had claimed knowledge of the Jews’ weather manipulation?  Or….what would have happened to Herman Cain, if he was caught on camera claiming a conspiracy of Zionists were magically blanketing America’s ski resorts in two feet of fresh powder?  How about ANY elected Republican who dared suggest that the chosen people might be responsible for an icy morning commute?  …We know damn well that outlets like the Washington Post would have led the charge to destroy ANY conservative who dared utter such nonsense.

So please, WaPo, tell us.  Why does Councilman White get a free ride?  If it’s simply because he’s an idiot, as you seem to suggest, shouldn’t you be demanding his resignation for that reason alone?


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