If Russia-gate fails to evict him, a new version of Sex-gate is next. You can count on it.”

WaPo Replaces ‘Russia-gate’ with ‘Sex-gate’ To Take Out Trump

By —— Bio and Archives--November 16, 2017

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WaPo Replaces ‘Russia-gate’ with ‘Sex-gate’ To Take Out Trump
Just as Canada Free Press (CFP) predicted only a week ago:  The Washington Post is replacing ‘Russia-gate’ with ‘Sex-gate’ to take out President Donald Trump.

“Trump is the real target of this campaign” (the Roy Moore one), columnist Cliff Kincaid, of America’s Survival Inc.,  wrote on Nov. 12.  “If Russia-gate fails to evict him, a new version of Sex-gate is next. You can count on it.”

Don the pink caps and throw up the man-hating barricades for ‘Welcome to ‘Sex-gate’ 2017’.


But this time, it’s not just two Post reporters out there mining gossip about Roy Moore in Alabama, it’s the WaPo’s deputy editorial page editor Ruth Marcus advising Republicans: “I’m waiting”.

“Question for Republicans: If you believe the women now, why didn’t you believe the women then? (Ruth Marcus, Nov. 15, 2017)

“Specifically, if you believe the women accusing Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate in Alabama, why did you ignore the women who accused presidential candidate Donald Trump? If you’re troubled by Moore’s alleged behavior, why were you so nonchalant about Trump’s?

I’m waiting.”

So are the rest of us, Ms. Marcus.  Waiting, that is, for Democrat women lawmakers to put names to both Republican and Democrat congressmen who expose their genitals and grab private parts—on the House floor.  The genital-exposing ones not only getting away with it but also getting the privilege of going unnamed—even though about $15 million in taxpayer dollars has been paid out on behalf of harassers in the last 10 to 15 years.

The hate and spite-filled liberal mainstream media has been trying to make Trump Harvey Weinstein’s Bobbsey Twin brother Donald ever since the movie mogul was mysteriously handed over 20 years later in the biggest sex scandal in Hollywood history.

Marcus writes: “Since the Harvey Weinstein story broke almost six weeks ago, the matter of Trump’s conduct has been festering beneath the surface of most public discussion.” (Marcus)

That’s what the lib-left and the media wanted,  but it didn’t quite work out that way, media smears, screaming helplessly at the sky and monthly midnight witch curses notwithstanding.

Does it really surprise anybody that WaPo’s deputy editorial page editor claims to know what’s festering beneath the surface of “MOST”  public discussion? 

WaPo editors know what you’re thinking.  They know what you’re most likely to believe—but for sure they didn’t know who was going to win the presidential election of 2016 and have been screaming helplessly at the sky ever since. 

With no creds to qualify her as such,  Marcus comes on like a behavioral expert in her latest piece:

“Indeed, Trump’s reported behavior is more like that of Weinstein than Moore. Both businessmen were accused of using their power in the marketplace to obtain — or coerce, especially in Weinstein’s case — sexual favors.”

And it didn’t take long for this amplified version of Hillary Clinton’s take on Trump being “creepy”:

“By contrast, notwithstanding Trump’s creepy interest in barging into beauty-pageant dressing rooms to ogle young contestants and his even creepier comments speculating about how he might have dated Ivanka Trump if she weren’t his daughter, Trump, unlike Moore, faces no allegations of improperly pursuing teenagers, including those beneath the age of consent. Trump’s alleged conduct is unacceptable; Moore’s is even more appalling,” Marcus continued.

Like many in the Take Down Trump Camp, Marcus is over the moon for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) having called on Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore to “step aside” after women accused him of sexual misconduct, this portion of her column best described as “Yada”, “yada”, “yada”.

“Now that she’s got the floor:

“But the Trump-Moore comparison is unavoidable, painful as this may be for Republicans and, even more, for the White House. In both cases, Republican candidates stand accused of sexual misconduct. In Moore’s, a growing chorus of Senate Republicans has chosen to believe the women — and with good reason. The similarity of their accounts, the absence of evident partisan or other improper motive, and the existence of contemporaneous corroboration all argue in favor of their credibility.

“And in Trump’s case? Much the same. Consider the account of Kristin Anderson, who told The Post that, at a Manhattan nightclub in the early 1990s, Trump reached under her skirt and touched her vagina through her underwear — much as Trump described behaving in the “Access Hollywood” tape.”

In typical Washington Post style without a scintilla of proof of any kind,  without trial by judge and jury,  Moore and Trump are ‘guilty as charged’.

“One last point, for the what-about-ists out there. Yes, there are serious questions about Bill Clinton’s behavior with women. I said they were fair game back in the campaign, when he was deployed as a chief surrogate for Hillary Clinton and she was complaining about Trump’s “penchant for sexism.”

“But now, give it a rest. Bill Clinton is not the president. Hillary Clinton is not the president. Trump is. He’s the one whose conduct, present and past, remains relevant, and for which he and his party should finally be held to account.”


Marcus wants us to believe that

“as with the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas hearings in 1991, the country is going through another national teach-in on the prevalence of sexual harassment and the systemic pressures on women to remain silent.”

Even though he went so far as to be photographed wearing a Trump-like hairdo and baseball cap, Harvey Weinstein is the Hollywood movie mogul, and Trump America’s 45th.

Meanwhile, thanks to conservative, white male Cliff Kincaid for letting the next WaPo smear job against Trump out of the bag a week before it happened.


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