America needs the miracle of a Donald Trump victory, but without Ronnie Reagan will we be able to win this one for the Gipper?

Warning: Dems and their Media Believe Election Already Bagged and Tagged for Hillary

By —— Bio and Archives--October 6, 2016

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Colleague Canada Free Press columnist Jeffrey Avalon Friedberg’s right about Washington, D.C. (read Washington, Decadent and Corrupt) and the White House being Zombie Land Grand Central.

The current Commander in Chef, hit the golf links right after election, remaining in the White House only for Wednesday night parties, including 2012’s secret Alice in Wonderland themed Halloween Party, kept under wrap for two years,  and state dinners.

From the beginning of his White House arrival, Barack Hussein Obama became ‘The Man Who Wasn’t There’. (CFP, March 17, 2012)


If power obsessed Democrats get Hillary Clinton in by voter fraud, the White House will become Clinton’s private, kept under wraps Sick Bay. No heads up reports from journalists of the day on the necessary rigging of the Oval Office with oxygen tanks, crash carts, EKG monitors, pharmaceuticals and all the tubing required for sustaining the life of a president supposedly in declining health.

If the videos the public has seen over the last weeks of Election Campaign 2016, showing Hillary’s coughing fits,  falling, and head bobbing bouts are real and not publicity stunts contrived to dominate saturation media coverage, rigging the White House with medical equipment is for real.

There are no news photos of medical devices being delivered to the White House, because just like everything else about Hillary Clinton, there is never any proof.

As the mainstream media would have it, Hillary has bequeathed herself a “light schedule” four days ahead of Sunday’s debate and has gone off once again “into seclusion”.

“The Democratic nominee is off the campaign trail ahead of Sunday’s debate, leaving media appearances and public rallies to her deep bench of high-profile surrogates, including her immediate family, the first family and Al Gore. Clinton does, however, have fundraisers slated for Wednesday and Thursday, including one that will be open to cameras. (CNN, Oct. 5, 2016)

“Advisers say the reason behind the decision is simple: the debate carries far greater importance than a standard campaign event. The first debate was viewed by more than 80 million, far more than the audience for any rally.”

Folks can take it for granted that Clinton believes all 80 million tuned in just to watch her.

“Clinton’s top takeaway from her first debate with Trump was that preparation matters. So ahead of the contest at Washington University, Clinton will hunker down with a select group of aides later this week to refine her attacks on Trump and prepare for the added level of difficulty created by a live audience that asks questions. (CNN)

“Clinton is spending Wednesday preparing for the town hall debate at her home in Washington. “

In their unbridled arrogance, the Democrats are convinced that their candidate’s already won, and are only waiting for the ear-splitting cheers of victory.

All those waiting for Trump to ‘Make America Great Again’  can only hope that the Democrat strategy is one that will bring on the disaster of defeat.

Here’s the arrogance of Hillary Clinton stated baldly: “Trump mocked Clinton taking time off the trail to prepare for the first debate, which was held late last month in Hempstead, New York. It prompted Clinton to deliver a retort she has since re-used in stump speeches.

“You know what else I prepared for?” Clinton said. “I prepared to be president.” (CNN).

Here’s how campaign chairman John Podesta views Sunday’s debate:

“Podesta raised the stakes on Clinton’s debate performance in a conversation with reporters, arguing that the format is natural for Clinton and bad for Trump.”

(No kidding, Mr. Podesta!)

“She is very used to the format. She likes it. She likes answering questions from individual citizens. She listens hard, she relates to people,” Podesta said. “And that is a format that Donald Trump isn’t as used to. And so we will see. I think it is a natural format for her. She likes engaging with people.” (CNN)

Hillary Clinton has not gone once again into seclusion to prepare for Sunday’s presidential debate.  There is no need for her to prepare.  She will merely read from a script prepared for her, including questions that will be asked during the debate.

Count on there being plants and paid actors asking questions from the floor.

Patriots hoping for a Sunday debate victory for populist Donald J. Trump are in for a major disappointment.  The Democrats and their running dog mainstream media debate ‘monitors’ won’t give The Donald a chance.

To them, The Donald’s done like breakfast and the election’s already in the bag.

The last time Clinton was home resting, Benghazi, for which she has never been held accountable, went down costing the lives of four courageous Americans whose calls for help were never answered.

This time while Clinton’s home resting, Al Gore is out on the campaign trail leading all millennials to Zombie land.

In this society, zombies are now on a roll.

The Democrats, their elitist globalist masters and running dog mainstream media have set the stage, forcing the entire nation into hapless audience status.

The curtain’s about to come down on the final Act, which will be the second dirtiest deed ever pulled off on the West, the first being the introduction of the man whose main mission was the destruction of America, from faux Greek columns.

America needs the miracle of a Donald Trump victory, but without Ronnie Reagan will we be able to win this one for the Gipper?


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