Watch: Cuomo Scolds Trump on His Words After Praising Antifa’s Violence

By -- NewsBusters—— Bio and Archives--August 15, 2018

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Just a day after rationalizing the leftist violence by Antifa against police, bystanders, and the press as some twisted form of greater “morality,” CNN host Chris Cuomo closed out Tuesday’s PrimeTime by condemning and scolding the President for using coarse language against his opponents. Yet, at the same time, he suggested the President was acting worse than a child and like a drunk at the bar.

After beginning his “closing argument” by insinuating that he would do something harsh to his son if he talked like Trump, Cuomo demanded that you “don’t defend President Trump calling Omarosa a dog. Don’t defend him calling anyone a dog, period. Stop making it all okay whatever Trump says.” “Mama says ‘if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing,’ for a reason. Same in your house, right,” he declared.—More…



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