We are spiraling out of control and people are dying because of it

By -- Michael Chandler —— Bio and Archives--December 14, 2017

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We need to get a grip in this country. We are spiraling out of control and people are dying because of it. The suicide Kentucky State Rep., Dan Johnson is a case in point though probably not the only one. Johnson, who suffered from PTSD was accused of sexual impropriety. The accused is dead as a result of the accusation and untreated PTSD. It appears from investigative reporting that there is something to the complaint but Rep. Johnson never had the benefit of due process.

I do not in any way negate the right and responsibility of those who were honestly harmed. At the same time, we must aggressively protect those who are falsely accused. Once an allegation is made publiclly, the damage is done regardless of the truth of the matter.

We need to step away from the bandwagon on this and give serious thought as to how we go forward. The trend threatens to change the work environment, counselling and treatment facilities, education, and any other circumstance where men and women occupy the same space.

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